Reunion West Copies Ginn Sales Tactics

Encore Resorts and Homes is developing the west side of Reunion, near Orlando’s theme parks. Lower prices distinguish it from the original Reunion offerings, but the hype is the same.

Palm Coast, FL – January 3, 2014 – Sales tactics perfected by Bobby Ginn and emulated by others were exposed as hype when the real estate bubble burst. Developer Encore Resorts & Homes has revived the strategy as it rolls out Reunion West, a 963-acre residential component of the 2,300-acre Reunion Resort near Orlando’s theme parks.

Encore’s initial rollout is called The Ridge at Reunion. Homes with four to nine bedrooms will be available with starting prices advertised in the $330s, well below the prices Ginn fetched for the original Reunion properties. While the lower prices reflect recognition of current market conditions, the marketing strategies are vintage Bobby Ginn. Here are a few quotes from the Reunion West website that should stir memories within those with a Ginn history.

The first plants the seed that the product will be in high demand, with more potential buyers than available properties. It talks about the second phase of Reunion West.

The Estates at Reunion is in the pre-development stage and is expected to launch in early 2014. Those who purchase at The Ridge at Reunion will have first options on this community. A Priority Wait List will start soon, so keeping (sic) checking back. [Emphasis added]

The second is from the webpage headed “Reserve Now,' which comes complete with a countdown clock showing days, hours, minutes and seconds (presumably remaining until the Priority Selection Event).

Why Secure a Priority Position?

The Priority Position reserves your place in line to select a home at Reunion’s newest community, Reunion West. When the Priority Selection Event is announced those that secured their positions first will have the greatest selection and lowest prices to choose from. A refundable $1,000 (US Dollars) is required to secure your place in line…….Once payment is received you will be sent a Priority Position Certificate via email securing your position. [Emphasis added]

Will the hype strategy be as effective as when Ginn first used it? Probably not. Memories may be short, but there has to be some residual wariness from the not so long ago Ginn days. (However, they say that one is born every second.)

Ginn’s success relied heavily on cozy relationships with appraisers and banks, as well as a Fed sponsored loose money policy. New regulations make such an environment unlikely.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Probably derived from the word hyperbole, hype has been an age-old strategy of real estate developers. The Online Etymology Dictionary defines it as “excessive or misleading publicity or advertising.”

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  1. Sam johnson
    Sam johnson says:

    Bobby will look like a god compared to these crook

    I went to their member meetin and it was announced the prices would start at 390. Then they put up signs that it was 330. These encore knuckleheads were supposed to but up the Cdd debt on the west side. To build this joke. They didn’t. Also the announced they would break ground on a clubhouse by Nicklaus Guess what. Now I was told next summer.

    The members stood and applauded at the meeting They never learn. I told everyone in the website ginn would crass and burn and everyone laughed at me

    Here we go again

  2. frankie cocanote
    frankie cocanote says:

    wecome back sammie

    Unfortunately the new lies begin.They talk a big talk but in the end its all talk. No one will ever see a new clubhouse.Any promise they make is a another GINN promise.Hey sammie,are they trying to hype up rental programs or golf membership requirements like Ginn did? Were there the same bunch of britts there who thought bobby was the king? Even after all the lies were exposed.I hope the britts learned their lesson the first time.

  3. Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson says:

    Agob at fault

    The couple that is on the bog that thinks they own this place is at fault the blond for some reason gets whatever she asks for because it shuts her up. She cheats at golf and. Wins every tournament. Frankie I will repeat myself again. Lupert Adler must exit reunion. Via sale or bankruptcies. It’s that simple. They are the reason reunion will never get out of thier own way. They bring in salamander,Charlie,the fatso that just left ,whoever. The members have to finally poem their eyes…all 300 of them and stop paying dues here. That will put a stake in liberty adlers pocket. Are you listening…….

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