Economic Development: Digital Testing Company to Locate in Flagler Beach

“Easy as one two three.” But all numbers are not created equal. Digital testing company ‘By The Numbers LLC’ will soon begin construction on its Flagler Beach research and headquarters building.

PALM COAST, FL – April 1, 2016 – What’s in a number. More than you think says a spokesperson for By The Numbers LLC, Flagler County’s latest technology startup. The digital testing company plans to break ground soon on its headquarters building on 4th Street in Flagler Beach where it’s research and testing will take it to infinity and beyond.

You have probably heard the phrase, “Easy as one, two, three.” It’s been around for years. For example, how do you know if a sound system is working? You speak into the mike saying, “Testing. Testing, one two three.” The phrase was even memorialized in a hit song by The Jackson Five.

But few people know the genesis of the phrase? When we learn to count, where do we begin. We begin with the easy numbers. And the easy numbers begin with one, two and three. The phrase, “Testing. Testing one two three” somehow got us in a rut. What about the other numbers? Do you ever hear anyone say, “Testing. Testing four five six?” Or “Testing forty?” Or “Testing one thousand three hundred seventy-one?” No.

Flagler Beach, FLAll numbers are not created equal. Over time, the untested numbers, beginning with “4”, have remained relatively untested. Nobody thought anything about this until an August 23, 2011 Cape Canaveral rocket launch sequence was put on hold for 37 minutes, with only ten seconds remaining, when the number “TEN” failed to work properly. It was only after a ramp worker located a functioning microphone and spoke the magic words, “Testing. Testing ten,” that the countdown was able to resume.

By The Numbers LLC will incorporate its proprietary I-phone based testing algorithm whereby Siri will iteratively “test” the numbers from four to infinity and beyond. Hence, the company’s decision to locate their research facility and company headquarters on 4th Street in Flagler Beach.

Will By The Numbers LLC be successful? “You can count on it,” says company spokesperson, Buzz Lightyear.

Have a smiling April Fool’s Day. 

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