LandMar Puts Matanzas Golf Course Renovation on Hold

In other local golf news, Palm Coast announced that bids for renovation of the Palm Harbor Golf Course came in about $1 million under budget.

Palm Coast, Florida – October 21, 2008 – One of the four original Palm Coast Resort golf courses will remain closed for at least another year. LandMar Group regional manager Jim Cullis states, "we regret to announce that the renovation of Matanzas will remain on hold until the real estate economy improves." Matanzas closed in 2007.
Once there were four courses, all part of Palm Coast Resort. A membership included play at any of the four. In 2004, The Grand Club, LLC purchased Cypress Knolls, Pine Lakes, and Matanzas Woods. (The Grand Club, LLC is owned by LandMar and Hampton Golf.) The Palm Harbor course stayed with the Palm Coast Resort (Lowe Enterprises). Members were given a choice to join the newly formed Grand Club with its three courses or stay with the resort and Palm Harbor. Most joined The Grand Club.
In The Grand Club’s presentation (solicitation) to members, Hampton Golf president, MG Orender described what was planned. They would immediately begin a plan to close one course per year for major course improvements. After three years, all course work would be done and the semi-private club would be taken private. New clubhouses were promised for Cypress and Matanzas. The Pine clubhouse would get a makeover.
The first two years went as planned, except the Cypress clubhouse took a year longer than scheduled. But when it came time to redo Matanzas, LandMar/Hampton changed plans. The Matanzas renovation was first delayed for a year. Then the course was closed in anticipation of work starting in ’08. The latest announcement provides no timetable. This is not good news to either the members or the adjacent property owners.
Over the past four years, with only two courses available, The Grand Club’s initiation fee has climbed for the introductory $2,500 to $9,000 currently. Dues have also risen yearly. The membership offering stipulated that members can resign and receive a refund of their deposit (minus $250 transfer fee), but only when a new member joins. There is a waiting list of those wanting to resign. Meanwhile they must continue to pay their dues, kind of a catch 22. The initiation fee rose along with local property values. Unfortunately, as property values (and sales) have fallen, the initiation fee has not, making it much less likely that a new member will come into the club to release a resigning member from the waiting list.
The Palm Harbor course has had its tribulations as well. First, it and the resort were sold to Centex. Centex demolished the resort and clubhouse and closed the golf course with the goal of building a new resort and redesigning the golf course (by Jack Nicklaus). The real estate market tanked and Centex bailed out. The resort was unfinished and the course was closed. Amid the resulting furor, Centex donated the course to the city to be used as a municipal course. This morning, city manager Jim Landon announced that the bids for refurbishing Palm Harbor had been opened and they came in $1 million under budget.
It will be interesting to see what effect next fall’s opening of the new Palm Harbor course will have on current Grand Club members’ decisions going forward.
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  1. sam
    sam says:

    thank’s for nothing Landmar

    So we lot and home owners at Matanzas pay a premium to be on the golf course and then the course becomes a walking path. Let me ask you Toby, do we have any recourse with the tax assessment of our properties in your opinion? How can the tax assessment be similar to that of Pine Lakes or Cypress when we have a closed for the foreseeable future course? A third party depreciates the value of our asset until who knows when, where is fairness in this.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Matanzas Wood Golf Course

    Wait a minute…
    ‘….Once there were four courses, all part of Palm Coast Resort…’
    Historically it should read:
    Once there were four courses, Palm Coast Golf Course a.k.a Palm Harbor, Cypress Knoll, Matanzas Woods, and Pink Lakes Golf Courses, all owned by the ITT Levitt, later, ITT ICDC Community Development Corporation. That is how designated and recorded lots in and around these four amenities were first marketed and $old…and $$$old they were, by 1975 36,000 designated and recorded LOTS were $old! Golf Week or was it Golf Digest said that Matanzas was the ***FINEST*** Golf Course in Florida – we even saw Arnold Palmer Hit his Club against the Clubhouse…and everyone Cheered at its opening!
    This is very distressing newzzz…
    George Edward Chuddy

