Lawsuit Alleges Deception on Landslide Risk

Developer email says ‘baffle them with BS.’

Palm Coast, FL – November 17, 2009  – Would you want to build your new home on a potential landslide site? One person who purchased a building lot in the upscale golf and ski resort of Spanish Peaks, near Big Sky, Montana thinks his developer should have told him there was a problem. Spanish Peaks Lawsuit Alleges Deception on Landslide Risk. A real estate developer email unearthed during the discovery phase of the lawsuit apparently instructs staff dealing with customer inquiries on the subject to "“baffle them with BS rather than provide the actual reports.”  
Two North Carolina blogs, and, dedicated to the landslide disclosure issue suggest that areas within the former Ginn community of Laurelmor (now Reynolds Blue Ridge) near Blowing Rock NC are vulnerable to landslides as may be parts of Cliffs at High Carolina, home of the first Tiger Woods designed golf course in the United States.
For a glimpse of the potential destructive power of a landslide, watch this video of a landslide in Tennessee. It occurred during the cleanup of a previous landslide covering U.S. Highway 64. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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  1. Denis Logan
    Denis Logan says:


    This is another example of why we can’t have unbriddled capitalism. Corporations can’t be trusted to not harm the public.We need bigger govermment to write and enforce regulations to protect the public.The taxes we pay will actully save us money that we would be cheated out of by Corporations. Plus more than few percent of us will have to go to the ballot box to keep the Government under control.

  2. sam johnson
    sam johnson says:

    government to the rescue

    denis , how can you possibly think government can police anyone,when they are the biggest thiefs of all..this new democratic group could either be the biggest bunch of liars to ever control the white house,senate ,house or the dumbest of all time…where did the stimulas money go??teachers,police firemen are being laid off in n y as we speak…that was obamas biggest promise…money would go to adding teachers and police…sometimes when i watch the news i think bobby ginn is running this country

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