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Palm Coast, FL – November 25, 2011 – After a couple years of waiting, The Grand Club has apparently changed hands. Though there were last minute issues obtaining a liquor license and Certificate of Occupancy, members have heard from the new owners: The Golf Group of Palm Coast, LLC.

According to State of Florida filing records, The Golf Group of Palm Coast, LLC is comprised as follows:

Florida Limited Liability Company THE GOLF GROUP OF PALM COAST, LLC Filing Information
Document Number
FEI/EIN Number
Date Filed
Principal Address 12 EDISON LANE
PALM COAST FL 32164 Mailing Address 12 EDISON LANE
PALM COAST FL 32164 Registered Agent Name & Address KATZ, B. PAUL
PALM COAST FL 32137 US Manager/Member Detail Name & Address Title MGR TULLY, WILLIAM M
Their communication to members is reproduced below:

We want to simply introduce ourselves and provide you with some preliminary information regarding the future of your courses here in Palm Coast. The Golf Group of Palm Coast, LLC is a small group, made up primarily of local Palm Coast golfers. We play golf at both The Pine and Cypress Courses every week. Having played all three courses, we are familiar with what they have to offer and remember them at their best. It is our plan to return all three to their once pristine condition and make you proud to be a member while also offering you better rates and value for your membership.

To do this, we need your support and understanding. We are pleased to report most of the existing staff members at Pine and Cypress who have served us so well will be staying with us. This will help us maintain the efficiency and smoothness of day-to-day operations as we move forward.

Among our top priorities will be a focus on improving the fairways and greens. The Grand Club features beautiful courses with a lot of potential. We already have the right ground crews in place – they simply need the resources to make a difference. Furthermore, we feel we have two of the best chefs around. We want to give them greater exposure to extend dining opportunities to members and the community.

In order to offer lower rates, other improvements will be subtle and will take a bit longer to implement. Ultimately, we will improve your overall on-going golfing experience during 2012. While we all want to see Matanzas reopened, this cannot happen overnight. We must look at options that do not sacrifice services at Pine or Cypress. But, rest assured, we will not forget Matanzas. We are confident that by transitioning the courses to local ownership and with your support we can provide a better golfing experience with lower rates than have been available in the past.

We will be holding a casual "Meet and Greet" event on Monday, December 5 from 4-6 p.m. at The Pine Course so we can meet with you, get your input and get to know you better. We look forward to personally meeting all of you!


The Golf Group of Palm Coast, LLC joins members of The Grand Club and the Palm Coast community in welcoming The Golf Group of Palm Coast LLC and wishing them the very best. The three courses they acquired, along with the city-owned Palm Harbor Golf Course were the original four sisters marketed to retirees by ITT. Lifestyle, including golf, in an affordable community, is a big draw for Palm Coast. That’s not likely to change. Hopefully, the acquisition of The Grand Club will help continue the reality of that vision.
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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Maybe ‘Grants’ to help restore Matanzas Woods Golf

    Just a idea / suggestion from us:
    Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 8:52 PM
    Subject: RE: Matanzas Woods Golf Course, Pink Lakes Golf Course, Cypress Knoll Golf Course , etc.

    Good Morning.

    Will you be restoring the original names to our cherished Palm Coast Golf Courses?

    We ask because as you most probably know Golf Courses can get ‘Historic Markers’ . You can ask the State of Florida Historic Preservation Offices for a list of those Courses that have been awarded this honor.

    These Courses were very crucial in the ‘Community Development’ of Palm Coast, Inc. and ‘Community Development’ is one of the important issues when the State Historical Committee reviews applications.

    If you pursue this we are Stewards of much which we would happily share with you to help you with the required documentation. It is a long process and SIX copies of everything is required but it is achieveable and it is never to early to start the long involved process.

    To our knowledge once awarded would enable you to apply for Grants.

    A special request from us. To our knowlege the Golf Club that Arnie Palmer used to christen the Matanzas Woods Golf Course is still within the Clubhouse there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to save it along with any other Ephemera and Heritage and Historical items that hopefully may still be there.

