Letterman Announcer Alan Kalter Sports Palm Harbor Golf Attire at Connecticut Golf Tournament

Playing partner, Palm Coast resident John Orr, wanted to make sure Kalter had a reminder of where Palm Coast was. Kalter is taking a golf shirt and hat to Dave Letterman so he will be reminded too.

John Orr and Alan Kalter with Palm Harbor GC attirePalm Coast, FL – September 9, 2014 – Last Friday, Palm Coast resident John Orr and TV celebrity Alan Kalter teed it up at a Rock Rimmon CC golf tournament in Stamford, Conn. Both sported Palm Harbor  Golf Course attire. Kalter is a television announcer from New York City, best known as the announcer for The Late Show with David Letterman since 1995.

Nearly four years after Letterman famously asked on his show, “Where is Palm Coast?” he may have his answer. Kalter, pictured at the right in a salmon-colored shirt , is giving Dave a Palm Harbor golf shirt and hat. Hopefully, the garb will be parlayed into a follow on Palm Coast skit on The Late Show.

John Orr is also the chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Invitational Golf Tournament and Charity Diner to be held at the Hammock Beach Club in March. Kalter and his wife Peggy will be at the event and plan to stay in Palm Coast for a few days afterward.

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    WHY doesn’t Letterman Know where Palm Coast is ?

    How come Merv Griffin knew where Palm Coast is? He even did a national show about Palm Coast. It appears that Dave Letterman wasn’t watching the Merv Griffin Show.
    Perhaps someone should invite Dave Letterman to Palm Coast so he finally knows; perhaps ask Dave Letterman to also finally do a Show about Palm Coast too.
    A lot of Hollywood Celebs were here in Palm Coast, maybe Dave would like to be part of that notable Group?
    Geesh….’…Here’s Mervin…’…so WHERE was Dave ?



    Palm Coast this past summer received national attention on the Merv Griffin Show.

    ( From: The Palm Coaster, Volume 5, Number 3 Fall Issue 1974 front page )

    Dr. Norman Young, President and Chariman of the Board of ITT Community Development Corporation, was one of four guests discussing various aspects of economics and investments against a backdrop of spiraling inflation in America today. The other guests included Harry Browne, prominent author of “You can Profit from a Monetary Crisis’ and a vociferous advocate of gold investment, Robert Lyler, President of the U. S. Bullion Corporation, a company that buys and sells silver, which Mr. Lyler believes is a good investment as a hedge against the inflationary aspects of the American dollar, and Art Linkletter, well- known television personality.

    Dr. Young’s position was one of strong faith in the long term economic health of America and in the value of the American dollar. According to Dr. Young, ‘there are multitudes of prophets of gloom and doom offering myriad alternatives as insurance against all kinds of catastrophies. This pessimistic attitude is more likely to breed catastrophe than the fundamental economic situation.’

    The staunch confidence Dr. Young maintains in the future of America, stems from the fact that early in professional life he developed an expertise in statistics and learned that they have a pecular characteristic….they’re never level, never always up , never always down. They fluctuate and so there will always be ups and downs associated with the valuation of the dollar, of gold , of silver,. As far as the economy goes, there is absolutely no certainty of anything approaching the “funereal predictions of so many doomsayers.”

    In another line of discussion, Dr. Young assayed the plight and decay of many major American cities. Cited as a root cause, restrictive non-planning was contrasted with enlightened design inherent in the use of master plans. Dr. Young also stressed the increasing awareness of the psychological effects of crowding and pollution, prevention of which are prime concerns in the development of new communities.

    According to Dr. Young, “though we can’t have a Utopia at Palm Coast, we will give people enough room enought territory to live, to work , to play , to grow and that will help ensure the health of the community and of America without the pollution normally associated with the cities of the world.”

    Griffin, as well as the others on the panel, was very impressed with the amount of attention given to the details of green spaces, open beaches, sports, and recreation areas, and housing design. The discussion of Palm Coast certainly advanced the cause of enlightened planning in building new towns.

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