Demolition Permit Issued for Former Perkins Restaurant in Palm Coast

Another Palm Coast Icon will be replaced. Chick fil A’s Development Order has been approved by the city but the building permit has yet to be issued.

Palm Coast, FL – October 23, 2014 – The Perkins Restaurant to Chick fil A transition seems to be taking forever but another step has been taken. Palm Coast yesterday issued a demolition permit to WH Bass Inc, of Duluth, Ga., to demolish the 5,259 square foot building on the northwest corner of Palm Coast Pkwy and Boulder Rock Dr. The building was built in 1997 and housed a Perkins Restaurant until May 2013, when it was abruptly closed.

My wife and I ate our first Palm Coast breakfast at Perkins in January 2000, when we were in town to buy a lot.

The new Chick fil A building will be 4,390 square feet.

Palm Coast Chick fil A elevation

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  1. Stanley
    Stanley says:

    chick fil a

    Thats great for Chick fil A. coming to palm coast. This city takes so long to get good restaurants here like a Long Horn or any other company. So the building is small get it going and stop wasting time. how about whole food too.

  2. Groot
    Groot says:

    Our Demographics do not warrant a Whole Foods

    Unfortunately, our demographics suck and we do not warrant a Whole Foods. But we did get us another fried chicken spot! I understand they also have grilled chicken now so, I may give them a try. Never have mde it to Zaxsby’s. Oh well, it will add a few more service jobs. Every little bit helps.

  3. Yorkstermom
    Yorkstermom says:

    Stop the Red Tape Palm Coast

    Stop making it so hard for new restaurants to come into this city. It is a turn off to many companies as they don’t want the hassle this city gives them so they go elsewhere. Once the company is approved to come into Palm Coast, stop the red tape and BS and lets get this city some new places to go so people will want to live here.

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