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Thanks for nothing LandMarB

    We’re perplexed…
    A hypothetical. A Couple comes to Palm Coast in 1984. they are about 40 y/o – making plans for their Golden Years in Retirement. They ‘Buy’ in the Matanzas Woods Area, paying a lot above the ‘standard/generic’ lot since they chose a Golf Course location.
    The couple retires, in/around 2004 or so expecting to have what they purchased….and they arrive after all their planning to a DEAD Golf Course?
    For instance this couple read:
    The Palm Coaster Spring 1984, page 6.
    Palm Coast is a community of communities. Eleven to be exact. And each, from the pine forests of Seminole Woods to the waterways of Palm Harbor, has distinct virtues making it a special place to live. Yet collectively, they fly under the same banner, and tha’s what sets them apart from the rest of Florida. They all are part of Palm Coast, ‘ one of the finest planned communities in the United States." The Palm Coast lifestyle is what unites them. The golf courses, tennis clubs, swimi clubs, marina and other Palm Coast amenities make ever homesite in every community a prime location. In fact, there is a wide variey of choice homesites still available throughout Palm Coast. In Pine Lakes, with its country club. In Belle Terre, where the swim and racquet club and Belle Terre Middle School are located. In Matanzas Woods, where the new Arnold Palmer designed golf course will be completed in 1985. In Seminole Woods, within five miles of the high school and the cities of Flagler Beach and Bunnell. In fact, some of the best homesites in Palm Coasat are still for sale. ITT community Development Corporation makes the decision to purchase a homesite less difficult. There are financing choices to suit almost any budget. Talk to a Palm Coast land sales representative to find out more, at 1.800.874.1828, in Florida, 904.445.3411, or at your nearest Palm Coast sales office. In the meantime here’s a quick look at the diverse communities that are Palm Coast.
    Matanzas Woods – in 1985, Matanza Woods will be home to Palm Coast’s third golf course, once again a design of Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay, who worked their magic at Pine Lakes Cuntry Club. Matanzas Woods is the Palm Coast community closest to the entertainment and atmosphere of the oldest city, St. Augustine, less than 25 miles north.
    Palm Harbor – At the heart of Palm Coast, Palm Harbor contains homesites bordered by 23 miles of salt water canals, and many of Palm Coast’s community facilities, including the shopping cnnter, marina, tennis club, Harbour Restaurant; Community Center, professional office park and Palm Harbor Golf Club, home course of LPGA star Nancy Lopez…’
    The advertising of the Miles and Miles of Beach stopped about the time the Federal Trade Commission and ‘The Company’ came to a long and detailed ‘Consent Agreement’ in 1975.
    What is very disconcerting here is what about all the other new offerings/developments where amenities are promised, then who knows, a couple of years down the pike, POOF…sorry about your lose your swim club or whatever, since we want to build Hi rise/Hi Density puds and profit yet again?
    About how many families ( the very first time purchasers and re-sales parcel’s) will receive and be affected by this distressing news and hell, this has to put the owners/realtors in one hell of a akward position?

    George Edward Chuddy

  4. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    Will the last one out, turn out the lights!

    If you haven’t noticed the economy is getting much worse. The "on hold" probably will become "on sale" as the real estate developement is going to get worse. The worldwide recession is at hand, and the US is going to take it on the chin. The sales of homes are only happening in Palm Coast area because they are some of the cheapest properties and taxes in the state. The people buying are not the typical golf fanatics that the high priced courses demand. The bad times ahead can be seen by the developers and they are not going to spend money that will not come back to them in profits. Cash is king and that means keeping it, not spending it.

  5. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Performance Bonds backed by neutral third party Su

    This is all very disappointing news;
    We were unaware that the Grand H. G.C. required a newcomer to sign up before the present members are released from their membership; and now more disappointment that Matanzas is now ‘on hold’?-
    Matanzas Neighbours, – In 1975, something similar happened during the alleged Corruption months here- it all was called ‘The Palm Coast Predicament’.
    Apparently , in just one small area of the many issues of ‘the Palm Coast Predicament’ there wasn’t enough Performance Bonds backed by neutral third party Surety Bonds; and the question arose then what happens if the projects weren’t finished in Palm Coast. The States’ Attourneys’ office Investigators were taking depositions and taking depositions, of even the wives too. Some pleaded the Fifth. Anyway, succinctly, apparently performance/surety then was required for the full amounts thereafter; and all the 1,800 of we Pioneers *breathed* a sigh of relief that Palm Coast would continue to exist and also exist as originally designed. We regret we can’t give the full details since the State Attourneys’ Special Investigators were very quiet and we only heard a little of the occurrences via the tabliods for several months – The Daytona N.J. ran Eight straight headlines, one after another and we all held out breath…we shared this because:

    Toby, do you know if Mantansas people can seek Remedy/Relief via those Performance Bonds/Surety bonds so that the promised Renovations at Matanzas can be completed in a reasonable prompt and timely fashion using that as the funding source?

