Free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop for Flagler County Residents

Offered by St. Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP), a non-profit organization which assists homeowners in many Florida counties.

Palm Coast, FL – November 25, 2014 – The non-profit St. Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP) is offering a free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop for Flagler County residents. The workshop will be held December 3, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the Flagler County Library. This free workshop will help homeowners learn how to get up to a year of mortgage payment assistance with no payback, provide assistance with loan modification and principal reduction programs while providing access to legal aid and one-on-one credit counseling.

“We have been able to help close to 500 households in northeast Florida in 2014 to improve their mortgage situation.” said Ann Dwyer, Program Director. “With the high rate of foreclosure in Flagler County, our programs provide real options and accurate information for homeowners,” says Dwyer.

The workshop is free to homeowners and participants are encouraged to register by calling 904-819-1266. In addition to the SJHP, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. will be on hand to answer legal questions regarding mortgage issues.

Flagler Foreclosure Prevention Workshop flyer - 12-3-2014

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  1. Groot
    Groot says:

    Positive Spin on Black Mark for our area.

    Thanks for posting this and attempting to put a positive spin on what has been a black mark on area. Until the foreclosures and short sales stop, our property values will not fully recover. Unfortunately I am aware of a few homeowners who have decided to go the “strategic foreclosure” route. To compound this negative strategy, they then rent the house on the way out and make a 100% profit. I have to wonder what happens in the end to these people. The bankruptcy courts no longer grant bankruptcies no questions asked. If there is money or assets, debtors are expected to be paid. Sure would like to get to the point where the only foreclosures were due to normal misfortune and they were few and far between like most of the rest of the country.

  2. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Groot

    Many of those who chose a strategic default are getting contacted by collection agencies who bought default judgements for pennies in the dollar. One company in that business is Dyck O’Neal. They have reportedly filed more than 10,000 suits in Florida this year. For many, the other shoe is being dropped.

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