July National Home Price Index Up 7.4 Percent from July 2013

How did Florida and metro Palm Coast stack up?

Palm Coast, FL – September 3, 2014 – The CoreLogic July 2014 Home Price Index Report was released today. It highlights home price increases and measures how far back the market has come towards the peak prices of the recent housing bubble. How is the nation doing? And how do Florida and metro Palm Coast compare? The report is one of only a few that analyzes pricing both with and without distressed homes sales included.

    U.S. Florida Palm Coast Metro
July Home Prices Year-over-year: U.S. vs. Florida vs. Palm Coast Metro
Median Price incl. distressed   +7.4%   +8.6%   +6.5%
Median Price non-distressed   +6.8%   +8.8%   +13.4%
PercentOoff Peak incl. distressed   -11.9%   -33.0%   -36.5%
Percent Off Peak non-distressed   -8.3%   -27.6%   -25.0%

Other highlights from the report:

  • Only Nevada home prices are further from their peak levels than those in Florida.
  • Excluding distressed sales, Florida ranked fifth among states with the greatest year-over-year price appreciation.


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