Bobby Ginn’s 12-year Relationship with Lubert-Adler is Ending

Bobby Ginn is no longer a partner in many of the entities in which he participated with Lubert Adler. LA’s new manager in these entities is Legacy Resort Assets, LLC. Ginn-LA Marina becomes LRA Marina

Palm Coast, FL – December 1, 2010 – A process begun when Robert Gidel was brought in by Lubert-Adler as president of the Ginn Companies in 2007 has played out. Bobby Ginn’s 12-year business affiliation with his Philadelphia-based real estate investment partner Lubert-Adler is now winding down. has learned that Bobby Ginn is no longer a partner in many of the Ginn-LA entities as of November 11, 2010. The Ginn name has been removed from the subsidiary business entities and from all the communities and resorts Bobby planned or developed with Lubert-Adler over the past decade. The manager of the partnerships is Legacy Resort Assets, LLC (LRA), and many of the properties are being managed by third parties including Reynolds, Noble, and Crave.  For example, Ginn-LA Marina becomes LRA Marina, LLC.
The last property to lose the Ginn name is Ginn sur Mer, Bobby’s flagship $4.9B mega yacht – casino project which remains unfinished on Grand Bahama, though significant infrastructure has been completed. The future of the Credit Suisse portion of the development is uncertain at this time. However there is significant unencumbered real estate including Old Bahama Bay, which is operational.
Lubert-Adler through its various partnerships continues to own the remaining properties. Reynolds Development & Management Co. and Nobel Investment Group operate several communities and resorts under contract with Lubert-Adler. LA has similar affiliations in other developments; Battle Mountain, Burke Mountain, BriarRose.  At least a couple hundred Ginn-LA entities will be replaced by a reduced number of LRA affiliated entities.
While Bobby is out of the ownership side of each project, he is likely still tied closely via personal guarantees and as a defendant in ongoing lawsuits.

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  1. joe sweet
    joe sweet says:

    Ginn isn’t really gone

    Bobby Ginn isn’t gone yet. He’ll be named a board member of Gridiron Capital as early as January/February. Gridiron Capital is now in the process of purchasing real estate in FL to develop and have tapped Bobby Ginn to lead their way. Look for 2 local places such as the Yacht Harbor Marina/Condo and one other Hammock property to be on the short list. Also on the list is Fleming Island in the JAX area. Gridiron Capital did just loose out on the Publix on 100 bid by about 1 million dollars. They tried to get in on something small like that to start, but were outbid.
    Funny thing is, is that for people in the know around here, they can see where all of this Ginn/Gridiron Capital talk is coming from: Yellowstone group: Owns Austin Outdoor:Best Friends: Eddie Schatz & Bobby Ginn.
    Real easy to see how a long time resident that made 80% of his money with Bobby backing him, can bring Bobby into a new venture.

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