Flagler County to Open up 18 Miles of Atlantic Shoreline to Beach Driving

Diverting northbound A1A traffic onto the beach should lessen mounting traffic congestion on the scenic highway. Flagler Beach is also considering the beach to ease their problem of limited parking.

Flagler BeachPALM COAST, FL – April 1, 2018 – Damn the turtles, full speed ahead. GoToby.com has learned that a move is underway to open Flagler County’s 18 miles of Atlantic beaches to vehicular traffic.

Pro-growthers have finally gained the ear of the Board of County Commissioners. In a series of underpublicized workshops, Commissioners, in consort with developers and the Chamber of Commerce, have developed a plan to divert all northbound traffic from A1A to the beach for its entire 18-mile transit through Flagler County. The existing paved highway will be reserved for southbound traffic. Commissioners plan to use Eminent Domain to procure the land necessary to construct access ramps to the beach from the highway.

Scenic Byway A1A has faced mounting traffic since the economic recovery. Businesses and developers hoping to capitalize on the coastal area’s growing popularity by expanding their business or by building more beachfront houses and condominiums have encountered fierce resistance from environmentalists; NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything). Note: A developer is someone who wants to build houses at the beach. An environmentalist is someone who already owns a house at the beach.

Flagler Beach Parking

Flagler Beach Pier Having gotten wind of the county’s plan, Flagler Beach Commissioners are already planning to piggyback by allowing beach parking within the city limits. Commissioners reason that beach parking will allow them to kick their “parking congestion” can down the road for at least ten more years, or until another commission is in place.

April Fools

The success of parody and satire is enhanced by its proximity to reality. GoToby.com reminds you that today is APRIL FOOLS DAY. I hope you enjoyed reading this farcical piece as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Cynthia Nichols
    Cynthia Nichols says:

    Beach driving

    Allowing beach driving would be a disaster. On very busy days and holidays the beach is packed with people. Do they plan to just have cars/trucks on beach and limit people. I don’t think we should become another Daytona Beach. This would spoil Flagler County.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Sheraton Palm Coast Oceanside Resort

    Does anyone know if when travellig Northbound, will, there be a ramp for access to the Sheraton Palm Coast Oceanside Resort? I would speculate there will be an Underground Tunnel, to access the Sheraton Palm Coast Resort such as the *beach tunnel* that existed at The Topaz Hotel?

    Sheraton Palm Coast Resort – ‘ Honey Mooners’ Package:

    Get Lost” at the Sheraton Palm Coast resort Inn If you are traveling to Florida to get lost for awhile there are two great ways to Get Lost at the Sheraton Palm Coast Resort Inn located on the Atlantic Ocean beach about 28 miles north of Daytona Beach on the scenic oceanside highway, State Road A1A. The hotel is offering two package vacation plans for those seeking a way to get lost. One way to get lost is called the Honeymooners’ Paradise the other is the Golfers Weekend. Either adds up to four days and three nights.
    The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort Inn is built in the Old Spanish Missionstyle, with coquina rocks and nestled in acres of green , rolling lawn sprinkled with subtropical trees and shrubs with access to five miles of beautiful beach. Each airconditioned guest room has double beds and color television. ‘Honeymooners’ are guaranteed a room with an ocean view.
    The ocean is just a few steps away. Also close by is the Intracoastal Waterway, which offers good fishing, boating, and waterskiing. On the Inn grounds, there is a large free form swimming pool surrounded by sundecks. Close by are two tennis courts which will soon be lighted for night play.

    Just a short ride by boat is an 18 hole championship golf course, the Palm Coast Golf Club.

    The Golfers’ package includes unlimited play at the Palm Coast Golf Club, an electric cart, a gift package of golf balls and a complimentary bucket of practice range balls daily at the Pro Shop. At the Inn, the cuisine is superb in the Coquina Room or Cafe del Mar. The newly completed Beachcomber Bar, located beside the pool, offers the finest in mixed drinks and sandwiches. Dancing and nightly entertainment are popular in the newly decorated Jon-kanoo Lounge. For a slightly different atmosphere the visitor can also eat at the

    Palm Coast Yacht Club across the Intracoastal Waterway.

