Hammock Beach Club Announces Changes Aimed at Cutting Costs and Enhancing Revenue

The Ginn name is gone. The Conservatory Golf Course and Clubhouse will be closed two days per week. Atlantic grill open again to the public.

Palm Coast, FL – September 3, 2009 – In a move to respond to member concerns and to the poor economic climate, Reynolds Management and Development Group and Noble Investment Group notified Hammock Beach Club members August 28 of changes to the club membership program. The changes were effective August 31. Reynolds and Noble have been operating the Hammock Beach Club and other (formerly labeled) Ginn resorts and communities under a consulting agreement. The changes were made after consulting with the Club’s Advisory Board of Governors.
  • The Atlantic Grill will be open to the public – reservations required.
  • The present Invitational Membership program will be discontinued. Present Invitational Memberships will be honored for their full term.
  • Owners of multiple properties and multiple club memberships will be able to "lend" secondary memberships to others via a program similar to the discontinued Invitational Membership. However, owners must continue to keep their primary membership active.
  • The Conservatory Golf Course and Clubhouse will be closed two days per week (Monday and Tuesday). Overall days of labor and club overhead costs will be reduced. Rounds of play will be monitored to determind if changes are required to this schedule.
It is not known whether similar changes were made at the Reunion Resort.

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  1. sam johnson
    sam johnson says:

    reunion owner

    toby…these new guys are just another phase of the bobby ginn puppet game…gidel,bobby now these guys…i wish they would just walk from reunion as well and let a operator come in and run the resort the right way…the comments on your site are dwindling as well. we have become so pissed off with the ginn games that the members are actually ignoring your site and waiting for the inevitable

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Moving Forward Suggestions for Sundancer


    Perhaps once the feasibility study is completed for our Area in North East Florida, , the ‘National Heritage Area’ perhaps ‘The Sundancer’ could be used for ‘Tour Groups’ on the Intracoastal to highlight all the many places of History here. The Palm Coast Paddlewheeler River Boat was very popular with us and we enjoyed it immensely. . You can see jpegs of our ‘Palm Coast Paddlewheeler River Boat’ at https://palmcoasthistoricresources.tripod.com. in the HEADER ‘Fleet’.

    �� The Sundancer is a marvelous amenity for our club, the challenge for us going forward is to find ways to
    use the Sundancer and increase revenue


    Perhaps something can be worked out with Ms. White:

    Leslie White
    Heritage Area Officer
    St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, Inc. and proposed Nation’s Oldest Port National Heritage Area Working Group
    81 Lighthouse Avenue
    St. Augustine, Florida 32080
    765-610-1684 ph
    email: lwhite@staugustinelighthouse.com

    What perhaps would be even more rewarding would be to acquire the Palm Coast Double Decker London Bus, the ‘Getting to know us Bus’ and run tours up Scenic A1A -perhaps offering a Boat and Bus Group Adventure. Info. on Scenic A1A:

    Sallie O’Hara

    A1A Byway Program Administrator

    Friends of A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway

    Sallie_OHara@scenica1a.org tarahill@bellsouth.net

    904-425-8055 St. Johns Office 904-540-0402 mobile

    904-209-0321 fax

    2175 Mizell Road

    St. Augustine, FL 32080 http://www.scenica1a.org


    Carried once step further, if you go to our Ag. Museum, you will see just one of the many ‘Jitney Trolleys’ we once had in Palm Coast. Perhaps you can offer a ‘Jitney Trolley ‘ ride. The Trolleys could have a preselected route, dropping off passengers at the ‘Paddlewheel Intracoastal Dock’ that still exists on the Mainland side of the Intracoastal. ( It still can be seen since it was a feature of the pledged Amenity of the "Marina Complex’ that we were promised; adjacent to that is the Intracoastal Pavilion, also a feature of the Marina Complex we were promised that still can be seen – perhaps it could be used for Tour Group Bar-B-Ques as a bonus for your Tours. We weekly were offered a ‘Buck’ Beer and Hot Dog at the Intracoastal Pavilion – it was VERY popular, and that the Marina Complex was the place to take Mom on Mothers’ Day)

    I was just reviewing some of the materials the State Historic Preservaton Officer has shared with us- Perhaps the Seven Locations: ‘…Sevel locations were assessed for potential impact by project development: Pond East FL 0022, Pond West FL 0023, Jungle Hut FL 24, Palm Coast Midden FL 15, Benton Mound FL 0016 , Hernandez Mound FL 0025, and Bon Terra Farms FL 0005…’ Of course Old Salt Park, of Civil War acclaim, and the other various areas could also be part of the offering.

    The Jitneys Trolleys could highlight the Matanzas Golf Course,/ Jefferson Davis Waterway, and all the many large Palntations here, Hewitts Sawmill, the entrance/area of the Jose Hernandez’s Plantation here at appprox. 45 Florida Park Drive, the site of the Roman Catholic Order of Black Friars Mission Site/the Jesuit Mission, the Princess Place, etc . since we are so History Rich here. – then go onto the Double Decker Bus Component and/or ‘The Sundancer’.component.

    Oh, for Sallie and Leslie – We’ve just been informed that the Grave(s) located at the Creek Course/Conservatory are ‘The Eastman Family’. Best to verify tho’. Thank you.

    Best of luck with your pursuits.



  3. Jill S
    Jill S says:

    Atlantic Grill

    I won’t darken the door at the Atlantic Grill. I recall hearing that the "owners" didn’t want the townies in their midst.

    So why should we support them now?

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    What is not mentioned is the Seaside Grille and Sushi Bar is also closed 3 days a week. Plus they fired 3 managers and the executive chef of Seaside Grille. The "owners" would rather the place go bankrupt than open "their" resturants to the public. When they found out that Seaside Grille and The Sushi Bar were going to be open to the public the members flipped out and 85% of them threatened to cancel their membership. Which most of them are behind on their dues anyways! The new company Noble is so full of crap that they are running Hammock Beach into the ground!

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Noble and Reynolds are nothing more than liars

    Let alone that Noble and Reynolds really knows how to treat their employees well, so well that they will pay us $7.50 per hour instead of the $10 we received from Ginn. Along with the reduction in pay we lost our tips from the service charge but they are still charging a service charge. I guess that will help with management’s bonuses at the end of the year.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    Plus something that almost no one knows is that the "service charge" that looks like gratuity is nothing like gratuity. Ginn took 2% for the house and now this rediculous company is taking 4%!!! That is right 4% of everything sold at Hammock beach is going right back to hammock beach!!!!! Screwing the employees even more! Which is why, in a year when high quality staff is replaced with low quality staff the members will not even have a clue why!

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