Flagler/Palm Coast 2022 Home Sales with Interactive Maps

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PALM COAST, FL – January 9, 2023 – The Flagler/Palm Coast 2022 home sales are in the books. Interactive maps ad a new dimension with which to view the year’s results. The local market had grown at a double-digit rate for the previous two years. The median home selling price continued to rise in 2022 but the year also marked the first time in which home sales did not outpace the previous year.

2022 housing market highlights

  • 2022 saw 2,999 reported sold via the Flagler County MLS, down 17.1% from 3,616 in 2021
  • The median price of all homes sold was $370,000, up 20.1% from $308,000 in 2021
  • Single-family building permits were down 11.1% year-over-year for the first time since 2011
New home construction in Flagler County, Fla.
New home in Grand Reserve

2022 Home Sale Details with Interactive Maps

The following interactive Google Maps detail the 2022 Flagler Co. and Palm Coast single-family homes sales. They feature:

  • Full Screen – maps can be expanded to full screen.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Monthly sales in layers – each map represents 1/2 year (Google allows only 10 layers per map). Layers can be toggled on or off individually.
  • Drop-down data – each layer can be expanded to list each home sold by address.
  • Clicking on an address or a home’s map symbol brings up the sales details including the sale date, full address, living square feet, selling price, and subdivision name.

Flagler/Palm Coast 2022 Home Sales (January – June)

Flagler/Palm Coast 2022 Home Sales (July – December)

We are at a tipping point in te housing market. The pattern of accelerating growth followed by an abrupt correction looks like the housing bubble of the 2000s, but the underlying causes are ot the same. Easy credit, rampant speculation, and a lack of home equity caused the first bubble. The recent correction is the result of geopolitical forces unrelated to the housing market and are despite an acute housing shortage, high demand, and unsurpassed homeowners’ equity.

Read about the Blue to Red State migration that will dampen the effect on the Florida housing market of a housing correction.


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