Hammock Beach NOPC Pulled from June 15th Flagler County Council Agenda

Contentious issue put off another 3 weeks to allow county staff to review material. Issue now scheduled for July 6th meeting.

Palm Coast, Florida – June 11, 2009 – Flagler County Commissioners will have another 3 weeks before facing a contentious decision. Ginn-LA Marina (the Ginn Company) has petitioned to move 1,147 previously approved residential units from various sectors of their Development of Regional Impact (DRI) to a newly created concentrated parcel which includes portions of the existing Ocean Course at Hammock Beach. The council must decide whether or not the change is a "significant deviation." The item is now scheduled for consideration at the councils July 6th meeting. This is the third time the item has been rescheduled.
Although the Ginn Company filed the original Notice of Potential Change, Reynolds Communities is carrying the notice forward. Reynolds recently began operating the Ginn Hammock Beach facility under a consulting agreement.
Hammock Beach and Ocean Hammock residents are up in arms. Both sides are working with their respective attorneys. A recent meeting between the two sides orchestrated by the county did not sufficiently defused the situation. Stay tuned for ongoing reports.
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  1. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    End run, Bobby playing Quaterback

    The names have been changed to protect the property from being attached by the court, and probably to evade taxes on the sale. The filing can not be transfered to anyone. The defence is to charge the quaterback and put him down before he throws the ball.

  2. Phil Chanfrau
    Phil Chanfrau says:

    failure to cooperate?

    For the second time in less than a month the hearing on Ginn-LA’s NOPC has been postponed. Both times the reason given for the delay by Ginn-LA is to allow county staff extra time to review the paperwork. In fact, Ginn-LA has at least in part caused the delays by failing to provide the staff, despite several requests, for backup information on how Ginn-LA can argue that it has extra undeveloped residential acreage upon which to build the proposed units, or why Agreed upon Plat and Deed restrictions should be ignored to allow it to build on the golf course. The reason this is so important is that without being able to prove there is undeveloped land, Ginn-LA’s NOPC must be declined because the development is essentially built out. Staff recognizes this issue and is not getting any cooperation from Ginn-LA, which continues to blame the delays on staff. Ginn-LA is being forced to come up with an excuse for a delay and has its own self to blame.

  3. JBQ
    JBQ says:

    Right to Sue

    The property owners would very likely sue the city/county for a breach if this is granted due to the fact there is a deed restriction and buyers purchased a view at a premium.

    Changing would be very harmful to property owners .

    Takew Care!


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