Free Spaces Open for Businesses at Flagler County Annual Job Fair

The event will take place from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday, March 11 at the Palm Coast Campus of Daytona State College, 3000 Palm Coast Pkwy SE, Building 3.

PALM COAST, Fla. –  February 3, 2016 – A limited number of spaces are still open for businesses interested in having a free table at the third annual Flagler County Job Fair. 

The event will take place from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday, March 11 at the Palm Coast Campus of Daytona State College, 3000 Palm Coast Pkwy SE, Building 3.

Last year more than 500 job seekers attended the second annual job fair, which was hosted by the Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity, CareerSource, Daytona State College and the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.  This powerhouse partnership has joined again this year to positively impact Flagler County’s economic vitality.

“In order to support local businesses seeking employees, booths are offered to them free of charge,” said Rebecca DeLorenzo, president of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce. “However, spaces are limited and there are already dozens of companies signed up.”

Among the businesses that have already registered are SeaRay, Florida Hospital Flagler, Flagler County Schools, Hammock Beach Resort and Aveo Engineering.  A full listing of companies is available at

CareerSource Flagler Volusia, President, Robin King encourages job seekers to increase their chances of landing the job or career they are looking for.  “CareerSourceFV is excited to be a partner with Flagler County’s third annual job fair; I encourage all job seekers to take advantage of CareerSourceFV’s services employment preparation workshops so they can be prepared to put their best foot forward while meeting the recruitment professionals who will be present and looking for their next employee.” 

Businesses wishing to secure a place at the fair and job seekers interested in registering for preparation workshops should visit 

For additional information about the fair, please contact Katrina Austin at 386-313-4070 or 

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Recruitment Activities last Century in Palm Coast

    Recruitment Activities that was used for decades all last Century – note the .20 cents postage. I do not have a date on this info. that I’m Steward of – does anyone know what year(s) .20 postage was used? Thank You.

    Dear Palm Coaster:
    You may have noticed in the most recent edition of the PALM COASTER magazine a short article entitled ‘Job Service.’ It describes a new ICDC program that could prove to be extremely valuable to those homesite owners who are interested in moving to Palm Coast and finding emloyment here, Industrial growth in Palm Coast is greater than ever before, and I feel the major points of the new Job Service program deserve consideration.
    Homesite owners who take part in the program will be smong the first to learn of employment opportunities with new Palm Coast companies. A quarterly industry update, mailed only to homesite owners on the Job Service list, will contain the latest information on companies expanding or starting operations in Palm Coast. Also included in the newsletter – which will be published starting early this year – will be lists of available positions with new companies and addresses of the companies’ personnel divisions. Since company start-up is after a long, involved process, homesite owners on the Job Service list would have ample time to make arrangements for relocating to Palm Coast if their job serach here proved successful.
    These companies will be forwarded copies of the Job Srvice list, along with resumes and supplemental information for their consideration when hiring. The Job Service program can’t guarantee employment of course, but it gives homesite owners a head start on employment opportunities in Palm Coasat and it costs no more than a 20c postage stamp.
    To be included in the Job Service list, send a resume and any supplemental information an employer may be interested in, with your current address and phone number to:
    Job Relocation Service
    Personnel Department
    ITT Community Development Corporation
    Palm Coasst, FL 32051
    If you would like further information o the program, contact Ernest Maddock, Director of Commercial / Industrial Development , at the above address. It could bring you a step closer to lilving and working in Palm Coast. Sincerely Alan Smolen, President.

    The above from: ITT Community Development Corporation, Exective Offices, Palm Coast, Florida 32051 Telephone (904)445-2628

    Unrelated but worthy of sharing with Palm Coasters:
    The Smithsonian contacted me today, again with a ‘ Thanks ‘ but more importantly The Smithsonian has told me that they ‘…created a file and added the material to the Museum’s reference files on Levittown…’

    Additionally Dr. Mery Gloria Gutteriez-Gable has recently been told by the State of Florida Historic Preservation Offices that her request for a Historic Heritage MARKER has been….

    APPROVED unamimously !

    It is at the Manufacturers and will arrive at 29 Casper Drive within six to eight weeks. Other MARKER Applications are in the pipeline at various stages –

    I hope this information gives the local Realtors and people selling / buying homes in ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ a sense of place ‘ and hopefully will nail a sale for them.

    Thank you.

    ( an interesting aside – Dr. Mery Gloria Guterriez-Gable relative was a former President of Peru….but…
    The Populace discovered he was very corrupt. He , I think , called himself El Lion or El Tigre…
    So the populace was outraged and dragged him out of the Presidential Palace …they put a El Lion or El Tigre Hood over his head…and strung him up and hung him on a Lamp Post.)

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Firstly, Best of Luck to the Job Seekers –

    Firstly, the very ‘ Best of Luck ‘ to the Job Seekers at the above Event.

    RE: Dr. Mery Gloria Guterriez-Gables Historic MARKER – for those wanting to see how her Historic MARKER is being manufactured right now just Google Sewah Studios to see the manufacturing process – look in the Headers – ‘ The Process ‘. Dr. Mery’s will be manufactured then shipped to the Elks here, then delivered to her address at 29 Casper Drive to await the MARKER ‘ Digging In ‘ Event. Dr. Mery is presently networking with the Ambassador to Peru to re-confirm his / his Emissary from Peru – he suggests from the Embassy in Miami – we are all hoping he attends – Peru has a great online Newspaper so perhaps there will be exposure for ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ there.

    Again, Best of luck to all of the Job Seekers.

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