NE Florida Eagle Cam Goes Live as Romeo and Juliet Return

Thousands watched this American Bald Eagle pair last season as they raised Sampson and Delilah. This year’s reality show adds another high definition camera. This one is solar powered.

Florida – October 1, 2014 – Last year, thousands tracked the lives of Romeo and Juliet, NE Florida’s best known American Bald Eagle pair, as they hatched and raised Samson and Delilah. Romeo came back to the NEFL nest on August 28. Juliet stayed longer than expected, but came back safe and sound on September 14. This season's reality show has begun!

NE Eagle Cam - nest building 10-1-2014As I am writing this post, I’m watching Romeo and Juliet as they begin to prepare their nest for this year’s family. The picture is a screen grab. They are adding new sticks today. The nest has grown in size as the pair has returned to the same location for eight consecutive years.

Be sure to have your speakers on as you click the link below to watch. Bookmark this page so you can follow this spectacular reality show until this year’s young leave the nest in the spring.

NE Florida Eagle Cam

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