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Only 34% of visitors are from the Flagler/Volusia area. Where are the others?

Palm Coast, Florida – March 9, 2009 – After 28 months, continues to grow. But where are readers? You might be surprised. Only 34% of all visits originate in the Flagler and Volusia area. 41% are from outside Florida. 890 people have elected to become members of Free membership provides an email notice of new postings and a link to the new story. (Join here)
The following information is provided through tools made available by Google to web developers. (The tools do not provide individual information.) The following website traffic data is for the most recent month.

Web traffic

  • Average number of visits per day – 1,790
  • Average number of pages viewed per day – 6,349
  • Total number of unique visitors (different people) – 11,368


  • Number of visits that come directly to the website – 43%
  • Visits via search engines – 41%
  • Visits referred from 367 other websites – 16%



Visitors came from all 50 states. Florida represented 59% of all web traffic. After Florida, the top ten states are:
  1. New York
  2. Georgia
  3. North Carolina
  4. California
  5. South Carolina
  6. Illinois
  7. Texas
  8. New Jersey
  9. Virginia
  10. Pennsylvania 


Visits originated from 62 different countries. After the United States (97%) the next top 10 countries are:
  1. UK
  2. Canada
  3. Spain
  4. Bahamas
  5. China
  6. France
  7. Philippines
  8. India
  9. United Arab Emirates
  10. Puerto Rico

Search Terms

41% of Visitors found by searching the Internet. Most (75%) used Google, followed by Yahoo (14%), AOL (5%), and MSN (4%). They used a total of 4,010 different search terms. Which search terms were most commonly used? "," "go toby," and "gotoby" were followed by "bobby ginn," and ginn lawsuit."
  • 768 different search terms containing " ginn" resulted in 3,292 visits.
  • 1,198 search terms containing "palm coast" resulted in 2,073 visits.
  • 156 terms containing "real estate" resulted in 319 visits.
  • 177 terms containing "bankrupt" resulted in 678 visits.
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  1. Karen Joyce
    Karen Joyce says:

    Thank you

    I’m not surprised at the wide readership for your articles. You have interesting information, well written and well researched. I often send your news stories to my customers. Thank you. Karen

  2. Keith Cooper
    Keith Cooper says:

    Bahamas Visitors Prefer –

    Hello Toby:

    I am not surprised by the growth of your web site. Here in the Bahamas I have personally sent your web site to a large number of business associates, the newspapers, family and friends. You are top notch in reporting the facts and eliminating the fluff.

    Thank you for the outstanding reports about the latest developments in Florida real estate.


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