Rezoning for Senior Care Campus Near Grand Haven Proposed

Jim Cullis proposes developing a 300 unit senior care facility including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care facilities.

Palm Coast, FL – June 19, 2012 – Operating as Grand Haven North LLC, Jim Cullis, who formerly headed Landmar’s local operations and now heads Grand Haven Developers, and Doug Sealy are planning a 300-unit senior care campus on Colbert Lane between Blare Drive and Wild Oaks. As a required step prior to submitting their rezoning application to the City of Palm Coast, they held a question and answer neighborhood meeting last week at the Daytona State College campus. About 30 people attended.
Under the proposal, the current Commercial zoning would be changed to a mixed use PUD. Cullis envisions a campus offering independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care facilities. The vision also includes 25,000 SF of medical office/commercial space.
PUDs generally offer developers more flexibility in arranging density, which will allow concentrating the residential units on the 20 acres of upland that exists within the 73-acre site. Grand Haven North acquired the land from Crescent Resources in December 2011.
Written notice of the meeting is required to all residents within a specific radius of the affected parcels. In this case, the mailing went mostly to residents of The Woodlands. Yet nearly all, if not all, of the meeting attendees were residents of Grand Haven. They had been alerted to the meeting by their CDD. The CDD’s glass is half empty email notice stated, "Grand Haven residents, who are concerned about commercial development of lands adjacent to the District and possible resultant vehicular traffic impacts on Colbert Lane, are encouraged to attend this meeting." (It seems that those who might approve of the plan should also have been invited.)
Given that current zoning would allow construction of a strip mall, it’s hard to object too strongly to the zoning change. Any traffic impact would be minimal, certainly less than a totally commercial development. Some Grand Haven residents objected to the "Grand Haven North" name worried that it would cause confusion with the existing Grand Haven residential community. Since some current Grand Haven residents will likely move to the new facility in the future, a more appropriate name might be Grand Haven – The Final Phase. But the name is really a placeholder not likely to be the brand designation of the senior care campus.
Others raised concerns that if the senior facility didn’t get off the ground, the new mixed-use zoning would permit condominiums or student housing. Daytona State College has a nearby non-resident campus. Given the need for continued development of healthcare and senior living facilities locally, it’s likely that Grand Haven North’s plans will go forward. The group is already having conversations with well known senior care operators. Daytona College already owns a large tract on the east side of Colbert Lane providing plenty of room for student housing should the college move towards a residential student model in the future.
All in all, the zoning application is good news for Palm Coast. It signals interest in new construction and more jobs.

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