Palm Coast Construction Update: CVS, Panera Bread, and Suntrust

CVS opens, Panera Bread moves forward, and SunTrust plans a new branch location in Town Center.

Palm Coast, FL – April 12, 2011 – CVS Pharmacy has opened its new store at the corner of Palm Coast Pkwy and Old Kings Road. Panera Bread is working with City of Palm Coast planners on a site design for a parcel located on State Road 100 in front of the Hilton Garden Inn. SunTrust Bank has revised a previous development order to build a branch in Town Center on the west side of the Landing Blvd. entrance (opposite Dunkin Donuts).
The CVS store plan originally created consternation among residents who feared the loss of stately oaks on the site formerly occupied by the iconic Blue Roof real estate sales office. The new store is situated near the back lot line in order to preserve the oaks.
The possibility of Panera Bread coming to town has created almost as much buzz as the arrival of the Epic Theater and Olive Garden. The new restaurant will be built at SR 100 in front of the Hilton Garden Inn. See map below. Construction is expected to begin by this fall.
SunTrust’s next Palm Coast branch location will be in the Palm Coast Landing section of Town Center. SunTrust recently received approval for a modification to a previous development order. Originally, the bank had planned a 3,700 SF branch. The new plans reduce the square footage to about 3,000 SF. Construction is expected to begin soon.

View Palm Coast New Store Construction 4-12-11 in a larger map

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  1. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    ABC’s of good design

    CVS site was developed with a set back that required them to redo the drainage, ditch behid the store at great expense. They ended up with probable the best site in the enite city. The oaks and added palms say welcome.

    However the ABC store accross the street does nothing but ruin the former site that should have been a park with a Gazebo. Even ABC realized after it was built, how bad the site is, as it has no direct access from Palm Coast Parkway or Old Kings Road. CVS has both, and will do extremely well as locals and out of towners will patronize it, with it’s easy access.

    City planners would be wise to use these two sites as, Yes CVS no ABC when considering site approvals in the future.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    A Historical Perspective of P.C. second Welcome Ce

    Perhaps some of the newer arrivals may like to see a historical perspective of Palm Coasts’ second ‘Welcome Center’ Building with Waterfall –

    Welcome to Palm Coast

    If you already live here, Welcome Home.
    If you’re just visiting. Welcome to Palm Coast ( And we hope you decide to stay.)
    We begin our escorted tour at the community’s front door, more like a garden or park, unlike any other stop along Interstate 95 ( or 75, 87, etceters).
    Leaving the straightness and sameness of the highway, Palm Coas’s new entrance is a green forest, surrounded by lakes, palm trees, flowers and grass. In the center of the lakes, fountains shoot up their spray. A sign- "Palm Coast" built of terraced stone and stucco, rests on a hill behind the lake to the east,* as we head for the center of town.
    The intersection of Palm Coast Parkway and Old Kings Road lies ahead. We can see from a distance that here is the center of commercial activity. A new Wal-Mart is coming on our left, next to Wendy’s. Professional offices, a new veterinary clinic, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are due to arrive soon a bit further north, near the new Shell Food mart. The Palm Harbor Shopping Center with its landscaped Town Center plaza and many new stores is filled with shoppers and browsers. To the right, just past McDonald’s , is a new Welcome Center with a new blue-tile roof, a waterfall**, Palladian window and an oak tree in the front yard.
    For first-time visitors this is where ITT Community Development Corporation says hello. The hoses, hostesses and sales representatives provide – with a smile – tours of the community, a film on Palm Coast people and places, and information on the homes and condominiums of Palm Coast Construction Company. The Harbor Club vacation ownership resort, and existing homes sales through Palm Coast Home Realty.
    If you are a property owner – already familiar with Palm Coast – a slightly different welcome is due, but no less hospitable and gracious. Simply ;make arrangements with your offsite sales office to visit Palm Coast for a few days. Stay at the new waterfront Sheraton Palm Coast on the ocean, see for yourself all the changes and excitement. Visit the newly-remolded Sales and Model Center, on the golf course waterway, a bit further down the road.
    But our tour gets ahead of itself, For now, with GARFIELD in the lead, we ravel beneath the trees of Palm Coast Parkway, and our next destination comes into view…

    The Palm Coaster , Spring 1987, p2.
    (* where that Neon sign is now
    ** Palm Coast had three waterfalls )

  3. Jim Sheehan
    Jim Sheehan says:

    A Historical Perspective

    I’d love to see that film on Palm Coast. We just retired from New Jersey and arrived mid-January. After visiting numerous times since 2005, we’re glad to call Palm Coast home. I know many of you have seen many changes, both good and bad; but, this still a really great place to live.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Reply to Jim Sheehan

    Hello Jim:
    We just asked the Library to put on more Displays. The first was of Palm Coast Internationally famous Designer/Planner Mr. John Olmsbee Simonds. There is presently a display of all his works here:
    Additionally we have tried and tried to acquire the Merv Griffin Show about Palm Coast, but, to no avail. Does anyone have any contacts with Griffin Enterprises? We even tried to contact Dr. J. Norman Youngs’ daughter, head editor at Hyperion Publishing in Manhattan hopefully to ask if she has a Copy of the Palm Coast on the Merv Griffin Show.
    Does anyone have any contacts at Hyperion?
    We also would like to see Dr. J. Norman Youngs’ name *restored* to Palm Harbor Parkway – Young Parkway the real name of Palm Harbor Parkway. He is the *Father* of Palm Coast and it would be fitting for this to happen. ( after all, Dan Cooper, ITT Vice Pres. name is still on Cooper Lane and he was one of the ones involved in the first ‘Palm Coast Predicament’ – while Dr. J. was only moved upstairs to be the Chairman of the Board.)
    We do have a video about Palm Coast on one of our webpages that we were able to save.
    We have a massive *bucket* list ; time is not on our side but we are trying to record our very rich Heritage and History.
    Any Historians or History minded readers here to help?
    RE: Merv Griffin Show Palm Coast tape: we even tried to contact Zsa Zsa Gabor but she is not well.
    The Merv Griffin Show is a Hoot! It show Dr. J. Norman Young and Art Linkletter and Mervin, et al. in wide Bell Bottoms, Wide Ties and Polyester – real classy attire of that time period – especially when Dr. J. Norman Young highlights the *concept* of the ‘Palm Coast Project’ – ( there were no recorders at that time so we only have that from memory and also the *blurb* about the M.G. Show in a ‘Palm Coaster’.
    Which leads us to the Palm Coast Symposia a.k.a. Sanibel Island Symposia held here in Palm Coast at our Palm Coast Beach Club oceanside – we know Gloria Steinem, one of the many notables in attendance, stills lives in the upper east side – any New Yorkers can perhaps ask her if she has here notes, etc.
    Thanx –
    OH – IF IF the library can be encouraged to start displaying our rich History – there are so many internationally /nationally known people involved with ‘The Palm Coast Project’ – to our knowledge we remain Stewards of the Nationally know Artist Marc Szabo – works – large pen and ink Prints about Palm Coast. They are extraordinary and really should be seen by Palm Coasters. Marc Szabo is Internationaly known Graphic Artist presently living in and keeping his Studio in Argentina and he tells us he still keeps a studio and Employees in Los Angeles.
    Any Aviation minded people here; Levitt ITT used ‘Helicopters’ to *Tour* the first offerings of Palm Coast –
    …and our *bucket list* grows – any helpers?

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