    May we also ask if you are going to start to *link* up with the Palm Coast Golf Course, now known as , Palm Harbor Golf Course. We ask because this may be a useful link since ‘The Four Sisters’ Golf Courses were indeed very important in ‘Community Development’ of Palm Coast. The Designer Dedicates Matanzas
    Arnold Palmer came to town Wednesday, November 12, and as usual, attracted an army. He cracked the traditional club against the side of Matanzas Woods Golf Club’s new clubhouse- just as he had done to dedicate Pine Lakes Country Club five years earlier. Then he teed off with 120 fellow golfers- among them local leaders, state legislators, business people and co-designer Ed Seay- in an invitational tourney. The day ended with a reception for members and golfers on the driving range, and then Arnie was off by helicopter, flying low over the crowd. "Florida’s next great golf course," in the words of Golfweek magazine, is now officially christened by the golf legend who designed it.

    Pine Lakes New Members Lounge
    Golfers are second only to fishermen in the telling of tall tales, and therin lies the logic behind "Fibber’s," resident Jay Bell’s winning entry in SunSport Recreation’s "Name the Pine Lakes Members Lounge" contest.
    With the closing of The Harbour Restaurant for Sheraton hotel construction, Pine Lakes Country Club restaurant-newly – remodeled and renamed "Champions" – opened its doors to the public last summer. Earlier this year Palm Coast Construction started work on a new member-only lounge and restaurant, due for completion this summer. More then 400 contest entries poured in, ranging from the lofty and spiritual – "Treetops" and "Members’ Monastery" – to the jazzy and political "Boogie Bar’ and "Bourgeois Lounge" But "Fibber’s" came out on top, and earned Pine Lakes charter member Jay Bell a $200.00 gift certificate.
    Palm Coast three golf courses, by the way, are looking good and playing even better. Matanzas’ Woods and Pine Lakes were the host courses for the $ 80,000.00 Palm Coast Classic, A Tournament Players Association tour event, on February 23 – March 1.

    Thank you very much for listening and we wish you much success with your Project.

    Warm Regards,
    An idea for P.Coasters to think about:
    As the Smithsonian is the Unites States Museum and is comprised of many sites and locations perhaps Each of the Golf Courses can have their own and special Unique ‘Wall of History’ and once all are completed it would be various sites just like the ‘Smithsonian’.
    If successful maybe contact Flagler Beach and contact Golfs’ original Legends to see if they will put their name to one of the nine holes – perhaps advertising F.Beaches Golf Course as "Play Nine of Golfs Legends’ or something.
    Maybe if successful do the ‘Wall of History’ in the Fairways Condos, The Palm Club, Shangra-La Condos, Pine Lakes Condos, etc., and combine everything into a complete Palm Coast / and or/County ‘Living Museum’ like the Smithsonian has many locations.
    Perhaps in time Dr. Ronald Bathau or another of the owners of the Medial Professional Buildings adjacent to the Community Center can donate their building for a Main Building for a ‘Palm Coast Museum’ with all the ‘Satellite Sites’ and in time maybe arrange ‘Guided Tours’ from the ‘Community Center’; and test the waters to see if ‘Salamander Resorts’ would participate for their Golf Goals Statewide –
    Perhaps in time ‘The Golf Group’ can offer on ‘Palm Coast Day’ in January the prices of Golf in 1970 – with *tips* welcome on that day so that the funds obtained can be used to restore our beloved and cherished Matanzas Woods Golf Course and in time help other courses that may need enhancements…
    Any other ideas/suggestions to help ‘The Golf Group’ of Palm Coast?

    Thank You.

  2. Bill Wynn
    Bill Wynn says:

    The Grand Club

    I want to welcome you and your corporation to Palm Coast and wish you all the best of luck with your venture. Being a property owner that borders Matanzas Woods Golf Course, this is the finest news that we have received in years. Again, best of luck to you all and if we can be of assistance, we are here to cooperate with this venture.
    Adrienne & Bill Wynn
    12 Lake Placid Pl

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