Under Construction: New Flagler County Jail Taking Shape

With Salamander’s lodge/hotel, short-term vacation rentals and Sea Ray’s parking lot dominating county politics, nobody has noticed the construction progress at the new county jail.

Palm Coast City Hall under construction 4-1-2015Palm Coast, FL – April 1, 2015 – Flagler County government has been in the headlines in recent months. Between the Salamander Lodge/hotel on the beach, the short-term vacation rental ordinance and, more recently, the frenzy of citizen activism over Sea Ray’s proposed parking lot, nobody has noticed the construction progress of Flagler County’s new jail. BOCC meetings have seen overflow attendance with competing interests wearing either white or blue shirts to identify their position on the issues at hand. Certainly, anyone wearing an orange jump suit would have been noticed.

GoToby.com took a drive by the new jail site the other day for an update. I was surprised to see that construction was well underway. One wonders how that could happen when a building permit has yet to be issued. The jail will cost several million dollars more than the new Palm Coast City Hall, but it was the new hall that received the bulk of citizens’ attention.

Well, I’ll have to say, I was not disappointed with the new incarceration facility. The building’s end purpose was clearly defined in the stark sheer walls of concrete. It certainly looked like it will be impregnable.

If you haven’t figured out by this time that the picture is actually the new Palm Coast City Hall in Town Center, you probably have also forgotten that today is April 1. April fool’s Day. 🙂

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  1. Wolley Segap
    Wolley Segap says:

    Sea Ray Parking Lot

    After looking at an aerial view of the proposed parking lot and its proximity to these people in flagler beach, all I can say is Get A Life. It’s a parking lot people, not a manufacturing plant. It is providing parking for EMPLOYEES.. Sometime there are groups of people who have nothing better to do than complain, and these folks are the poster children for that. Just stop..O.K?

  2. David I Alfin
    David I Alfin says:

    Toby is the re-incarceration of Yoda

    We can now confirm that our hero ‘Yoda’ – Master Jedi Knight of the ‘Force’ has returned to Flagler in the form of ‘Toby’ – Master Real Estate Blogger.

  3. Frank Meeker
    Frank Meeker says:

    April fools

    You had me ready to call Craig Coffey and ask why I wasn’t aware of the progress. I didn’t recall a tower in our design but since I always take you seriously you got me for a while. Funny joke.

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