    We hope so; we wish you well Matanzas Neighbours since that position and stance of ‘on hold’ affects us all. Should you require copies, to use as a frame of reference/information , of some of the above mentioned Day.N.J. articles, we will copy them if that will help you; or you can get them all from the N.J. archives.
    Best of luck Matanzas and thanks Toby for keeping us all well informed!
    George Edward Chuddy

  6. sam
    sam says:

    Landmar , as in "marring the land&quo

    Landmar should do what Centex did. Give it to the city of Palm Coast or just sell it. I’ve heard of making a silk purse from a sow’s ear, but only the truly talented can do the opposite and take a highly rated golf course and completely screw it up. Again, thanks for nothing Landmar. Take the course off your web site and quit promoting it like it’s usable. False advertising.

  7. PK
    PK says:

    Come on Toby

    If you are going to keep stirring the pot in Palm Coast, at least educate them. No assessments means you don’t pay for improvements. Your taxes have little relevence to the golf course and don’t pay for any of it. It’s frightening how out of line expectations are in this town. It aint free folks.

  8. Brad
    Brad says:

    This Really Bothers Me

    This whole Matanzas Woods situations really bothers me. We live in the area. Our house backs up to one of the fairways and it’s horrible to look out on the course anymore. Fine, they don’t want to open it but at least maintain it. The grass is consatntly overgrown, there is now grafitti on some of the buildings, trees are down over cart paths, conrete is sinking at the end of one of the bridges, and the list goes on.

    Overall, it makes abslutely no business sense. "Real Estate Market improves", to what level? The only thing that matters with a golf course is memberships and patrons playing, but if you don’t give the chance to play you can’t measure that. In fact, they continue to advertise the course as if it is still open on their website. And to ask for $9000 for a membership which is supposed to offer 4 courses and only have 2 and not offer any type of concession? In my opinion, Landmar needs to really rethink their position, because once they finally decide to open you will have a good majority of customers with a "bad taste" and will simply go to the attractive Bunnell course which opened.

  9. Carl
    Carl says:


    It seems to me that LandMar/Hampton has a breech of contract in their solicitation of members and should therefore allow those to resign who wish to. As for your membership fees you’re probably out of luck because those funds were income to LandMar/Hampton and so it is gone. However, this is America, so just sue the company. It should motivate somebody like the judge wanting 54 mil for $45.00 pants…..

  10. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Matanzas Woods

    To our Matanzas Neighbours; please don’t feel alone, you are part of the Original Community which is why we took the time to type this for you all. Since all of Palm Coasts Real Estate is affected by this, we hope the below is helpful information. We provide this also for information purposes for those unfamilar with Surety Bonds. We hope it is helpful.

    **’Palm Coast Predicament’

    ITT Performance Bonds Received Routine OK

    Palm Coast – Since December, 1969 when the ITT Community Development Corp. (CDC) recorded the first plats for this giant development, the Flagler County Commission routinely has approved a total of 112 performance bonds pledging more than $83 Million in roads and drains for some 110,000 lots according to courthouse records examined by New-Journal reporters.
    In addition, the commission routinely has approved 117 performance bonds from the Atlantis Development Corp. a CDC subsidiary, pledging better than $95 million to render adequate potable water supply service and sewers to all those lots.
    These bonds, required of developers everywhere to guarantee completion of promised projects, recently have come under critical scrutiny of investigators probing alleged corruption of contractors and company officials here.
    The criticism centers on two areas: The utter lack of surety backing all but one of the bonds, and the timing of their approval shortly before a July 1973 state deadline requiring that new developoments undergo an elaborate and expersive environmental screening process.

    The first problem area concerns the basic purpose ostensibly served by requiring performance bonds: To ensure that a developer will actually make promised improvements.

