Who’s Watching the Store at the Federal Reserve?

This video will deflate any confidence you had in the stimulus package. Apparently the watchers are napping on the job.

Palm Coast, Florida – June 1, 2009 – Political and societal issues are complex. I refuse to be categorized, but I do admit to having a Libertarian component within me. After watching the following video, you may find that you have one too. In it, former prosecutor and current Democratic Congressman, Alan Grayson questions Elizabeth Coleman. Coleman is the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve. The issue is oversight at the Federal Reserve. I doubt that you will see this on the nightly news!!!!

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  1. Glo Harrod
    Glo Harrod says:

    Who’s watching the store at the Federal Reserve

    This is very frightening. The woman should be fired. I can’t believe we are getting deeper and deeper in debt and no one is doing anything to stop it. All the while, the President smiles as if nothing is wrong and takes his wife on a promised date to NY, all on our dime. When will it end?

  2. Dolores Huselton
    Dolores Huselton says:

    How much disgraceful criminal behaviour be covered

    I said too much in my comment but I could not help the anger and frustration I feel about this and all the load of Bull we are consantly being feed. The media and the Hollywood crowd and TV show people all praise OBama and praise his activiities when it is all false. They continually talk about Bish’s mistakes but they certainly go to any length to keep all the OBama’s goofs and LIES quiet or make up fairy tales about them. We should get rid of everyone any in power offices and start all over WITH GOD’S Guidance. Not any man whoor woman who can be bought or given their jobs regardless of being unequipped, as a political favor and they can be used by the president, his staff,his appointees,his cohorts in every walk of life. GOD HELP US. We should also have any new commentator take an oath before reporting anything.

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