Lambert Avenue vs Sea Ray: Valid Protest or Just Plain Silliness?

North Lambert Avenue residents protest Sea Ray’s request to increase the size of their employee parking lot, citing the usual anti-industrial reasons; noise, odor, lighting and the environment.

Palm Coast, FL – February 18 2015 – Commentary:  Here we go again. Sea Ray, one of Flagler County’s largest private sector employers, wants to extend their employee parking lot to the south of Sea Ray Drive. But residents of North Lambert Avenue are not pleased with the idea. They showed up, armed with lots of chutzpah, at a recent Flagler County Planning & Development Board to speak against Sea Ray’s plans.

I once heard chutzpah explained like this. Chutzpah is like when a young man, on trial for the brutal murder of both parents, pleads for mercy from the court because he is an orphan.

The residents – I’ll refer to them as North Lambertonians – were armed with the standard emotion-laden anti-development and anti-manufacturing arguments. They spoke of odor emissions and noise. They spoke of visual pollution. They invoked the environment. They cited an “expert” opinion that their property values would plummet. took a look at the 38 home sites at the north end of Lambert Ave.; those closest to Sea Ray. Now that section of Lambert is not your typical industrial blighted neighborhood. Here are 28 homes. The homes average 3,719 square feet of living area. The property appraiser pegs their True (Market) Value at an average $456,760. Twenty-three of the 28 homes are homesteaded. In other words, they knowingly built their primary residence near or next to Sea Ray’s plant.

The Sea Ray boat manufacturing plant was built in 1984. Only one of the North Lambert homes was built by that time. Two more were built the same year as Sea Ray, presumably with the homeowner’s full knowledge that they would be near a manufacturing site.

Sixteen of North Lambert’s homes are on the Intracoastal Waterway or Lehigh cut (canal). The remaining 11 homes are on the west side, or Sea Ray side. All 11 were built after the Sea Ray plant was opened. They average 3,121 square feet of living space and are valued at an average of $333,046. Six of the 11 homes have been resold since they were built; average selling price $364,333.

Only one North Lambert home is listed for sale. It’s on the Sea Ray side. It’s listed for $360,000; 59.7% above the Property Appraiser’s Just Value assignment. That’s $135.80 per square foot. (I wonder if their “Seller’s Disclosure Statement” includes a mention of the potential loss of value.)

Speaking to those few North Lambertonians who have been so vocally anti-Sea Ray, I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for you. I hope the Board of County Commissioners agrees with me.

Sea Ray plant and Lambert Ave. - Google Earth

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  1. Cyd Weeks
    Cyd Weeks says:

    Sea Ray expansion

    I hope it goes through. Great company and we need the business here in Flagler County. Nonsense about lowering the value of their properties….wonder who their ‘expert’ was.. 🙂

  2. David I Alfin
    David I Alfin says:

    Calling Dr. Who…

    Let’s put in a call to Dr. Who (time traveler) and get the Labertonians a trip to a time before the Industrial Revolution. Less complicated, less complaining, less everything!

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Disneys’ Monorail and Palm Coast Intracoastal Ind