    Each of the 229 bonds, stapled to a blue cover sheets and carefully embossed with a corporate seal, state that the CDC or Atantis are ‘held and firmly bound’ for sums ranging up to $3.4 million for completion of each of the 89 Palm Coast subdivision units.
    However, virtually none of the nearly $180 million promised in the bonds is in fact being held in escrow or backed by a surety, an examination of the bonds by News-Journal reporters has shown.
    "Legally, thse bonds are only as good as the company," said Flagler County Atty. XXXX XXXXXXXX when reporters asked about the bonds, he declined to speculate on what would happen if Palm Coast runs into financial trouble.
    In fact, only one of the smallest bonds for $61,152 is now backed by surety, a guarantee from a neutral third party that the money would be available, in this case for six streets in Palm Coast section 3B.
    "A Surety is someone or something to fall back on if the principal fails to meet the obligation’, explained XXXXXXXX. "if the principal fails and there is no surety, well, you follow your own line of reasoning."
    XXXXXXXX was approinted County Attorney in May shortly after X.X.XXXX , who had been county attorney during most of the period the bonds were being approved, resigned for health reasons April 30.
    The one bond backed by surety is a result of XXXXXXXX’X skepticism about the earlier bonds. When CDC officials sought to modify an April, 1970 bond he insisted on a surety. On July 17, the Flagler County Commission approved the modification, backed by surety from Fireman’s Insurance Co. of Newark, N.J.
    "I wanted to get more security for my client than heretofore existed," XXXXXXXXX explained simply.
    XXXX , XXXXXXXX’X predecessor, apparently had tried in the beginning at least, to get similar surety on the CDC bonds. A new story in September, 1971 of the commission’s acceptance of three bonds totaling $711,645 noted that XXXX "repeated his position that any performance bonds should be backed by a surety company." The commission , however, overfuled him.
    When asked if he ever changed his mind during the three and one half years when CDC and Atlantis continued to bring bonds without surety to the commission for approval, XXXX firmly stated: "I never changed my mind.".
    "I pointed out to the commission that the bonds were’t backed by and surety and I made no further comments. It was none of my business, I don’t approve bonds," said XXXXXX . :"I pointed it out to my clients and my job was done."
    XXXXXX said the commission already had set a precedent of approving such bonds before he became County Attorney in mid-1971. "I didn’t push my point of view," he said.
    The County Attorney in 1969 when County Commissioners first were faced with and accepted performance bonds without surety was XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, now in private practice in Bunnell.
    Although in a position to shed some light on the precedent referred to by XXXXXX, of accepting performance bonds without surety, XXXXXX declined to comment when asked about the first bonds by a New-Journal reporter.
    "I dont’ think I want to become insolved," XXXXXX said Monday, adding he would not comment unless requested to by an official body, perhaps the County Commission.
    XXXXX XXXXXXX , now chairman of the Flagler County Commission, recalled last week he objected to the nonsurety performance bonds all along, ‘but I just never got anywhere."
    "I questioned it when we were working up the subdivision regulations, might have been in Devember, ’71’," XXXXXX said, "And I had a runin with XXXX XXXXXXXr (CDC) Project Director. XXXXX XXXXX and I guess I raised enough hell by myself that they finally came down here with a confidential financial statement proving what the company’s net worth was at the time. They had enough money then, but, they also didn’t have very many bonds posted then."
    In Devember, 1971, CDC had issued less than $12 million in promises, about seven per cent of what was to come, according to courthouse records.
    The concern of XXXXXX and XXXXXX about surety for performance bonds is shared by other governemental bodies, the City of Daytona Beach included.
    Daytona Beach subdivision regulations insist that performance bonds be executed by surety companies approved by the U.S. Treasury Dept. for writing bonds on federal project. The city will also accept a cashier’s check or cash for 100 per cent of the construction cost, to be held in excrow until completion.
    XXXXXX XXXX, the Palm Coast public relations director, declined to answer questions from News-Journal reporters last week as to why CDC and Atlantis didn’t offer surety for the promises.
    Meanwhile, reacting to earlier stories in this series, XXXXXX XXXXXXXX, attorney for contractor X.X.XXXXX, pointed out Tuesday that his client is not a defendant in any suit by CDC. XXXXXXis named, XXXXXXXX affirmed, as a coconspirator in three civil suits filed against XXXX XXXXXX, former CDC chief engineer; XXXXXXX XXXXXX Co.; and XXXXXX XXXXX, Inc. which allege kickbacks and pricefixing
    **Part seven of this series will appear in Today’s Evening News. The Concluding part will appear in Thursday’s Morning Journal.
    Sixth in a series of eight articles
    By Stephen Doig and Ronald Williamson, , New-Jorrnal Staff Writers.
    FROM: The Daytona Beach News Journal, Morning Journal, FLAGLER Bunnell, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast B, Daytlona Beach, Florida , Wednesday, August 20, 1975 pp. 1B-2B.

