NAR’s HouseLogic: The Logical Source for Today’s Homeowners

Website helps plan and organize home projects, provides timely articles, news, home improvement advice, how-to’s, information about taxes, home finances, insurance.

Palm Coast, FL – February 23, 2010

Washington – The National Association of Realtors® launches HouseLogic, a new, comprehensive consumer Web site about all aspects of homeownership. HouseLogic helps homeowners make smart decisions and take responsible actions to maintain, protect and increase the value of their homes.
“Backed by the resources and industry insights of NAR and its Realtor® members, HouseLogic will engage and involve consumers throughout the lifecycle of homeownership,” said NAR President Vicki Cox Golder,  “It makes sense that, as the first, best source for real estate information, NAR should collaborate with today’s consumers to help them make the most out of owning a home. HouseLogic will help us do that.”
The free Website helps homeowners plan and organize their home projects and provides timely articles and news; home improvement advice and how-to’s; and information about taxes, home finances and insurance.
“Unlike other homeownership Web sites, HouseLogic helps consumers view their home through a financial lens and make smart, informed home improvement investment decisions,” said Golder. “Families can set goals for saving money on their home or increasing its value, and easily track the progress they are making on those goals.
Registered users can save relevant information, create to-do lists and set project reminders. The Web site can also be customized for individual homeowners depending on how handy or ambitious they are regarding home projects; how much money they want to spend or save; where they live; and their priorities, such as increasing the value of their home or improving their neighborhood.
HouseLogic also empowers homeowners who want to get more actively engaged in shaping community life and advocate neighborhood and homeownership issues that matter most to them. The site provides users with the tools and know-how to effect change and address concerns, like establishing a neighborhood watch program, building a community playground, or participating in city or county planning efforts.
“For more than 100 years Realtors® have been bringing America home,” said Golder. “HouseLogic takes owning a home to the next level, partnering with consumers to truly help people build their futures through homeownership.
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