Tidelands Condo is Featured Palm Coast Property of the Week: 12-19-2014

GoToby.com’s Property of the Week is a three bedroom, two bath condominium in Tidelands. Come to an Open House this Sunday, 12:00 to 4:00 featuring available Tidelands properties.

Tidelands Condominiums ICW pool complexPalm Coast, FL – December 19, 2014 – GoToby.com’s Property of the Week is a three bedroom, two bath second floor condominium in Tidelands. Tidelands is a private gated community featuring a blend of single-family estate homes and condominiums located along nearly one mile of the Intracoastal Waterway, less than one mile north of the Hammock Dunes bridge and access to miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Tidelands represents the best “feature per dollar” value among comparative Palm Coast condominiums. This unit’s listing price is less than half the original price paid when the condominium was built in 2006. See it, and other available Tidelands listings, at a Tidelands Open House this Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00.

The featured unit offers 1,283 square feet of living space, separate storage space and a screened lanai overlooking a lake (with lighted fountain), the Intracoastal Waterway pool complex and peeks of the ICW. In the kitchen, you will find 42 inch cherry cabinets and granite counter tops. Counter tops in both baths are also granite. Both the combination dining/living area and master bedroom offer sliding glass door access to the screened lanai.

Tidelands condominium view of lakeTideland’s amenities include a clubhouse, fitness center, two pools, two spas, tennis courts, miles of walking paths and Intracoastal Waterway observation piers. The community is “dog-friendly.”

I moved to Tidelands in 2011. Tidelands had gone through a difficult period. Construction was nearly completed on 252 units when the real estate market collapsed. Many of the original purchasers were investors who walked away from their obligations, leaving the association in financial jeopardy.

In 2010, I knew one of the board members and started doing my homework. I sensed that Tidelands had hit bottom and was on the rise again, offering a good balance between value and risk. I was so right.

Since I moved, the number of seriously delinquent units has dropped from over 90 to a small handful. The association is financially strong. Turnover from the developer was completed in March 2013. Under the settlement agreement, the developer paid the association over $400K cash and conveyed to the association the clubhouse, amenities and shoreline property.

The association recently completed a recoating of all the condominium buildings and the clubhouse. The ICW shoreline was stabilized with 2,000 feet of riprap and two observation piers are under construction.  Many landscaping features and the irrigation system have seen significant improvements. Tideland’s street and parking lights have been converted to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Vehicular access is controlled by a new security gate system featuring a “virtual guard.”

Unit 1624 at 75 Riverview Bend S is listed for $159,000 by Vlaja Telfer, of Palm West Home Realty. You can reach Vlaja at (386) 986-9344 or VlajaTelfer@gmail.com.

Tidelands Condominiums, Palm Coast, FL unit 1624

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  1. Theresa C.
    Theresa C. says:

    But, is it a community?

    Most of us want to live not only in a place that is attractive, well-maintained, and at a price point we can afford, but one that is a true community. So, who are the Tideland residents? Mostly full-time? Owning two homes, and live in Tidelands half the year? Full of transient renters? If you walk around Tidelands, will you know your neighbors?

    As you probably know, social support is one of the strongest predictors of a long and happy life. Most people want to buy into a community, not just a good deal.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Jitney Trolleys

    ahen…HINT for Toby:
    Wouldn’t it be great if ‘The Tidelands Association’ seek a Grant Proposal to establish a Jitney Trolley ride to the Hernandezs’/ Longs Landing Site?
    In our dealings with the State of Florida Historic Preservation Offices they seem to LOVE ‘ Community Development ‘. Keeping this in mind this area is HUGE since it served an important component for the ‘Development of the future United States of America ‘.
    …and Grandma and Grandpa could take the grandchildren on a Jitney Trolley ride…If you want to see Palm Coasts’ Jitney Trolley google palm coast historic resources and look in the HEADER Palm Coasts’ Fleet – a real neat Trolley that was open air and A/C.

