Former Players Club Locked and Quiet

Synergy Health Club told to vacate property. Pool gates locked. European Village shut out.

Palm Coast, FL – April 28, 2008 – I started receiving emails on Friday asking if it was true that European Village had been sold. Synergy Health club, which occupied the former Players Club clubhouse adjacent to European Village, reportedly had been told to vacate the premises and the swimming pool had been padlocked.
I stopped over on Saturday to see what I could confirm. Synergy operated a health club in the clubhouse of the former Players Club, once a private tennis facility. I found the pool area fence locked with a "No Trespassing" sign prominently displayed. The clubhouse was also locked with the following sign visible from the front door.
"Dear Synergy Family, The European Village has been sold and the new owners are in negotiation for this property. This news came to me Friday morning and I have been asked to vacate this property immediately."
Since, I’ve been trying to find out what really was happening. First, European Village has not been sold. European Village is a condominium complex featuring first floor commercial condos and residential condos on the upper floors. Each unit is individually owned, so it cannot be sold as one property. Currently, the lobby and entertainment center are owned by Peter Roehr, who developed European Village. Integrated Resorts operates the condo/hotel lobby and manages several unit rentals under a management agreement with Roehr. They have property management agreements with the individual unit owners within their rental program.
EV R&R Holdings LLC, another of Roehr’s companies owned the former Players Club, adjacent to European Village. Under an easement agreement, the operators of European Village had access to the swimming pool at Players Club. Players Club grounds were being maintained by Integrated Resorts, presumably as they had done when Players Club was owned by Roehr. But, in September, 2007, The Players Club was the subject of a foreclosure sale. The two lenders, Mandella Holdings LLC and The Lending House Inc., both from south Florida, were the only bidders at the foreclosure sale and were awarded title in October.
I spoke with one of the principals of The Lending House Inc. He said that they had been unaware that anyone was occupying the property and that there was no lease between the current owners with any present occupant or tenant. When they learned that the property was occupied and still in use, they acted to secure the premises, citing their potential liability. According to a representative of the European Village Residential Condominium Association, the easement to the swimming pool has been cancelled.
What seems clear is that there is no further relationship between the present owners of Players Club and either European Village or Integrated Resorts. Synergy Health Club has not replied to my request for further information about their relationship with either European Village or Integrated Resorts.
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  1. Philip Amico
    Philip Amico says:

    President , Residences at European Village Condomi

    Toby, your information is as accurate as we know it to be. integrated had professed to a lease agreement with the \\\”owners\\\” of the property. However, the HOA\\’s attorney has spoken to the title holders in an effort to re establish the access and we were told what you stated, that no agreement was in place and the titleholders were \\\”securing their asset\\\”. We are currently hopeful that we may reacquire access through negotiations and agreements. It is my understanding that the two titleholders are deciding on a buyout and then will be in a position to discuss access.

    Your description of the \\\”sale\\\” is again accurate. European Village is the sum of all the parts, i.e., the 101 residential units and some 35 commercial units. EVR cannot be sold nor can it be controlled outside of the owners interest.

    As we acquire definitve information, I will forward to you for posting on your site.

    With regards,
    Philip Amico
    Residences at European Village Condominium Association, Inc.

  2. Artie Gardella
    Artie Gardella says:

    Synergy Health Club

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have temporarily closed our doors for operation. We are diligently working on finding a new location and have been in contact with the actual owners of the property, who are now aware that we originally had a lease agreement with Integrated.
    I am currently meeting with individual clients on a limited basis for personal training and small group classes. Call me directly at 931-3485 or go to for updated information.

    Artie G
    Synergy Health Club

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