Featured Builder: Florida Green Construction Inc.

Learn about living in sustainable, energy and water efficient homes. Save on homeowners’ insurance while living in a quiet, healthy indoor environment.

PALM COAST, FL – February 24, 2017 – Going forward, will be spotlighting builders who are active in Flagler County. My inaugural featured builder is Florida Green Construction, a Palm Coast-based company that focuses on building homes that are sustainable, energy and water efficient while providing a quiet, healthy indoor living environment.

Florida Green Construction Inc. is the successor of Florida Green Homes LLC, a leader in green building technologies. Florida Green Homes participated in the Flagler County Parade of Homes since 2008, receiving major awards for the quality of their construction and exclusive design of their homes.

It’s not unusual for builders to toot their own horn. Florida Green Construction says, “A major benefit of living in a green home is the healthy indoor environment.” Their claim is supported by real customer testimonials.

Elementary school teacher Matthew Rinaldi says, “You’ll never want to live anyplace else. I suffer from allergies due to pollen, and for the first time in many years, my allergies don’t bother me when I am at home. If the pollen is high, I am sneezing like a madman, but then I go home, and it’s like there is not a speck of pollen in the air. You’ll never want to live any place else. Florida Green Home is a beautiful, affordable fortress… Literally.”

Sierra Taylor talks about husband Stephen’s experience. “We moved to the green home in May, 2009 and absolutely love it. We are so very happy in our new home. We feel like the air is so much cleaner and my husband who has suffered from allergies, hasn’t had any issues at all since we moved”

Amanda Mazzie writes, “I was so excited to move into my new Florida Green Home. The very first thing I noticed is how quiet it is. Virtually no outside noise. Imagine opening up your electric bill for the very first time. I thought surely there must be some kind of mistake. It had been very cold for about 12 days. To my amazement, my bill was only $36.00.”

Homes are designated Green Homes by certification, not by acclamation. Five separate and independent agencies have certified the homeowner benefits and quality of Florida Green Construction homes.

Beyond certifications, Florida Green Construction homes qualify for a “Superior Construction” rating by insurance companies. This means lower insurance costs.

Florida Green Construction uses no components or materials containing formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, asbestos or fiberglass. They use low or no VOC paints.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) option

While all Florida Green Construction's homes are Green Certified, buyers can opt for an upgrade from block construction to ICF walls. ICF exterior walls provide structural integrity and energy efficiency due to the use of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF); steel rebar reinforced 4” poured concrete with 2 ½” expanded polystyrene insulation on both sides (R-29), resulting in up to 70% energy savings. The exterior walls are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and flying debris up to 200 MPH. The walls are both fire retardant and sound suppressant.


Green equals “green” in the housing market. A recent study by Redfin reports homes with “Green” features sold for $33,894 or 7.2% more than traditionally built homes in 2015.

Both the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Home Builders report that 70% of new home buyers in the next decade will be looking for energy efficient, healthy to live in, Certified Green Homes.

Green Homes that are Better, not Bigger

Florida Green Construction has recently introduced a selection of smaller green homes for those who want to downsize their living expenses without downsizing quality.

Florida Green Construction model homes

Florida Green Construction’s Latest Model

Florida Green Construction recently opened its newest model home at 24 Eastland Lane in Palm Coast. It earned the Certified Florida Green Home’s Platinum designation (the organizations highest), illustrating how block construction methods can still yield Platinum Certification. Here are a few pictures. For a Virtual Tour, click here.


24 Eastland Lane in Palm Coast, FL


24 Eastland Lane in Palm Coast, FL


This Featured Builder Report is brought to you by Florida Green Construction, Inc. Information for this article was provided by the sponsor. Their office is in Palm Coast at 50 Leanni Way, Unit C-1. Reach them by phone at 386-447-4151. Check their website at

If you prefer, I can introduce you to Florida Green Construction. Contact me at (386) 931-7124 or email at me at

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  1. Ted lesher
    Ted lesher says:

    Financial Background

    Some of the history and some of the members of this organization are the same as the original Florida Green Homes who had a model home in Palm Coast Plantation. I ran that model and I am still owed one third of my commission on a sale I made. I understand the reason is they went bankrupt. If so, should not this be mentioned and the current financial stability of the company be explained in your article? There were other builders who also went under. Some now are really struggling. I think you should research and publish financial info that will enable your readers to judge the safety of their investment when you feature a company

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    1972-An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast

    1972 – ‘ An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast ‘

    It is evident that our earth is finite and that our population is growing. in ever increasing numbers, man must be sheltered, and the shelter, of course, must cover land. Transportation media to and from the shelter must cover land. Shops and service facilities must cover land. Who will say that the land should not be cleared for at least these purposes, assuming and increase in population?
    Proceeding from this starting point, we quickly arrive at the most sensitive area of environmental turmoil: making certain that when man clears and improves land, he simultaneously maximizes environmental integrity and maintains ecosystem continuity. Thus begin the challenges to us at Palm Coast. In our deliberation on the environment and ecosystems, as will be seen, much consideration has been given to both plant and animal life. Every attempt has been and shall be made to assure maintenance of all parameters of life cycles. Literature, both scientific and lay, is full of differing criteria with regard to protection for various plants and animals. In all candor, there is no way that all the sincere voices can be satisfied.
    At Palm Coast the preponderance of voices will have a city more satisfactory in the ecological sense than every before anywhere. Neither perfection nor utopia will result…only the best that our talents, time, energies and resources can produce. At Palm Coast, given the fact of biological synergism, we do speak for plant life, ….and we do speak for animal life…but more of all, we speak for man.
    Dr. J. Norman Young
    ( for the new arrivals Dr. J. Norman Young is the Father of The Palm Coast Project – the gargantuan 93,000 acres that comprise it; The Palm Coast Project started with him. Should you want to read the full publication google ‘…An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast…’. Thank You.)

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