Rumor: Is Escalante Golf Buying Grand Haven and Osprey Point?

Everyone is tight lipped but clues increasingly point to the Fort Worth, Texas-based boutique owner and operator of luxury golf properties across the country.

Palm Coast, FL – November 4, 2011 –After a stream of potential buyers and uncompleted sales contracts and letters of intent, it looks like the sale of Grand Haven, in Palm Coast, Fla., and Osprey Cove, of St. Marys, Ga., is moving forward. Although all parties involved remain tight-lipped, evidence is increasingly pointing to Fort Worth, Texas-based Escalante Golf as the buyer. A name here, a license plate there, based in Texas; not proof positive, but enough for educated conjecture.

Grand Haven and Osprey are owned by Crescent Resources, which is trimming its list of assets following its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The deal reportedly does not include The Grand Club, North Hampton or South Hampton; other Crescent-owned coursed in northeast Florida.
Escalante Golf’s website describes the company as "a boutique owner and operator of luxury golf properties across the county. The company was established in 1991, and over the years has successfully assembled a portfolio of some of the finest properties in the country." Their list of properties includes five Florida courses.
Properties owned by and/or under the management of Escalante Golf:
  • The Crosby National – Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.
  • The Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks – Silverthorne, Colo.
  • Pine Creek Golf Club – Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Coyote Creek Golf Course – Fort Lupton, Colo.
  • Waterlefe Golf and River Club – Bradenton, Fla.
  • Kings Gate Golf Club – Port Charlotte, Fla.
  • Tarpon Cove Yacht and Raquet Club – Naples, Fla.
  • Black Diamond Ranch – Lecanto, Fla.
  • Spanish Wells Country Club – Bonita Springs, Fla.
  • Country Club of the North – Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Sierra Del Rio – Turtleback Mountain Resort, N.M.
Osprey Cove’s closing is reportedly pending completion of cart path restoration, a process complicated by the presence of fly ash used as a base material for the present paths. Fly ash disposal is regulated. has learned that the buyer may be interested in the unfinished residential lots available at Osprey Cove. (Escalante is developing the remaining real estate at Country Club of the North.) If all goes well, the deal may close by year’s end.
The buyer is a golf course operator and, as such, reportedly does not plan to retain Hampton Golf, which currently operates Grand Haven and Osprey Cove and other Crescent-owned courses. Present employees will be evaluated individually for possible retention.

Rumor: (noun) a current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts

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