City to Hold Palm Harbor Community Workshop for Parkway East Master Plan March 13

The city is looking at options to preserve and enhance the quality of life in some of the oldest areas of the Palm Harbor section.

Palm Coast, FL – March 12, 2012 – Residents are invited to attend a Parkway East Master Plan workshop on Tuesday, March 13th, 6:00 p.m. at the Palm Coast Community Center. The study area includes the Country Club Cove neighborhood and surrounding areas along Clubhouse Drive. The meeting discussion will focus on community-recommended actions to preserve and enhance the quality of life in some of the oldest areas of the Palm Harbor section. The Palm Coast Community Center is located at 305 Palm Coast Parkway NE. For more information, please call Jose Papa, Project Manager for the City of Palm Coast at 386-986-3736.

A questionnaire on the city’s website asks for residents’ input regarding the area generally and the following specific sites:
  • Old Palm Coast Tennis Center
  • European Village
  • Palm Harbor Marina/Resort
  • Old Hammock Cove
  • Clubhouse Drive Parcel
  • Community Center/Fire Station
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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    This Old Palm Coast House – Levitts De Soto Model

    RE: Country Club Cove – therin on 5 Clark Lane is an Alfred Levitt ‘ The De Soto’ Model. It was one of nine Levitt Models offered. Sadly, one of the Levitt Models ‘the San Marco’ has been lost. However, the De Soto Levitt Model just recently was sold to ‘The Needhams’, Sean, Rhonda, and their daughter Angel. They are a young family and it is their first home. We spoke with them early on about the Heritage and History of their home. They are very interested in keeping the integrity of their ‘The De Soto’ Model’ and have been conversing with the State of Florida, Historic preservation Officer Dr. Barbara Mattick who offers guidance in its preservaton. Dr. Mattick recently said ‘…it most probably will be eliglble for the National Registry of the United States of America..’.
    Upon receiving this ‘The Needhams’ contacted the City of Palm Coast. Ms. Marsha Lidskin of the City recently went to their home and took pictures; before and after; and in the April Edition of ‘The Palm Coaster’ there will be an article of ‘This Old Palm Coast House’ with The Needhams.
    It will show their progress, their happiness, their sad times, their disappointments and all the things that confront first time home buyers.
    The Needhams knowing they are yet another Steward of this special house their primary goal is to preserve the Heritage and History; secondarily it is hoped that the ‘This Old House’ series will include all the Models offered by Levitt / I.T.T. and later by I.T.T. Community Development Corporation covering almost thrity years of offerings of Models. If successfully received it is hoped Daytona State College will be contacted and consider offering ‘Architectural Classes’ in their program offerings.
    It is hoped that this will attract future Architects and Designers to Palm Coast, Flagler County, and Volusia County. For instance, the Levitt Models has 8 foot sliding doors, and massive windows – energy in the United States was cheap…..then..the Arab Oil Embargo hit in 1974 1975 and the offerings changed and were modified according to the socio – economic conditions during those years. It is a great representation for the Architectural Historian and others.
    Additionally, The Needhams will soon contact the White House and ask for *signatures* of a representation of their ‘The DeSoto’ Levitt Model and hopefully will get an appropriate card from our White House Greeting Offices.
    Other plans include contacting the President of the Kingdom of Spain and hopefully create a network with them and perhaps the two cities in Spain who claim are the birthplace of Hernando De Soto.
    In time they hope the city or they will contact the Antique Model Car De Soto Club and see if the members would be interested in seeing a Home named after Hernando De Soto. Then if successful, contact the Chrysler "Imperial " Car club, the Dodge Duster/ Challenger/ etc. and if that is successful contact Chrysler Fiat as see if they are interested in filming a commercial perhaps with J.Lo here in Palm Coast. For the newer Palm Coasters, the tie in with the FIAT is that in The Palm Coast Project…’…Palm Coast is designed like a FIAT…’. ..
