California Voters Reject Amendment 4-Style Measure

Even California voters aren’t willing to deepen their recession by passing this type of amendment

Palm Coast, FL – June, 17, 2010 –  (ORLANDO, FL – June 16, 2010) California voters in Mission Viejo last week rejected a "Vote on Everything" measure that would have required referenda on "major developments," reports the Orange County Business Journal.  A more extreme version of that measure is slated to appear on Florida ballots this November as Amendment 4.

"Even California voters aren’t willing to deepen their recession by passing this type of amendment," said Ryan Houck, the executive director of Orlando-based Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy.  "If this amendment is too extreme for California, it’s the last thing we need in Florida."

Unlike the California measure, which would have limited public votes to major developments, Florida’s Amendment 4 would trigger a referendum for any change to a local government’s comprehensive plan.  While reviewing the ballot title and summary for Amendment 4, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion (Pages 19-20) indicating that Amendment 4-style ballots would include everything from "traffic circulation" and "drainage" issues to "intergovernmental coordination" and "solid waste" management.  Outlining the scope of Amendment 4, the court cited Florida statute:
"A capital improvement element; a future land-use plan element; a traffic circulation element, a sanitary sewer, solid waste, drainage, potable water, and natural groundwater aquifer recharge element; a conservation element; a recreation and open space element; a housing element; a coastal management element; an intergovernmental coordination element; a transportation element; an airport master plan; a public buildings and related facilities element; a recommended community design element; a general area redevelopment element; a safety element; a historical and scenic preservation element; an economic element …"

Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy (the "VOTE NO on 4" campaign) is an umbrella organization that leads opposition to Amendment 4. The campaign’s statewide Board of Directors includes former National League of Cities President, Clarence Anthony, Florida Chamber of Commerce President, Mark Wilson, and Florida AFL-CIO Executive Committee member, Frank Ortis.  To date, more than 280 organizations throughout Florida have opposed Amendment 4; more join the fight every day.  For more information, please visit the campaign’s Facebook, Linked-In, or Twitter accounts. Visit their website.

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