Ginn Company Shuts Down Entire Real Estate Sales Group

Sales agents for Ginn Real Estate arrived at work yesterday to find that their jobs were gone.

Florida Palm Coast Real Estate NewsPalm Coast, Florida – January 23, 2009 – The Ginn Company (Bobby Ginn and Lubert-Adler) closed down Ginn Real Estate yesterday. Ginn Real Estate was responsible for sales of both developer inventory and resales at Reunion and Bella Collina, both near Orlando, Ginn sur Mer in the Bahamas, and Hammock Beach (including the Conservatory and Yacht Harbor Village) in Palm Coast. Rumors have abounded for a few months that such a move might be in the works, but the abruptness caught affected employees and contract workers by surprise. They arrived at work yesterday only to be told that the operation had been shut down. They spent their last day cleaning out their desks.
Released employees with whom I’ve spoken were not told what Ginn’s plans were for future sales of existing developer inventory or what would happen to existing listings. When contacted for additional information, Ginn spokesperson Ryan Julison said "We will communicate with our owners directly before anything is released publicly."
Coinciding with the news of the closure of Ginn Real Estate, the rumor mill has been running overtime. To an inquiry about the rumor that Lubert-Adler had taken over Reunion and brought in Wyndham to run the hospitality operation, Julison responded, "not true." has become the primary source of credible information about happenings in the GINNdom. As a referral only Realtor®, I have excellent real estate professional contacts who have gate access and in depth knowledge of Hammock Beach, the Conservatory, Yacht Harbor Village, Reunion, Bella Collina, or Quail West. At no cost to you, I can put you in touch with one of them. Call me at (386) 931-7124
Updated 4:50 PM (same day) – The following is excerpted from a Ginn communication sent today to members and property owners titled "Real Estate Update":
After a careful analysis of our real estate sales business, we have made a strategic decision regarding Ginn Real Estate Company.
We believe that our owners will be better served by utilizing real estate professionals who have broader access to both domestic and international buyers.   
As a result, we will be exiting the real estate resale business effective immediately.    
We will be following up with you soon regarding a list of real estate sales companies we believe are knowledgeable, active resale experts in each local area from which you can choose.
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  1. Charles Denise
    Charles Denise says:


    I feel bad for those agents, especially those with families to support.Flagler now has unemployment at 11%, tops in the state. Things WILL improve and I strongly feel that a turnaround will start this spring. I wish the Media would start instilling positive vibes, so that people(consumers) will start feeling confident. As far as Ginn’s operations are concerned, some kind of ‘takeover’ is imminent…its too bad because I’ve always said that Bobby Ginn put Palm Coast on the map, Big Time. He,like everyone else,got whacked by the ‘bubble break’.Toby, keep up the great work…I not only like and enjoy your site, I need it! Lets all get positive…better times are around the corner!! CPD

  2. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    And you all thought I was wrong

    I commented months ago that Bobby was shutting down and you all thaught I was wrong. I guess I get the last laugh, Ha, Ha. He’s done this so many times before, it was predictable. One more prediction: Someone bought it all and has the cash to get things done right this time.

  3. JC
    JC says:



    I couldn’t help but respond to your comment. It is a sad day when people like yourself take satisfaction in people losing their jobs! It is also sad when people like yourself take satisfaction in any bad news about The Ginn Company, it’s a pretty sick way of thinking. I have some advice for you and people like you…..Get a life!! Taking satisfaction in others tough times is a sad way to live life!!!

  4. Glo Harrod
    Glo Harrod says:

    Good Riddance!

    I pray for the day Bobby Ginn leaves town. He put Palm Coast on the map alright, he destroyed everything in sight while doing it and was never properly fined for numerous code violations. He was kicked out of Sea Pines, SC after everyone lost their investments. Banks went under. Our City Council could care less about who they bring in here. Now what that the well has run dry?

  5. The Wood
    The Wood says:



    Chickens? What chickens? Ive never sold real esate to any chickens…but I have sold real estate to some cocks!! like yourself.



  6. Bruce
    Bruce says:


    I am terribly sympathetic to the people who now are without jobs at Ginn. I am in real estate and know this scenario quite well.

    My point was, that when your entire marketing dynamic is geared towards encouraging speculator buyers instead of buyers who will be active participants in the community, it is a recipe for disaster as you now see (also a violation of most state’s real estate laws).

    A community comprised of predominantly investors who wish only to profit by selling do not play golf or eat at the clubhouse etc. Look at how many families actually are livng in places like Tesoro or Bella Collina after years of marketing.