    Additionally we showed The Needhams pictures of how we Palm Coast Pioneers used to dress up like ‘Pioneers’ similar to the Rockwell pictures, but, we held tennis racquets and golf clubs to promoted Palm Coasts early recreation offerings. The Needhams loved the pictures and hope to *dress up* in Davy Crockett / Daniel Boone Racoon Hats and Pioneer Garb for Events since the Needhams are the ‘New Palm Coast Pioneers’ of the City of Palm Coast.
    Hopefully if the De Soto Model Car Club comes to Palm Coast and if their house and most of Clark Lane is filled with antique De Sotos’…pictures taken will be added to the Master Site File. This will further enhance the eligibility of the National Registry since it further promotes Community Spirit and more.
    Because The Needhams expressed interest in being ‘New Palm Coast Pioneers’ we gave The Needhams a mink coat and it presently is being cut up to make these symbols of Americana.
    The Palm Coast Historical Society recently gave The Needhams a beautiful picture of their ‘The De Soto’ Model which is being framed for their ‘Wall of History inside their home’.
    The Needhams hope to restore even the landscaping to the original rendering. They hope to bring back the several stately Palm Trees, and other Levitts Plantings. In time , hopefully a flag pole, flying the American Flag, State Of Florida Flag, and the I.T.T. Flag if given permission.
    Remember you first proud you tough things were…but how happy you were. The Needhams are young and proud and trying. Some of these things may come..some may not…but they are trying very hard. We hope you support them. Be forewarned if you drive by and see them they will most probably be covered in paint splatters and sheetrock dust…but… they are trying very hard as most first time home buyers do –
    We hope you enjoy the ‘ This Old Palm Coast House’ episode in Aprils’ ‘The Palm Coaster’.
    P.S…if anyone wants to partake in this Community Spirit…at present the Needhams are looking for an original Levitt deep pink toilet and sink to replace white ones, a Flagpole , a *timer* for their irrigation system for their irrigation system to make it up and running again…Thank you very much. ( That Levitt Deep pink is tough to find…for our Levitt Santa Rosa Model FL 000819, it took us about seven years to find a sink…but the fun in in the Search for Stewards of Historic Properties.
    Additionally, Rhonda Needham is grafting an original Levitt jumbo purple Azaela…and hopefully in time will offer these to the Community. Any reader here in the Garden Club interested in these cuttings just let Rhonda Needham know.
    All this is a lot to achieve. …and they are struggling…but they are trying…..but it just takes time – We hope you share this young families pride –
    Stay Tuned for ‘this Old Palm Coasts’ House’ with the Needhams this upcoming April ‘ The Palm Coaster’. Please when you see it let the City of Palm Coast know if you like it and want to see more of the Models –
    Thank you very much for listening…

  2. Beth Welsh
    Beth Welsh says:

    Early Palm Coast model homes

    I have often commented that I wish the city could obtain the vacant land on Clubhouse Drive near the golf course and re-build the early ITT model homes offered; along with a "tower" to view Palm Coast as the early "settlers" saw it. What a great piece of history that would be but what an undertaking. So glad that the Needhams are treasuring their history.

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    This Old Palm Coast House with The Needhams

    Dear Ms. Welsch – it appears you share much of the approach The Needhams share. Please stop in and visit with them. Rhonda Needham will gladly and proudly show you their accomplishment and their disappointments. But they go forward anyway.
    Today we stopped in and they are not covered in paint splatters and sheetrock dust…but rather today they on on their hands and knees hand weeding covered with dirt. They are so proud, they are hand watering using their irrigation system tho’ the timer is broken…but they go forward one blade of grass at a time…one brick at at time. Please stop in and say "Hello" . We are sure they would appreciate the encouragement.
    It truly is a *neat* house and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on what the Needhams showed you.
    If you want a cutting of the Levitt Purple Azaela please ask Rhonda Needham for a cutting.

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