Flagler County and Palm Coast Housing Stock Very Young by Comparison

Young homes; more energy efficient, less maintenance, stricter building codes, more desirable features like open floor plans, high ceilings, large bathrooms and well-designed kitchens.

PALM COAST, FL – August 15, 2017 – A very important reason to look for a home in Flagler County has gone relatively unnoticed. The age of Flagler’s existing housing stock is incredibly young by comparison.

Median age of housing stock

According to the most recent data from the 2015 American Community Survey, the median age of owner-occupied homes in the United States is 37 years (up from 31 in 2005).  New York is the state with the oldest housing stock with a median age of 57 years, followed by Massachusetts at 75 years. On the other end of the spectrum, the median age of Nevada’s housing stock is 20 years. The median age of Arizona’s housing stock is 24 years.

Rising age of housing

The median age of an existing home in Flagler County is only 17 years. In Palm Coast, the median age is a mere 15 years. We are unique not only nationally but also among our neighbors. Here’s how Flagler County and Palm Coast stack up according to Housing Data Clearinghouse data compiled through 2015.

Newer Housing Stock

Flagler housing stock age

Older Housing Stock

Flagler housing stock old

Why is age important?

Energy efficiency – Young homes are designed for today’s more efficient heating and air conditioning systems. They are also more likely to have other energy efficient features such as more insulation, vapor barriers, on-demand hot water, and energy-efficient windows.

Safety – Building codes define new construction. Newer homes are built to a higher standard than were older homes. Hurricane Andrew prompted a review of Florida’s building codes. In 2001, a strict statewide code was implemented which mandates impact glass. Roofs are designed to resist high winds. Garage doors are sturdier. Many of these code changes translate into less expensive insurance for homeowners.

Infrastructure – Once a home is built, it’s electrical, plumbing, and framing infrastructure can be expensive to change. This puts limits on remodeling and expansion options.

Desirable features – New homes are designed to meet current trends. Today’s larger kitchens focus on lifestyle as well as function, featuring center islands and bar seating. Larger baths feature dual sinks with separate tub and shower. Floor plans are more open. Ceilings are higher. Younger homes have more storage.

Low maintenance – Young homes require less maintenance. Remodeling costs are also avoided or minimized.

Palm Coast is arguably the youngest city of its size in the United States while St. Augustine, only 23 miles away, is North Americas oldest continuously occupied city. 

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