    Great cash flow up front to the developer, but bodes poorly to the few end users who would like to have a vibrant community with staying power.


  7. david scott
    david scott says:

    do you know marketing


    I just looked through all of my ginn marketing brochures and I didnt find one article of information dealing with numbers, returns or prospectives. what i did find were pictures of waterparks, horseback riding, golfing, fishing, and a spa lifestyle. Isnt this lifestyle marketing?? Investors found ginn because they promised to build great family resorts. Hammock Beach is fantastic, Reunion is fantastic although too expensive. My family did invest with ginn a while back….we had the best week at Hammock Beach we’ve ever had. What a great investment.


    David Scott

  8. John
    John says:


    I see this move as a certain sign that The Ginn Company is going away. It seems logical to me that the developments that remain under their umbrella will be sold soon. If that isn’t the case why would the release their entire sales staff? I understand not taking resales but to my knowledge there is still plenty of inventory. Who will be responsible for selling those properties?

    No sales people mean no developer properties even going to the market.

    I think they are just wrapping things up to turn over to someone else.


  9. LH
    LH says:

    Good Riddance!

    I pray for the day Bobby Ginn leaves town. He put Palm Coast on the map alright, he destroyed everything in sight while doing it and was never properly fined for numerous code violations. He was kicked out of Sea Pines, SC after everyone lost their investments. Banks went under. Our City Council could care less about who they bring in here. Now what that the well has run dry?

  10. cherie
    cherie says:

    Ginn closing…selling…anyone really know?

    It’s terrible the way they let the RE agents go. Reunion did the same thing to the Rental Managers. I don’t think it will be long before they shut down the rental program. What will all of those owners do that are in the rental program? No more agents to sell, no more rental program. It really seems that Reunion must either be on the chopping block or in the proces of being sold. It’s a very sad time for all of those employees that worked so hard for Ginn and received so little respect in the end. The same goes for all of the people that have purchased property as well. They have no idea what the future holds for them either. Sad, very sad for everyone involved.

  11. Ian
    Ian says:

    Ginn Resorts

    I have a condo at Centre Court Ridge in Reunion, it’s lovely and rents about 50% occupancy. The whole resort is fabulous, just look at Trip Advisor for the comments. I bought it for $558,000 and it’s probably worth $350,000 at most, but that’s the market. The whole world has crashed! Worse I have land at Gathering Court, Reunion and a beach front lot at Ginn Sur Mer which cost $1 Million. I’m just going to sit out the crash and see what happens.

  12. Sky Bennett
    Sky Bennett says:

    Eloquently Put


    While eloquently put, your analysis of how the absence of a dedicated, on site sales team, would benefit the overall resale market in Hammock Beach, fails to address a very important aspect. An on site sales team doesn’t dominate sales in their own market for no reason. It’s not because they use dastardly tactics, have all the advantages, or refuse to show outside listings. It’s because they know the property, it’s amenities, and it’s club employees much better than anyone else. When you are truly focused on one property and one property only, your level of expertise escalates dramatically. When a sales executive personally interacts with their owners and club employees because they spend all of their time in one development they not only appear to be more knowledgable, they are, and it translates to success. If anything, those devleoper sales teams overperformed based on their limited ability to sell only one property. An all MLS sales approach to a resort community with over 2,000 acres is not only overwhelming, but impossible for an individual in General Real Estate to accurately educate a buyer without a massive educational process. That’s not a dig on Palm Coast’s local brokerage market. There are plenty of talented Realtors in The Hammock. There’s just too much out there for sale and too many resort communities to truly be an expert in. A hybrid approach keeping an on site sales team, but not limiting them exclusively to their listings, would be the optimum scenario for both the developer and their property owners. However, decentralizing the sales in a complicated development of that size to the MLS is going to create a "free for all" clouded by agents who have spent very little time in Hammock Beach, or others of it’s kind. Best wishes to those on the Sotheby’s team taking on this new challenge at Hammock Beach.

  13. Toby
    Toby says:

    Cannot change the past – look forward

    Let’s look forward rather than backward. Captive sales agencies – those with more or less exclusive access to private communities, amenities and membership lists – have an apparent advantage for sellers. That’s why so many owners list with the captive agencies. However, the reality is that captive sales agencies may have a conflict of interests between their loyalty to the developer and their obligation to fairly present private owner resale properties. In addition, captive agencies are sometimes accused of refusing to show properties listed by outside agents. By Ginn removing itself from the sales process, a healthier resale market environment will likely develop. A seller’s chance of receiving an acceptable offer is enhanced when their property is put in front of a larger group of potential buyers. The broad reach of MLS is an example.

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