Letter to Palm Coast City Manager 2-28-09

While on camera, City Council members requested review of a new ordinance at a council workshop but the item has not surfaced since.

Palm Coast, Florida – The following letter has been sent to the Palm Coast City Manager. Council members were copied.
February 28, 2009
James Landon, City Manager
City of Palm Coast
160 Cypress Point Parkway, Suite B-106
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Dear Mr. Landon,
At their December 2nd business meeting, city council voted to approve an amendment to Ordinance 2008-05 to add the commercial hauler element to the existing Solid Waste Ordinance.
While the amendment did not address the 10% franchise fee, the fee received great attention.
  • The incremental cost of road repairs that would be required by the commercial haulers’ trucks could not be accurately estimated. There was no rationale presented to explain why trash haulers should be charged for potential road damage while other commercial vehicles are not charged.
  • The amount of revenue expected from the 10% franchise fee could not be estimated.
  • Debi Peterson and Jason DeLorenzo of the Flagler Home Builders Association spoke against the franchise fee. Jason presented a letter from one commercial hauler affirming their intent to pass the fee on to customers through a rate increase.
  • Doug Baxter of the Flagler Chamber of Commerce stated, "We take the same stance as the FHA. We have 537 businesses in the Chamber within the City limits. They are struggling, some can’t even pay the $175 annual fee to be in the Chamber. We have many vacant buildings in Palm Coast. You need to take the next step. Please line out the fee portion of the ordinance."
Council members listened. "By consensus, Council asked that the original ordinance be workshopped soon so they can relook at the franchise fee."
To date, the issue has not found its way to a workshop agenda. Nor is it listed on any upcoming workshop agendas.
Your prompt attention to this oversight is requested.
Don "Toby" Tobin, Publisher
CC: City Council Members Netts, DiStefano, Lewis, Meeker, Moorman
Posted: GoToby.com
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  1. HGordon
    HGordon says:

    Council Revisited Fee?

    Toby – hope I haven’t missed an update, but any word on Council’s review of this fee issue? Seems this could potentially impact all residents if carriers like UPS and FedEx are charged and pass through additional costs.

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