Agenda Driven Reporting Twists Data

Associated Press apparently wants to scare us into a deeper recession aided by complicit local papers.

Palm Coast, Florida – January 10, 2009 – Once again, the press turns on its propaganda machine to convince us that the end of our economy is near. An Associated Press story emblazed on the front page of the Daytona Beach News-Journal claims "Jobs outlook bleakest since WWII." That statement is simply not true.
A/P backs up their claim stating that the 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 was the highest number since WWII. But they conveniently fail to mention the fact that the labor force in 1948 was only 60.6 million compared to 153.1 million in 2007 (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). They even use bogus methodology to manipulate part-time labor statistics to grow the unemployment rate to 13.5%. Irresponsible!!!

The Truth

Let’s face it. The economy is in bad shape. Unemployment is rising. The housing market is showing only faint signs of recovery. People are frightened. If the housing market didn’t get you, the financial market did. But it’s a sick agenda that drives one to misuse data to exaggerate an already difficult situation. Tell it like it really is, which means tell the bad and the good. That’s what reporting is. Anything less should not be on the front page.
For those interested in what the real unemployment numbers are, here’s a chart courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It covers the period from 1948 to 2007. December ’08 unemployment was 7.2%. You can see it’s is not the doomsday picture the press would like you to see.
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  1. Mickey
    Mickey says:


    The numbers that are high at 11% for Flagler County are off and so are the national numbers of 7$ purely because those numbers are based on those that have applied for unemployment. There are many people that haven’t applied though there income has been cut in some case up to 60%. Let’s look at the Realtors who are trying to hang in there in a poor economy but haven’t made money. Let’s look at those that are trying by going to Target or Kohl’s to work and are only given part time hours or hired as full time then cut to part time. Now, they may not be able to get unemployment or haven’t signed up for unemployment but aren’t making enough to help their bottom line. The press is generally negative but let’s face it things are bad and if the number is 11% then it’s probably more likely 15%. It’s kind of like food poisoning. Most people suffer through it so it’s never reported. 93% of the people that have food poisoning never report it. So does that mean that food poisoning only happens at a rate of 7%. I wish us all the best of luck because it’s no fun trying to figure where you are going to get money for your next batch of groceries.

  2. Joanne Tavzel
    Joanne Tavzel says:

    Thank you


    As usual if the newspapers can "spin" a bad situation into a disaster, it will. I guess that sells copy! Thank you for telling both sides and giving the reader a clearer picture. It could and has been worse! Now, how do we get your editorial in the national papers!

    Joanne Tavzel

  3. Mickey
    Mickey says:


    They don’t report it because they try to struggle through and make it okay. Do you really think that the numbers of unemployment are that low? I’m surprised, Toby. You know what it’s like to take a hit. You said yourself you came to the table with money on your bad investment. You didn’t run to the banks and cry, "Poor me". You somehow figured it out. That’s what many people are doing here. We are trying to struggle through this instead of running to the unemployment line or the food stamp line. Believe me, i would rather do that but I really want to somehow be optimistic and get through this struggle.

  4. Edward Ruhs
    Edward Ruhs says:


    WOW, why does everyone get excited when they look at charts without understanding them.
    Unemployment figures are recorded by the Government as long as you are receiving unemployment checks. But when your 26 or whatever weeks are up and you can’t collect anymore and your still not working. Guess what, you are not being counted anymore and you are still not working. The Government claims they don’t know who went back to work or not. That’s not true either, how about joining the social security files with unemployment then you would know. The truth in the matter is the GOVERNMENT doesn’t want you to know the TRUTH. For example when they give unemployment extentions ( for those that qualify )look at the unemployment rate climb.
    How about Engineers that are making $25.00 hour that get laid off that still have to feed and cloth their children never mind having desert after dinner. When they have to go to places like Home Depot or and have to settle for $8.00 hour with less hours and no health benefits. But thats OK right, why not according to the IDIOTS in Washington your working. I used Engineer as an example it applys to anyone that’s been laid off. They know what I’m saying.
    I can go on and on how the mistakes were made and how to correct them, But who listens. The " PETER PRINCIBAL " Level of Competence at it’s best ????

  5. LouM
    LouM says:


    Today’s News-Journal headline "Deepening downturn, Jobs outlook bleakest since WWII" If Toby is right, such negative headline will result in more high paying jobs being eliminated.:)

    I think the so called "Jobless" number is mislabeled and misleading. It is a number of people who worked in a job where they paid into the system and applied for unemployment insurance. Part time employees and "sub-contractors" are not part of this system so they never show up in the "unemployment" figures. Underemployed people are not part of these statistics.

    This unemployment number was fairly good when you could count the number of people working on the shop floor of a facory. That is no longer the case.

    I wish they would report the number of people who are working along with the "jobless numbers"

  6. Toby
    Toby says:

    Back to Mickey

    I agree. My whole point was that it’s not easy for anyone today. The press exagerating the situation does not help. It discourages people from trying, creating a self fulfilling prophesy.

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