    Sightseeing is a must at nearby historic St. Augustine and Marineland, and Daytona Beach, is just a shosrt drive for shoppping or touring. For the young at heart, Walt Disney World is approximately 98 miles away.*
    The Palm Coaster, Summer 1978, pp. 10-11

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Coasts cooking classes and Underground Parkin

    Palm Coasts’ Symposias Traffic concerns:

    Will there be provisions made for traffic with the return of Palm Coasts Symposias? What about the massive traffic they will bring either going Southbound or Northbound? Neighborhood chat says that Palm Coast is planning a massive underground complex to accomodate the parking; anyone know anything about that ? When I was at Publix, at the deli – ordering an 1/16 th of a pound of bologna sliced paper thin, I overheard people saying they were at several Palm Coast Workshops – talking about Palm Coasts’ gargantuan underground parking complex. They further talked about Palm Coast offering cooking classes; Sub. how to cook road kill endangered Gopher Tortises.

    Palm Coast Symposia

    First Palm Coast Symposium to Assay The Human Condition

    From the very inception of Palm Coast the cultural aspect of its future have
    been an integral part of the planning.

    Palm Coast is a planned, total community. Land use is a balance of
    residential, commercial, social and open space, with provision for
    education, arts, health care and other requisites for a good life. As a new
    town, it functions as a proving ground for new and better ways of doing
    things, to promote better urban living, to improve the quality of life in
    all areas of human existence.

    One of the areas of extreme inportance with which a new town, or any town,
    nust concern itself is the encouragement of cultural pursuits, the liberal
    arts, etc. because they provide a special and natural way for people to get
    in touch with themselves, to communicate with each other, and to get more
    satisfaction from being alive. Without this human growth and interaction,
    there can be no development of any town , any society.

    Toward aiding this cultural growth, and toward fulfillment of its cultural
    and social commitment to Palm Coast, we are staging the First Palm Coast
    Symposium, Novenber 15 and 16th, 1974.

    From the outset, Dr. Young has believed that cultural growth must be an
    integral thread in the fabric of Palm Coast life. Palm Coast is a town of
    vision and as such, we conceived the plan for the Symposium at the very
    beginning of the planning process and we endeavor to make this type of
    cultural expression a continuing experience in the future.

    It is Palm Coast’s hopes that the concept of the Symposium will flourish and
    expand to become a national and perhaps international instituion concerned
    with the human dimensions of contemporary problems.

    It is envisioned that future symposia at Palm Coasat will bring together
    outstanding men and women from business, science, government, the arts,
    education, and the humanities and other sectors of society who will learn
    from one another through discussion and debate. And each will contribute his
    or her talents and experiences to a mutual exploration of the human
    condition, contrasting established convictions and habits with the new ideas
    of today.

    Fundamentall important is not that final solutions emerge from the
    discussions at Palm Coast but that the essence of the best thinking on these
    matters be exposed, evaluated, refined, and applied to individual lives and

    Dr. Young believes that great historical change is not the result of
    inexorable force only. Great changes can come about because a few people are
    able to articulate powerful ideas, thus generating new forces in human

    The formal sessions and the accomodations will be at the * Sheraton
    Palm Coast Inn . Attendance will be by invitation only. The topics of
    the discussions will include: Human Nature and Human Destiny; Uplifting the
    Underprivileged; Popular Culture and Elite Culture, The Universities: For
    What and Whom??

    Panelists include William Buckley, Editor of the National Review; Gloria
    Steinem, Editor of Ms. Magazine, Harold Rosenberg, art critic of New Yorker
    Magazine, Professor Leslie Fiedler, Chairman of the English Department,
    State University of New York at Buffalo; Dr. Gunnar Myrdal, noted Swedish
    social scientist; Sidney Hood, philosopher and Research Fellow at the Hoover
    Instituteion, Vernon E. Jordan, Executive Director of the National Urban
    League; Saul Bellow best selling author; Dr. James Watason, Nobel
    Prize-winning biologist, Arthur Schles, Jr. two – time winner of the
    Pulitzer Prize, historian and writer; Lionel Trilling, University Professor
    Emeritus, Columbia, Truman Capote, noted author, and Dr. E.T.York,
    Chancellor – Elect of the State Universities for the State of Florida.

    The moderator of the sessions will be Melvin M. Tumin, Professor of
    Sociology and Anthropology, Princeton University.

    The Palm Coaster, Fall Issue , Page 2, 1974

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