Flagler County Lands New High-Tech Company

Live at the Beach – Work in the Cloud. Coastal Cloud intends to construct its state of the art headquarters and bring 100 high-tech jobs to Flagler over 3 years.

Palm Coast, FL – February 6, 2013 – The Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity is pleased to announce that Coastal Cloud, LLC, a subsidiary of Graphene, a cutting edge information technology company, will locate its headquarters in Flagler County. Coastal Cloud intends to construct its state of the art headquarters and bring 100 high-tech jobs to Flagler over 3 years.
Using the latest in technology, Sara and Tim Hale, Managing Partners of Coastal Cloud, presented the company’s plans to the members of the Flagler County Economic Opportunity Advisory Council via the internet. The Hales explained how Coastal Cloud specializes in getting their clients’ maximum value from their investments in software such as Salesforce.com, Google Apps and other leading cloud-based solutions through a unique, cost-effective, domestic service model.  Coastal Cloud is an expert in a range of industries including telecommunications, high-tech, media, healthcare, real estate and government entities. 
Mr. Hale completed his presentation by stating that, “The Company will develop and retain outstanding employees by offering leading-edge technology careers, continued training, interesting projects, and a superior quality of life. Live at the Beach – Work in the Cloud.”
“This is great news for the entire county,” said Commissioner Barbara Revels, who chairs the Economic Opportunity Advisory Council “It is exactly what we had in mind when we created the Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity.  Attracting a high-tech industry is a home run for our team.”
“Flagler County’s Department of Economic Opportunity has made expanding our company here a seamless process,” Hale said. “They took the time to understand our business model, ensuring a comprehensive approach and simplifying the transition.”
Department of Economic Opportunity staff has been working with the principals of Coastal Cloud for the past six months to facilitate their expanding in Flagler County. The Company plans to make a significant capital investment to build their Flagler County headquarters.  They anticipate hiring 15 employees in the first year, 35 the second year and adding 50 more employees in year three. The average wage for the new jobs will be substantially above the current average annual wage in Flagler County.
The company has been approved to receive Florida’s Qualified Target Industry (QTI) incentive, which is a performance-based incentive directly related to the number of new jobs the company creates. The Economic Opportunity Advisory Council board is recommending that the County provides a similar approach, as well as working with Daytona State University to provide custom training certification for local residents.
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  1. Evelyn Palmeri
    Evelyn Palmeri says:

    Land New High-Tech Company

    More taxpayer money thrown away. There’s a long list of similar great coups which fizzled. We dumb taxpayers keep falling for the same old scam, so we deserve to be fleeced over and over.

    There’s no free lunch for taxpayers. That’s reserved for politicians (we keep re-electing the same people or their clones) and those who know how to sweet talk them.

    Not to worry, the golden goose is on life support and very soon it’ll be all over.

    Welcome to Obama’s Third World.

  2. Mike Senkowsky
    Mike Senkowsky says:

    Coastal Cloud Jobs

    Hi Toby,
    Do you know how folks can contact Coastal Cloud to pursue employment opportunities? I searched the internet but could not find a site.
    Mike Senkowsky

  3. Bob Ziolkowski
    Bob Ziolkowski says:


    …the area and I wish you the best. I for one am interested in a potential career change and will be monitoring their web site for administration, accounting or business-related positions.

  4. Mary Meyers
    Mary Meyers says:

    New High-Tech Company

    100 of jobs for people to compute in the cloud in Flagler/Volusia area? Ha??

    Another Solyndra coming to town. They will get public money and state incentives and be gone in a year or two. Just to think that a 6 month salary was wasted on that person that brought them here and begged: "Please, take our money". Yes we deserve the government we’ve got and uneducated public (for all the money throw into education).
    Thanks god we still have people like Evelyn Palmeri that see thing for what they are.

  5. Toby Tobin
    Toby Tobin says:

    Reply to Evelyn Palmeri and Mary Meyers

    As you point out, some efforts fizzle rather than thrive. Your negative comments are stark examples of that reality. I’m sure you proudly thought you were right when you wrote them. But alas, you were so wrong.
    Coastal Cloud approaches its third anniversary with over 80 well paid employees and over 110 clients. It was recently named to GrowFL’s ‘’50 Florida Companies to Watch’’ and won the local ‘‘Standing O’’ award for a second consecutive year. Coastal Cloud has been a prolific contributor to our community as well.
    Even Tallahassee has taken note of Coastal Cloud’s success. Coastal Cloud represents precisely the type of company Flagler County and its cities should be seeking through their economic development efforts. Watch for more of the same.

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