Palm Harbor Pkwy Extension Open To Old Kings Rd

Sod and multi-use path work continue, but the road is open.

PALM COAST, FL – March 27, 2016 – Palm Coast has completed the Palm Harbor Pkwy extension to Old Kings Road (marked with red in the photo below). I can now exit Tidelands, take a right then go straight to Interstate 95 at the new Matanzas Woods interchange (exit #293). The new extension makes the Conservatory much more accessible and visible.


Palm Coast north side road work

Watch a video

I took a test drive today. Visit's Facebook Page to see a video.


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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Dr. J.Norman Young Parkway

    Palm Harbor Parkway is also known as ‘ Young Parkway ‘ after the Father of the ‘Palm Coast Project ‘ Dr. J. Norman Young.

    * Dr. Young received his PhD. from Columbia University; Master of Education at the University of Illinois; M.A. from Columbia University; B.S. from City College of New York and a Diploma in Engineering from the University of Dayton. He is President and Chairman of the Board of I.T.T. Community Development Corporation. Dr. Dea received his PhD. M.S. in Environmental Engineering and BSCE all from the University of Arizona. He is Director of Environmental Engineering,—–> Levitt and Sons, Incorporated <----- and is Staff Consultant for Ecology and Environmental Control to International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Below is an all to brief synopsis of ' An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast ': Prologue It is self-evident that our earth is finite and that our population is growing. In ever increasing numbers, man must be sheltered, and the shelter, of course, must cover land. Transporation media to and from the shelter much cover land. Shops and service facilities must cover land. Who will say that land should not be cleared for at least these purposes, assuming an increase in popularion. Proceeding from this starting point, we quickly arrive at the most sensitive area of environmental turmoil; making certain that when man clears and improves land, he simultaneously maximizes environmental integrity and maintains ecosystem continuity. Thus begin the challenges to us at Palm Coast. In our deliberation on the environmental and ecosystems, as will be seen, much consideration has been given to both plant and animal life. Every attempt has been and shall be made to assure maintenance of all parameters of life cycles. Literature, both scientific and lay, is full of differing criteria with regard to protection for various plants and animals. In all candor, there is no way that all the sincere voices can be satisfied. At Palm Coast the preponderance of voices will have a City more satisfactory in the ecological sense than ever before anywhere. Neither perfection not utopia will result..only the best that our talents, time, energies and resources can produce. At Palm Coast, vigen the fact tof biological synergism, we do sepak for plant life, ...and we do speak for animal life...but most of all we speak for man. Dr. J. Norman Young You can read more about Dr. J. Norman Young if you Google '... An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast... '. by Norman Young and Stanley Dea * If you seek further information Google ' Palm Coast Symposia '; and Merv Griffin Show ( where Millions of people heard about 'The Palm Coast Project ', and there is also extensive information about Dr. J. Norman Youngs' Hollywood Connections - All last Century Hollywood Celebrities were always in Palm Coast...and the list goes on an on about Palm Coasts' Heritage and History.

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