    Early on in the development of ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ Dr. J. Norman Young, Father of the Palm Coast Project would often socialize with us – Palm Coast Pioneers. He proudly would share stories with us about many facets of ‘The Palm Coast Project’ -‘…largest planned community in the Nation…’ and ‘…largest New Town in the World…’.
    If memory serves me correctly Dr. J. Norman Young said that the Lehigh Cement Plant was operating at FULL BLAST to provide the cement for Disneys’ Monorail.
    Another Historical Element is that the Federal Government of the United States required this. To my knowledge, Palm Coasts’ Industrial Parks ( in addition to the Golf Courses ) are the only areas Federally ORDERED in the United States.
    In/Around 1984 it changed from the ‘Leigh Industrial Site’ to Palm Coasts’ Intracoastal Industrial Site – listed both in the official Federal Records and also listed as a Palm Coast Milestone.
    If Disneys’ Monorail connection can be confirmed, coupled with the importance of this Federally Ordered Industrial Site perhaps a Historic MARKER (s) can be strategically placed in / around that area to enhance the importance of that area for residents in that vicinity.
    Perhaps residents in that area can network with Disney; perhaps if Palm Coast brings back our Palm Coast Trolleys for a Historic Trolley Tour this perhaps would further enhance that area using all the connections – Levitt, Federally ORDERED Industrial Sites, and the Disney Connections.
    Up the pike a little is I.T.T.s’ acreage which they used as a retreat or some such for their Executives.
    It is a very rich Historic Area. I am a Steward of a great worldwide Advertising Promo used by Levitt I.T.T. which I would gladly share and copy should you pursue all this. I am also Steward of three MAPS with distances – Federally ORDERED, showing this – they also perhaps can be copied and used for the required documentation for Heritage and Historic MARKERS.
    I’ll send GoToby a copy of one of the MAPS should anyone want to pursue all this. ( BTW – documentation shows there were 2 Million copies of this MAP distributed worldwide a great indicator of ‘ Community Development ‘ which the Historic Committee likes ! )

  4. Carl
    Carl says:

    Sea Ray

    Besides a large amount of green space between them and Sea Ray, it makes me think of the people who buy a house near an airport and then want the airport to close or reduce flights because of the noise. We need to support a company that employs as many as they do and offer good wages.

  5. D W Ferg
    D W Ferg says:

    Good Reporting Toby

    Enjoy your content. Thank you and hope you are rewarded for your efforts in promoting Palm Coast, Flagler and Economic Prosperity and Development. With new Chick Fil A on PCP , the ” sky is the limit “

  6. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Coasts’ Industrial Sites

    Additional documentation should the residents in that area pursue Heritage and Historic MARKERS to enhance their neighborhood.
    (I recall seeing pictures I think came from the Flagler County Historical Society , of the Barges delivering building supplies to the Entrance area of Palm Coasts’ Main Canal – very impt. for the Historical Committee in regard to ‘ Community Development’. )

    I also am Steward of a great document where ‘Garfield’, Palm Coasts’ Mascot and Spokescat was highlighting the ‘Industrial Parks’ – ‘ Garfield ‘ is the TOP of the Official Letterhead – this document is from the Federal Records as Exhibit B. I sent it to GoToby should you pursue this.

    Below is a COPY of the ‘Newsletters’ Levitt I.T.T. sent WorldWide for advertising promotions / updates- another great document to present to the Historic Committee if pursued:

    From the Year:

