Foreclosure Lawyers’ Misdeeds Ignored in Florida?

Florida courthouses are rife with evidence of errors and fabrications made by attorneys handling foreclosure cases, and yet so far no lawyers have been disciplined.

Palm Coast, FL – January 18, 2011

Florida courthouses are rife with evidence of errors and fabrications made by attorneys handling foreclosure cases, and yet so far no lawyers have been disciplined.
With pressure mounting to police its own members, the Florida Bar established a special category of complaints listed as "foreclosure fraud."
But in 20 complaints investigated in that category, the Bar has not found cause to discipline anyone — even lawyers who admitted to breaking ethical rules.
Some observers say that early track record of ignoring misdeeds by its members raises questions about whether the system of self-policing for lawyers can handle the depth of wrongdoing in the foreclosure crisis.
The complaints have been filed by judges, lawyers, homeowners and the Florida Bar itself, and reflect the issues seen in courtrooms almost daily for the past two years, including forged signatures and backdated documents used to improperly seize homes in foreclosures.
In addition, attorneys for lenders have filed false motions, left out important information that would hurt their case, or skipped mandatory mediations and court hearings.
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  1. Barbara Ann Jackson
    Barbara Ann Jackson says:


    All across the country, judges need to cease allowing courtrooms to be used by foreclosure mill lawyers and mortgage servicers who commit fraud, and self-dealings that –RATHER than property returned to the lenders, enable lawyers or their straw buyer acquaintances to unlawfully acquire distressed property.

    There are lawyers actually engaged in real estate racketeering through intentional fraudulent pleadings that they file in civil courts and bankruptcy courts on behalf of purported lender-clients –and some are filed via names of defunct mortgage companies.

    For decades, it has been PROFITABLE, and FACILE to make use of judicial systems to accomplish multiple and various levels of foreclosure fraud, while also unlawfully rendering families homeless; and mortgage lenders and banks (that receive their with mortgage-default insurance and IRS write-offs), never get the homes. Ultimately, after repeated flips, the homes become sold to Freddie Mac.

    Lawyers who are engage in willful foreclosure fraud also unconscionably access "deficiency judgments" against homeowners even though the reason for the deficiency is because their straw buyer friends place unlawful "credit bids." And the lawyers record worthless property deeds after sham foreclosure auctions that impedes title insurance. The list goes on!

    Anyone telling people to simply move out NEEDS a wake up call as to what’s really going on –including the cause of longterm blighted communities. Fraud foreclosed homes that ‘go back’ to lenders become put on the market and various channels and outcomes –always unlawful.

    Hopefully people continue signing and sharing the petition, “Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel to Examine Foreclosure Lawyers” @, who file foreclosure proceedings in civil as well as bankruptcy courts. And hopefully consumers will heap upon offices of Attorneys General, information / evidence about foreclosure-judicial wrongdoing. *SEE: “Commentary on: “Emerging Battleground on Mortgage Abuses: Foreclosure Mills” @

  2. John Boy
    John Boy says:

    Attorney Misdeeds

    Not surprising, it takes a murder, or some other high crime to even give these scumbags as much as a slap on the wrist. The only soultion is to eliminate attorneys discipling attorneys. Make them go better of jury of the people who they injure rather than simply being juadeed by their own fellow crooks.

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