Another Theater Operator Waiting to See if Epic Builds Its Multplex Theater

Epic (or its lender) seem unable to pull the trigger on the planned 14-screen multiplex theater in Town Center. Another operator may be waiting in the wings to see what happens.

Palm Coast, FL – July 10, 2009 – When Epic first delayed construction of its 14-screen multiplex theater planned for Town Center, it attributed the delay to two other theaters it had under construction. These theaters, one in nearby St. Augustine, have been open for a few months now yet no dirt is being moved in Town Center. understands that a possible second theater operator may be waiting in the wings to move forward if Epic pulls the plug on their plans. Whichever company moves forward, Flagler and Palm Coast residents are prepared to support the theaters wholeheartedly.
Rumor: (noun) a current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts
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  1. Phil Chanfrau
    Phil Chanfrau says:

    tired of driving

    I am tired of having to drive 40 miles round trip to go see a movie in Ormond or St.Augustine and hope we get a new Theater here soon.

  2. DLHerberg
    DLHerberg says:

    Monaco Pictures Movie Theater

    Watch a movie in a leather recliner … arm space? Plenty. Grab a beer or mojito from the bar before the movie, and bring it in with you. Order a sushi roll and have it delivered to you, during the movie. Now wake up from your dream …that wasn’t a dream. It is Monaco Pictures in Hunstville, AL. (Bridge Street)

    This place beats any movie theater I’ve ever been to … THE LOBBY: Spacious. Not cluttered with a snack bar. No line to wait in – there are multiple kiosks where you can purchase your ticket from a computer, or check in with your home printed ticket. The lobby is actually more like a club than a theater entrance. There is, in fact, a bar to the left. Family restaurant and seating. THE MOVIE : Forget ever seeing a bigger screen. It’s huge. Sound sound!

    The secret is to see a movie playing in one of the theater’s upper "Private" rooms. These rooms have a "21 and over" balcony, complete with a bar and restaurant. You actually get to reserve a leather reclining chair. Plenty of arm/leg room. And there’s wine vending machine near the bar. If you get bored with the movie you go out to the bar lounge; a living room setting, with couches and pillows. You can pour out the popcorn and enjoy the next movie with a cheeseburger, mojito, and plenty of room in a leather recliner.

    After a trip to Monaco, any other theater is a let down.

  3. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Encourage Other Theater Operator

    I sure wish I knew who the operator "in the wings" is. I would start a letter-writing campaign to encourage them. I hope they will move forward quickly, and I hope they will pick a more convenient spot than Town Center.

    Maybe Epic;s problem is that in addition to the theater they were planing a retal complex such as they have in St. Augustine. There are just no retail outlets interested in locating in that part of Town Center at this time–maybe in Palm Coast Landings, which is now near 100% occupancy.

  4. Linda Mickelson
    Linda Mickelson says:

    less is more

    Why is it necessary to build a 14-plex theater? The 12-plex in Ormand Beach never seems full or even 1/2 full except for opening day. I think Palm Coast would be better served with a smaller theater complex.

  5. John
    John says:

    Pie in the sky

    Can you blame them. Unemployment in Flagler County is at 15%, the population levels are well under 100,000 and the income levels are low. Epic is a privately held theater operator.Has anyone driven through the town center lately? Has anyone asked how many people it takes to support a theater this size? Has anyone asked what the ticket cost will be? Everyone wants but some will have to pay and some must make money. Good luck!

  6. Joe
    Joe says:

    Gold mine

    Palm Coast is ready for a movie theater….It is a gold mine waiting to happen!!! People are sick and tired of driving north and south to see a movie. 70,000 residents can’t be wrong.

  7. JTW
    JTW says:

    Hint at movement…

    Was in Saturday’s N-J Business section:

    DeLand-based Epic has been in an expansion mode, opening two cinemas this year — one each in St. Augustine and Clermont. Clint DeMarsh, Epic vice president, said construction will begin within the next 90 days on a new cinema in Palm Coast and after the first of year on one in Deltona.

  8. Joe
    Joe says:

    It is being built right now.

    If anyone drives through Town Center, you will see that they are building the Epic Theater as we speak. It will take some time to complete but it is being built and signs also say that…..

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