  3. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Theresa C.

    That’s an excellent question which I should have covered in the article. As you walk about, you will definitely know most of the people with whom you come in contact.

    With each property transfer, Tidelands becomes more of a community. It had been developed as a component of a multi-location resort; hence the upscale amenities . Over the period in which I have lived here, the Tidelands has transitioned to a residential community, especially since the Association took title to the amenities. There are about 40 homesteaded units and several more owned as second homes. There are about 90 rental units, mostly long term. Several renters have been here as long as I have and are definitely part of the community and its activities. We also have an active Social Committee which organizes functions at the clubhouse for residents.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Hernandezs’ Landing-Longs Landing-Tidelands

    Another huge point for The Tidelands would be its close proxmity to the ‘ Hernandez Landing ‘ – ‘ Longs’ Landing ‘ as referenced below and a Book being written by an important local Writer – Mr. Bill Ryan:

    Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 10:17 AM
    Subject: St. Joseph’s

    Mr. Chuddy. Thank you for copying me in on your email regarding St. Josephs’ – I have a new book in the works regarding “The Lost Plantations” and thought you might enjoy one chapter dealing with the Hernandez works (there are other chapters on his additional plantations, and more about him.) This is presently a work still in progress and not yet finished, but it will add to the other five
    books I have written about our area. I do have the “Boy Scout” notes also on the dig that took place on the site. I have not yet added my references and footnotes as to sources.

    Documentation exists in the Annex of the Flagler County Historical Society as collected by Mr. Sisco Deen. He secured most of this material.

    Always wonderful to make people aware of what was here, and I thought you might enjoy a low res pdf of the work I am trying to complete. You might also look into “Hernandez Landing” which is the new park being established by the City of Palm Coast adjacent to the present Yacht Club. It was a colonial era shipping point certainly used by the Hernandez plantations to move merchandise so as to be transported to ocean going ships. I am not certain how much historical research is intended in this park but it most certainly does link in to the St. Joseph area.

    Would most appreciate your comments. I do support any effort to mark or record our historic sites.

    Best regards

    Bill Ryan
    Also, info. from the State of Florida Historic Preservation Offices below:

    Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 3:51 PM
    Subject: St. Joseph’s Plantation, historical marker potential

    Good afternoon Mr. Chuddy,

    ‘…Territorial Period heritage from the St. Joseph’s Plantation. Per our Compliance and Review files, a survey for the initial area development was completed in 1977; although, it appears that little actual field testing was performed…’ and

    ‘…From the information provided, a ‘J Fish heirs’ is listed as the Spanish Land Grant recipient for the area. St. Joseph’s Plantation and sugar mill, along with William’s Plantation and sugar mill, were identified as potential resources within the project area. Joseph M. Hernandez, founder of St. Joseph’s Plantation, lost his holdings during the Second Seminole War and successfully received compensation from the State of Florida to rebuild after 1845. After that point, at least after the property sold in 1896, the land mostly serviced agricultural production (citrus) and turpentine…’

    As an aside, what may be interesting for the Tidelands Association would be to consider re-establishing a ‘ Water Taxi ‘ . I think it may have been part of the original design plan / similar to the Design plan /concept of Levitt / I.T.T. Community Developments – which , if established would make a neat way to network with the existing ‘ Boat To Golf Dock ‘ at Palm Coasts first 18 Hole Championship Golf Course – ‘ The Palm Coast Golf Course ‘ a.k.a and now known as the ‘ Palm Harbor Golf Course ‘.

    HINT for Toby:
    Wouldn’t that be neat if the Tidelands Association looks into / acquire an Official Heritage & Historic MARKER in / around ‘The Tidelands ‘ and looks into a water taxi shuttle to the existing Palm Harbor Golf Course ‘Boat to Golf Dock’ ! If so, the info. about this from Mr. Bill Ryan and the sources he speaks of would be a great source for the requirements for documentaion required by the State of Florida Historic Preservation Offices and Committee.

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