Florida Hospital Flagler Announces New Board of Directors

The new board contains more community members.

Palm Coast, Florida – January 16, 2009Florida Hospital Flagler in Palm Coast, Florida has revised its board of directors to include more community members. 
"The increased complexity that comes with a growing organization has led to the decision to create a dedicated Board of Directors for Florida Hospital Flagler," said David Ottati, CEO/President of Florida Hospital Flagler.
This new board of directors includes more Flagler County community members, as well as local physicians and select Adventist Health Systems staff than previous hospital boards.
“Because this board has a stronger representation of people who live and work in our community, I believe Florida Hospital Flagler will be better equipped to serve our community, staff, and physicians, enhancing the level of care patients ultimately receive," said Bruce Page, President of Intracoastal Bank and board member.
The evolution of Florida Hospital Flagler’s board of directors is a reflection on the hospital’s continued growth to serve the community. 
“Florida Hospital Flagler has evolved from a small campus that operated as an extension of Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial into a strong, stand-alone hospital that is positioned to meet the current and future healthcare needs of all the citizens of Flagler County,” said Barbara Revels, Flagler County Commissioner and board member. “Within the past year, Florida Hospital Flagler treated more than 34,000 people in the Emergency Department and performed more than 4,000 surgeries, as well as thousands of gastroenterology procedures.”
Not only does Florida Hospital Flagler invest in the community’s healthcare via state-of-the-art equipment and physician recruitment, but the hospital has also invested in the local residents. Currently, Florida Hospital Flagler employs more than 750 people, and 75% of the employees are Flagler County residents. 
“We’ve grown tremendously over the past six years,” said Ottati. “Even with all of our advances, Florida Hospital Flagler maintains a ‘neighbors treating neighbors’ feel. We strive to treat each patient with the kind of compassionate care we would treat our own neighbor or family member.”
Florida Hospital Flagler Board of Directors
 Palm Coast Florida Hospital Flagler
From Left to Right: Bruce Page, President of Intracoastal Bank; Bill Delbrugge, Superintendent of Flagler County Schools; Bob DeVore, Developer; Michael Chiumento III, Attorney; Mike Schultz, Adventist Health System Florida Region CEO; Mark LaRose, Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial CEO; David Ottati, Florida Hospital Flagler CEO; Barbara Revels, Flagler County Commissioner; Phil Goodwin, MD, Family Practice Physician, Chief of Staff; Ted Hamilton, MD, Adventist Health System Vice President of Medical Mission; John Walsh, MD, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Chief of Surgery; Tony Papandrea, Retired Delta Airlines Trainer/Hammock Dunes Resident; Lewis Seifert, Adventist Health System Senior Vice President of Finance; and John Steely, MD, Family Practice Physician, HospiceCare Medical Director.
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  1. Carol Gunthorpe
    Carol Gunthorpe says:


    I too question the diversity of the board. I find it remarkable that there is only one woman on the board. Where is staff representation other than physicians? Sorry,but this looks like a good old boys club.Perhaps next time the board will really reflect the community and the world as it really is. We can hope.

  2. elmer stainbrook
    elmer stainbrook says:


    Congratulations Toby
    You did a good job getting this information about the hospital to our community. I notice the "independent voice of Volusia/Flagler" did not have anything about this. I guess Flagler county is just not important to them. Thanks for keeping us informed. As to the other comments about diversity, I would suggest to those people that they should volunteer to be of help to the board and maybe some changes would be made. Just sitting and commenting gets nothing done.

  3. David Ottati
    David Ottati says:

    Florida Hospital Flagler CEO

    I respectfully appreciate the concerns posted here on GoToby.com. As CEO/President of Florida Hospital Flagler, I feel it is my duty to address those issues presented.

    Florida Hospital Flagler has made great efforts to be certain the employees and leaders within our organization reflect the same diversity within our community. We have intentionally hired multiple employees at the leadership and senior leadership level to reflect both our employees and the patient population we serve. As the statistics outline below illustrates, our employee population accurately reflects our community while our internal leadership reflects our employee population.

    Employee Statistics
    As of 2008, Flagler County’s population was 9% African American. Florida Hospital Flagler’s employees were 11.4% African American, with 9.7% in a Leadership position. 11.5% of Florida Hospital Flagler’s patients were African American.

    As of 2008, Flagler County’s population was 7.3% Hispanic/Latino. Florida Hospital Flagler’s employees were 7% Hispanic/Latino, with 6.45% in a Leadership position. 5% of Florida Hospital Flagler’s patients were Hispanic/Latino.

    As of 2008, Flagler County’s population was 2% Asian. Florida Hospital Flagler’s employees were 4.7% Asian, with 3.2% in a Leadership position. Nearly 1% of Florida Hospital Flagler’s patients were Asian.

    As of 2008, Flagler County’s population was 81% Caucasian. Florida Hospital Flagler’s employees were 76.3% Caucasian, with 80% in a Leadership position. Approximately 81.5% of Florida Hospital Flagler’s patients were Caucasian.

    As of 2008, Flagler County’s population was very evenly divided between males and females, with 50.2% female and 49.8% male. Nearly 85% of Florida Hospital Flagler’s employees are female, and 77.4% are in Leadership positions.

    Please note that diversity was a large aspect of the board selection. You will notice that the board reflects a diverse group of people with varying backgrounds, experiences, and roles within the community. Within our board of directors, we have a banker, developer, lawyer, a County Commissioner, the local School Superintendent, CEO, CFO, physicians and a retired commercial airline pilot.

    Also, we took into consideration the geographic needs of the county. Our hope is to obtain someone on our board to represent the west side of the county. From a clinical perspective, we had one Flagler County physician member last year and now we have three local physicians representing various specialties.

    Our board members come from all walks of life and have varying opinions and perspectives. I am convinced that because this board has a stronger representation of the people we serve, Florida Hospital Flagler will become a better organization that is better equipped to provide our community, staff, and physicians with the healthcare they deserve.

  4. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to David

    I appreciate your comments and the detailed information they contain. Diversity is often in the eyes of the beholder. I recall how Pres. Clinton spoke proudly of his diverse cabinet – gender and racial diversity yes, but they were all lawyers.

    I have been a satisfied patient at Florida Hospital Flagler on more than one occasion. Flagler residents should be proud of the facility. I am.

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