Notice of Pilot Drainage Study Inspections in Palm Harbor and Indian Trails Sections of Palm Coast

Access to property will be essential. Residents are urged to provide full cooperation to study engineers from Singhofen & Associates

Palm Coast – August 12, 2009 – The City of Palm Coast has contracted to perform a pilot drainage study for areas of the Palm Harbor and Indian Trail sections in the City. The purpose of the study is to investigate and evaluate the condition of our drainage systems in and around these sections, identify flood prone areas, develop solutions to alleviate the flooding or provide stormwater treatment.
To ensure the accuracy of the study, staff from Singhofen & Associates, or their agents, will be collecting data and photographs from Monday, August 17 through Friday, August 24 at various locations along the City’s drainage system in the Palm Harbor and Indian Trails sections. Access to your property to collect this data in a timely and efficient manner may be of vital importance. If necessary, a Singhofen agent may ring your doorbell to obtain permission to access a portion of your property. The agent will provide the appropriate identification.
Your cooperation with this drainage study is greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact Juan Bostwick, P.E. City of Palm Coast Stormwater Engineer at 386-986-4760.

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  1. jon
    jon says:

    100 year flood plan….

    We purchase a home in 2001 in Palm Harbor and were told that the area had been designed as a "100 year flood plan ". Never had flood problems .
    There is a new developement on the Corner of Palm Harbor and Clubhouse now(Hammock of Palm Harbor?)being built. We asked what changes they were making to ditches and drainage…the changes to our flood neighborhood plan is now a 25 year plan as they have reconfigured the drainage canal/ditch and replaced/added with retention ponds….where can I find out details on such city plans, 25 year vs. 100 year flood plans etc…? Do they still use that terminology?
    And if it was downsized, why? No one from the city on site was able to answer the question except that the drainage in the developement is now superior….yet now they have posted dedicated wet land postings abutting the property on ClubHouse /Palm Harbor along the side walk…….it was always dry land until the developement…now it is soggy in that area(we ride our bikes each day, easy to notice)…curious where their drainage goes from the golf course and neighborhood,to the intracoastal? How is water retained in their ponds where water never existed? Is it leveled off thru gates, or rises when the aquafir is high?
    Just curious.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Reply to Jon

    Hello Jon:
    We can share with you the original design plan for Palm Coast. The documentation stating that PC was designed to withstand a "100 Year Flood’ can be found under the HEADER: 7 Cerrudo Lane, First Bible School in Palm Coast, about 3/4 down the page. Tho’ the Insurer of our properties doesn’t provide a discount they strongly suggested copies of this be kept with our important Insurance Papers. Perhaps you may want to ask your Insurer if they offer a discount or preferred rate to you.
    The ‘Palm Coast Project’ can be viewed in its entirely at our webpage also which discusses the concept of drainage for Palm Coast amongst other things.
    It was designed this way as a fine tuned machine by the University of Central Florida ( info. about it on our webpage also.) Primary concern was also that the Canal System would *flush*.
    We were with friends when they made their selection of the area you reference. We heard Dr. J. Norman Young himself tell them and show them the PC Map – that that area was all Greenbelt/Wetlands. You can *see* Dr. J. Norman Young point to a similar MAP in the HEADER of ‘Our Beginnings’.
    That is why there once was much acreage as ‘Reserved Parcels/Greembelts/Wetlands’ so that it would conform to the original design plan and for proper drainage, Hurricane Protection, ‘…density of 2.7 per acre…less than that of Beverly Hills…’., etc.
    Additionally, the ‘Consent Agreement’ of the Federal Trade Commission stated ‘…significant areas of Conservation, Preservation, and Recreation…’. You can glean it for info. if you like at the FTC site – year December 31, 1976, International Telephone and Tel. Corp. 933 p. C-2854, Docket #. Findings, Opinions, and Orders, Volume 88 – Federal Trade Commission Decisions.
    Other discussion can be viewed in the Covenants and Restrictions recorded at the Flagler County Court House, the first be ITT LEVITT.
    We have not heard of nor have any info. about the 25 yr. you reference.
    Jon – We hope this information is helpful to you and answers some of your early questions.
    Best of luck.
    George Edward Chuddy

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