    Remember Matanzas Neighbors you are part of Palm Coasts Original Community! ….on a real positive note…please please please remember , this area was advertised, designed , engineered and promoted ‘… withstand a 100 year flood, without any homes flooding…’ ***….since you are part of Olde Towne Palm Coast original Community you can withstand a 100 year flood….you can withstand this unfortunate situation too…Hang in there..

    Best of Luck
    George Edward Chuddy

    ***From: The Palm Coaster , Winter/Spring 1982, p.13.

  11. Sam
    Sam says:


    The reality here is that they strung this along for the last three years and had no intention of doing anything.

    This would be akin to a big comglomerate coming in and buying a lake on which hundreds of homes and lots sit only to drain the lake and blame the weather for their inability to fill it again.


  12. Golf I
    Golf I says:

    Hey No Problem

    Dream on about a 33% cut in your Grand Club dues. Are you kidding, Kulis & MG have your money spent already. Mainly, it’s lining their pockets. You should have learned already, typical Landmar/Hampton scam.
    See ya! Down the middle – Golf I

  13. scott connelly
    scott connelly says:


    I could be wrong, but, I believe that I remember Cullis/Orender telling us that the problem at Matanzas was permiting and absolutely not the real estate market. Sort of interesting how we get caught up in our lies. At the Grand Club or any in its famly the only thing that you really have is the priviledge of giving them whatever the want to play, nothing else……….

  14. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Matanzas Woods Golf Course Waterways

    To our Matanzas Neighbours:
    Were any ‘WaterwaysWaterbody’ affected?
    We ask because the original 11 Olde Towne Palm Coast Communities were designed and engineered to withstand a 100 year flood*
    Definition of ‘Waterbody"
    "Waterbody" means all water courses, including but not limited to, streams, rivers, lakes, canals, lagoons, drainage areas, channels, or other bodies of water, whether naturally existing constructied or excavated, to the extent that such water and/or shore thereof lie witin the boundaries of the lands described in Schedule "A" attached hereto and whether such water courses are navigable or non navigable.**
    Also check sec. about Buiding(s) Maintanences.
    ** FR: Palm Coast restrictive Covenants and Easements, Amendment to Restrictive Covenants and Easements, Recorded in Official Record Book 119, Pages 0641-0659, Flagler County, Florida p.2. REV.4/89.
    *Fr: the Palm Coaster, Winter/Spring 1982, p. 13.
    Thank you Matanzas Neighbours.

    George Edward Chuddy
    P.S. how nice and reassuring it is to see Seagate Homes information at this website.

  15. Kate
    Kate says:

    Matanzas Woods

    As a resident of Matanzas Woods I feel misled and ripped off! When we built in MW I had anticipated a nice community surrounding one of the city’s "premier" golf courses. Not only was I wrong but with the faltering economy I couldn’t move if I tried! I know everyone is struggling, but come on! To get that golf course into a usable condition it will take a near miracle – not to mention lots of $$! I used to be proud to say I lived here but now I’m embarassed. It is a mess out there and that disgusts me. Like some of the others I suspect nothing will be done with the Matanzas course and here we are paying taxes to live on a dog track! Oh, if I had only known then what I know now!

  16. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    The Designer Dedicated Matanzas

