Palm Coast Observer Delivery to Grand Haven Suspended

Homeowners association rules prohibit general distribution of the free news publication. Subscriptions are required.

grand haven front gatePalm Coast, FL – February 9, 2010 – The Palm Coast Observer, Flagler County’s newest newspaper, published their inaugural issue last Thursday. Starved for local print news coverage the 20 page issue was welcomed by most area residents. Unfortunately the paper’s free delivery driveway delivery to all areas served rubs up against Grand Haven’s CCRs (Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions). Most private communities are likewise restrictive. Basically, only subscription deliveries are allowed.

Residents object to paper bag enclosed publications building up in the driveways of vacant or unoccupied homes. But in this "Catch 22" situation, the Palm Coast Observer is a real news publication; something most residents welcome.

Publisher John Walsh adamantly favors the free delivery format. The paper derives its revenue solely from advertising, but news content comprises approximately 50% of the space. He’s working on different strategies to implement "free" subscriptions so residents of Grand Haven residents and other gated communities will be able to register their delivery request. Distribution racks are also on order and will be placed at central locations soon. In the meantime, you can always pick up a copy at the paper’s offices: One Florida Park North, Unit 104.

The Palm Coast Observer is distributed every Thursday.

If you wonder why the paper is named the Palm Coast Observer instead of the Flagler Observer, it’s because Palm Coast was recently designated an SMA (Standard Metropolitan Area) for U.S. census reporting purposed. In that sense, Palm Coast extends beyond the city boundary. After all, most populated areas are identified by the name of their major city. Does anyone really know what county Seattle is in?

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  1. Patricia Maloney
    Patricia Maloney says:

    free delivery

    I live in the Crossings at G.H. No one in my village received the paper.The Crossings is across from the South gate.
    I would like to have a free copy delivered to my home if possible

  2. Russell Bryant
    Russell Bryant says:

    Grand Haven

    Perhaps the use of the Grand Haven Community Center will solve this issue. It is about time Flager as a well written, independant local paper. It would be a shame that Grand Haven and other gated communities could not accommodate thier residents of this service. I thought good neighbors pick up papers for each other when they are away, I do, and so does my neighbors.

  3. Dan Ignatuk
    Dan Ignatuk says:

    electronic delivery

    How about posting the paper to a website so anyone can access. Eliminates delivery and printing costs. Increases the reach and attractiveness to advertisers.

    Or do as Toby does, distribute through email to those that indicate an interest. Provides paper to target clients. Don’t know what % of papers they send out actually get read. Also cuts down on all costs and attractiveness to advertisers as referenced above.

  4. Carl
    Carl says:

    Palm Coast Observer

    I saw in the news we were getting an observer paper. How is it that I have not seen one distributed here in the Quail Hollow section? We get the Penny saver.

  5. Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly says:

    Grand Haven Delivery

    As a Grand Haven Resident, I would like to receive the Observer. Maybe the paper could be delivered to our Community Center, so It could be picked up by those residents that wish to read the paper.

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