Hammock Beach Developer Submits Revised Notice of Potential Change

Reynolds Plantation has worked with Property Owners Associations to minimize their objections to an unpopular NOPC application submitted last year.

Palm Coast, FL – February 11, 2010 – Last Spring, Ginn-LA (Bobby Ginn and financial partner Lubert Adler) submitted a Notice of Potential Change (NOPC) to the Hammock Dunes DRI (Development of Regional Impact). If the NOPC had been accepted by Flagler County, existing golf course property would be impacted. Hammock Beach property owners strongly objected. They had concerns as well over the potential loss of existing ocean views. Both sides stepped back to regroup. Property Owners Associations were brought into a collaborative planning process. As a result, the revised NOPC submitted to Flagler County today does not impact the golf course.

Tom Allhoff of Reynolds Plantation submitted the NOPC on behalf of the developer. Reynolds manages development and operations at Hammock Beach under a management agreement with Ginn-LA. Allhoff stressed that there were no immediate plans for construction. The NOPC, if approved by the county, simply protects residential units already approved and preserves the right to development them in the future.

The Hammock Dunes DRI includes the areas now known as Hammock Dunes, Ocean Hammock, and Hammock Beach. The purpose of the proposed change is to reposition previously allocated and approved residential units from other areas in the development area into a newly defined area along 16th Road including the area presently occupied by a Lodge (The Atlantic Grill and golf pro shop) and swimming pool. The idea is that some day, the lodge and pool will be replaced by new structures. Additionally, new structures would be built along 16th Road.

All earlier suggested plans infringed on the existing golf course property; a sore point with the residents and members. The new plan does not. Instead, it contemplates a realignment of 16th Road slightly south of its present location (but not on the golf course). All new beachside construction will be north of the realigned road. The county has indicated that realignment at the developer’s expense is possible.

The NOPC will likely be considered by County Council in March.

On another Ginn note, construction is nearly completed on the lobby area of Admirals Cove condominium in Yacht Harbor Village. An open house for members is planned for February 18th.

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  1. Thurston
    Thurston says:

    Its a good thing….

    As I see it, the NOPC movement should be welcomed with open arms by the membership. If we are being honest, it is quite obvious that any potential buyer of the resort come in and asks " What exactly are we buying?" The answer is a lobby, a pool complex and two golf courses. They would have control over ZERO units except the lodge, so what is the lure to a buyer?

    As a member, I would be happy to allow a new buyer to come in and build a convention center or a hotel and possibly hinder a few views, etc. rather than have the developer say " Ok, we cannot sell this place…..lets hand the keys back to the members and shut the place down."

    Then what are our properties worth?

    Just a thought from an old wise man…..

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