    The Designer Dedicates Matanzas:
    Arnold Palmer came to town Wednesday; November 12, ( 1987) and as usual, attracted an army. He cracked the traditional club against the side of Matanzas Woods Golf Club’s New Clubhouse – just as he had done to dedicate Pine Lakes Country Club five years earlier. Then he teed off with 120 fellow golfers – among them local leaders, state legislators, business people and co-designer Ed Seay – in an invitational tourney. The day ended with a reception for members and golfers on the drving range, and then Arnie was off by helicopter; flying low over the crowd.
    "Florida’s next great golf course," in the words of Golfweek magazine, is now offically christened by the golf legend who designed it."
    Palm Coast’s three golf courses, by the way, are looking good and playing even better. Matanzas Woods and Pine Lakes were the host courses for the $80,000,00 Palm Coast Classic, a Tournament Players Association tour event, on February 23-March 1st.
    From: The Palm Coaster, Spring 1987, p.14.
    We share this with our Matanzas Neighbours because maybe it would be worth it to contact Arnold Palmer, the P.G.A. , or even the L.P.G.A., ( since Nancy Lopez’s home was here for Palm Coast Golf Course) and see if they can arrange a Fundraiser or Charity Auction or something to help?
    Yesterday, an acquaintance told us he was affected by the Hilton Head Problem years ago; apparently all Hilton Headers gathered and pulled together, using their own lawnmowers, rakes, loppers, etc., and took care of their Golf Course; perhaps put out a call to the other 10 Original Olde Towne Palm Coast Communities that the 11th Community needs help? maybe spread the word for HELP via the Churches/Temple?
    Is that possible?
    We share you pain, having lived through the Palm Coast Golf Course problems in Palm Harbour. Several of us also tried to keep up Palm Coasts first Neighbourhood Park, just south of the intersection of Casper and Cooper, but the 1972 Palm Coast First Neighborhood Park was LOST, sold and transformed so now, this Century, 164 families do not have a Neighborhood Park anymore.

    George Edward Chuddy

  17. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:


    > Class A Individual, Regular $60.00
    > Full Family, Regular 90.00
    > Class B
    > Individual, Week Days only: $ 25.00
    > Full Family, Week Days Only 40.00
    > Class AA Individual, Unlimited 300.00
    > Full Family, Unlimited: 400.00
    > Class BB Individual , Wek Days only 200.00
    > Full Family, Week Days only 275.00
    > PAYABLE 3 equal installments : April 1, May1, June 1
    > Greens Fee Schedule:
    > Members of Class A & B Only:
    > 18 Holes WeekDays 3.50 Sat., Sun, & Holidays $ 5.00
    > 9 Holes WeekDays 3.00 Sat., Sun., & Holidays 3.00
    > Guests and Non Members;
    > 18 Holes $ 4.50, 6,00
    > 9 Holes: 3.00 , 4.00
    > Though Palm Coast Golf Cub year runs from April 1 to March 31, new members
    > may join after January 1 with no increase to their regular dues.
    > ( June/July 1972 – Palm Coast Golf Club Terms and Conditions of Membership)

  18. palm coaster
    palm coaster says:

    Redress at FTC with Matanzas Golf Course

    The Palm Harbor Golf course was not sold but given to the City by Centex after we made enough noise to recoup it. Off course it cost us 3 to 5 million to repair the damage done by Centex abandonment and improvement. I still believe that Centex should have funded that too.

    Now regarding Matanzas Golf Course and the further erosion in the prices inflicted on the homes that surround it, by Landmark closure in 2008 with a one year promise of reopening….I would gather all owners affected and put your ducks all in a raw and pursue and achieve the goal of reopening at least as we all did for the Palm Harbor one and or maybe also donate it to the City but after Landmark/ Crescent repair the damage done for 4 years of abandonment . Is worth all the meetings and nice or lauding and even threats that you can utilize on the city council meetings. We even threaten Centex with picket/signs lines at the entrance of their condos for sale, built where the Palm Coast Resort Hotel (former Sheraton) used to be located. Was even mentioned to fund some legal advise to represent us. Whatever we did worked and Centex gave us the course.

    I see in some Matanzas Golf Course homes signs for sale in homes that those owners back 12 years ago pay about 280,000 combined lot/home and now are going listed at 1/3 of that and advertising on "a preserve former golf course" and…. not selling.

    Specially those owners should be involved in recouping the golf course and sure will get their monies worth other than selling so low. The course probably will add a good up to 20,000 or more to the value of each home. I see those beautiful houses built around it. I know, no one moves to Palm Coast to battle, but sometimes have no other choice

    Is not possible that ITT/ICDC inflicted those losses to those homeowners with total impunity. I have always believed that the amenities offered by ICDC and heavily used during 3 decades, by all Palmcoasters should have the grandfather in rights, for "redress" consent stated on the FTC documents. I know that there are some professionals out there that can really research these rights and come up with a fair conclusion. If I were you all, I would be up in arms as we did in Palm Harbor and won.

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