Building Permit Issued for Chase Bank in Island Walk

Site development work is already evident at the location for a new Chase Bank in Island Walk, the reincarnation of Palm Coast’s original shopping mall.

PALM COAST, FL – June 10, 2016 – Site development work is already evident at the location for a new Chase Bank in Island Walk, the reincarnation of Palm Coast’s original shopping mall. The building permit and site development permit were both issued June 1.

The stated value of the construction is $1,470,000 for the 3,600 square foot bank building. The stated value for the site development work is $165,000. $38,405.80 will be collected for permitting related fees and impact fees. The largest portion is the transportation impact fee; $24,207.12. Albu & Associates, of Winter Park, is the general contractor.

See the February 16, 2016 Google Earth photograph below to find the Chase parcel. The unfinished entrance road from Palm Coast Parkway shown in the photo has since been completed.

Work on the soon to be opened Hobby Lobby in the former Publix space in Island Walk, is progressing well. According the company’s website. An August 1, 2016 opening is anticipated.

Chase Bank site via Google Earth (2/16/2016

Chase Bank parcel in City Walk - Google Earth

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    The Palm Coast Projects Portable Banks

    Security First plans Building at Shopping Center

    Later this year, Security First Federal Savings and Loan Association plants to move from its present building into a new building it plans to construct on a one-acre site adjacent to the Palm Coast Shopping Center, according to David Neubauer, Manager of Commercial Development for I.T.T. Community Development Corporation ( ICDC) and Richard A. Harris, Senior Vice President of Security First Federal in charge of establishing new branches.
    The new building for Security First’s Palm Coast office will include safety deposit boxes,. The new building also will provide facilities in which the Association will close all mortgage loans originated by its Palm Coast office.
    ” The new Structure will be a free standing building of about 3,500 square feet on the east side of the Shopping Center. The building will be designed for Security First by HASS and REED, Jacksonville architects and planners, who also designed the Shopping Center which is presently underway,” Harris stated.
    ” We will have a full service operation in our new building. A manager and four employeeswill staff the new branch office. When Security First moves into its new building its present temporary building next to the Convenience Center will be moved away,” Harris said.
    Those of us at ICDC are delighted that Security First Federal has shown its confidence in the growth of Palm Coast,: Neubauer commented, “both by moving a temporary structure to the community a little over two years ago, and now by planning a permanent structure at the Shopping Center area.”
    He added: ” The new branch office will provide much needed new services to the present and future residents of Palm Coast.


    Palm Coast residents can now boast of their own neighborhood service station.
    Parkway Exxon service station has opened for business on the Palm Coast Parkway. It is operated by John Mandarano, a Palm Coast resident.
    The station offers a full line of tires, batteries, parts, and mechanical repairs and all Exxon products.
    Hours of operation for the service station are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily except Sunday, when the hours are noon to 5 p.m.

    The Palm Coaster p. 5, Volume 7, Number 2 Summer 1978. The Palm Coaster, p.12, Number 2 Summer 1978.

    I hope this helps give a great ‘ sense of place ‘ for the newer Palm Coasters with this compare and contrast of Palm Coasts’ very rich Heritage and History. Early on, I and my family bought multiple properties in ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ before it opened. Levitts’ reputation brought tens of thousands of prospective buyers to view the Amenities / acreage / Features being offered by Levitt & I.T.T. Since there were NO banks at first, business for us was conducted in the Building on A!A used by the School Board. A water Taxi took us from Palm Coasts’ 64′ Observation Tower, located at 69 Clubhouse Drive, to that A1A building. There we signed all the required paperwork. In each office a ‘ Rep ‘ was doing paperwork for other buyers. The offices had ‘ Suitcases ‘ full of Money. Huge ‘ Suitcases ‘ packed full of money….It was really something to see – Movie Stars and Celebrities all over ‘ The Palm Coast Project’ and people carrying Suitcases jammed full of MONEY…

    …and the money kept pouring in…..

    ……and the money kept pouring in….

    to ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘…the ‘…largest planned community in the Nation…’ and ‘…the largest New Town in the World…’.

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