Hammock Dunes DRI Change Proposal Postponed Indefinitely

Ginn and one of the condo owners associations asked the County for an indefinite extension. If commissioners agree, any scheduled future hearing on the issue will have to be readvertised

Palm Coast, FL – July 2, 2009 – A hearing on a proposed Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Notice of Potential Change (NOPC) for Hammock Dunes was requested to be postponed indefinitely yesterday by the developer and the phase one Hammock Beach Condo association. The move represents the fourth time the item has been rescheduled. The Hammock Dunes DRI constitutes the areas comprising the luxury and resort communities of Hammock Dunes, Ocean Hammock, and Hammock Beach near Palm Coast.
Ginn was proposing to reallocate previously approved residential units to an area around and including the golf course. Ginn notified Flagler County in a letter that it is requesting the postponement to allow them to further meet with residents to potentially develop a more amenable proposal. The application was scheduled for the July 6 County Commission meeting. Any future public hearings will be re-advertised by the County and properly noticed for full public participation.

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