    Dear Palm Coaster:
    If a history book were published about Palm Coast and its people, an exciting and fulfilling chapter would be written about the year 1978.
    Firm roots were planted by ITT Community Development Corporation ( ICDC) as the—–> headquarters building <-----opened, fulfilling a commitment to consolidate offices from New York, Miami and Palm Coast. The facility and personnel presence in Palm Coast highlight the point that ICDC continued taking direct involvement in Palm Coast in developing a planned and controlled community where families can live, work and play. Now in the final stages is another key development. The Palm Coast Shopping Center with Publix and Eckerds will offer one stop shopping facilities in fashionable and attractive surroundings. We are happy that golf sensation Nancy Lopez has chosen Palm Coast as here official place of residence, and is the touring pro for Palm Coast Golf Club. As we approach the 3,000 population mark in this water-oriented community, we have become the "home-Port" for Nancy's Navy. Arnie's Army likewise had an enthusiastic showing here as Arnold Palmer played our golf course after signing a contract to design Palm Coast's second golf course which will be completed by December 32, 1980. A further expansion was made in our tennis activities with the opening of six lighted cushionized tennis courts. The Palm Coast Community YMCA has soared with interest and participation. Memberships and individual donations have assisted the programs and activities conducted for youngsters and adults living throughout the county. Houses of worship likewise have made significant and lasting strides in the community. Services are being held in the St. Mark by the Sea Lutheran Church and the First Baptist Church of Palm Coast. Clergy and parishioners of Mother Seton Catholic Church broke ground in September for a church on the newly opened Belle Terre Parkway. The new church will be completed in April or early May. In providing support services to the growing community, expansions are being made on the wastewater treatment plant which will be completed in February and the water treatment plant to be completed this spring. Palm Coast Utility Corporation has relocated from a model home near the Welcome Center into new offices off of Old King's Road. New rates, fees and charges were placed in effect on January 1, 1979. These adjustments represent the first overall revision of rates by the Utility since 1971. Due to inflation and increased construction costs, the contribution-in-aid -construction for water has been established in the amount of $640. or $810 depending on Section. The water tap, meter installation and connection fees will range between $255. and $320. For new homesite purchasers who do not connect to the system, there will be an assessed availability fee of $4.00 per month for both water and sewer service. In the area of residential lot improvement, all improvements including central sewer facilities scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, were completed on time. A second fire truck was loaned by ICDC to the Palm Coast Fire District and the volunteer Fire Department. Our own Palm Coast Construction Company has entered the residential market and is adding final touches to prototype models. The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort Inn received awards of excellence at the Sheraton World Conference held in Boston in September. Headlining the Spring Festival was Archie Campbell, of television's Hee Haw fame. This six-day celebration was highlighted with an international bathtub boat race, the Italian American Festa, a four-mile foot race, band concerts, fireworks, tennis and golf tournaments. The year was not all fun and games.-----> Research and hours of hard work were poured into a four-year effort as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) was completed. Working directly with state planning agencies and receiving valuable input from outside consultants, the ICDD planning staff has readied a plan which provides a working framework describing the locations of future residential units, parks, roads, recreational areas,***** industrial property***** and commercial stores.<-------- This year as Palm Coast continues to grow and develop, we at ICDD look forward to the many new and exciting events which will take place. Personally, I am very enthused about the future and hope our residents and future residents share this enthusiasm about our community. Sincerely, Alan Smolen Alan Smolen President AS/agk The above from: ITT Community Development Corporation, Executive Offices, Palm Coast, Florida 32051 Telephone (904)445-2628. ******* (for the newer Palm Coasters - the Federal Government of the United States ORDERED Levitt /I.T.T. to consolidate their efforts and to Headquarter their Offices to Palm Coast within the 'Headquarters Building' from their Offices in Miami Lakes and Manhattan Offices. The Headquarters Building is presently owned by the Flagler County School Board. The Executives then lived here in Palm Coast in what we reference as the 'Executive Area' - Cole Place , Cole Court, and Cynthia Court. Cynthia Court is really named ' Ciccio ' Court. ). Very neat great homes in this area for the I.T.T. Executives ! I don't know if the different style homes on Courtney were built for secondary I.T.T. Executives but something is important there since the STYLES differed from the nine models Levitt I.T.T. was offering- I think I saw a listing by David Alfin on Courtney - a real neat house! ). As an aside - Palm Coasts' International Bath Tub Boat races up and down the Intracoastal was fun to see ! I am Steward of pictures of the BathTub Boats/ races, hopefully will frame them for you to see . Wouldn't it be great if the City of Palm Coast sought Grants for a Palm Coast Historical Trolley Tour - maybe using Palm Coasts Trolleys - Clang Clang again - maybe highlighting the Great Plantations, the Mastadons, the Wooly Mammoths, the Slave Quarters & Outbuildings,the Salt Supply for the Confederacy, the Shell Middens by the native Americans here in Palm Coast , the United States Presidential Yacht possible connection, maybe a Marine Restoration Project by the Yacht Club like Palatka is doing - maybe Palm Coasts Paddlewheel River Boat, ...and if it can be ascertained that Palm Coast had the only Bath Tub Boat Races in Florida.....maybe restore Palm Coast Water Taxi - maybe have Pizza and/or 'takes outs' *delivered* from the Palm Harbor Golf Courses' Boat to Golf Dock to homes in Palm Coasts extensive Canal System - which The Palm Coast Project started to emphasize -

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