Florida Couple Threatens to Foreclose on BofA Office

A retired police officer attempted foreclosure on a Bank of America office by pulling a moving truck up to the bank’s building and threatening to take furniture and other items.

Palm Coast, FL – June 7, 2011

Maureen Collier and her retired police officer husband, Sgt. Warren Nyerges, found themselves in the predicament many Americans have experienced in recent years when Bank of America filed for foreclosure against them on Feb. 16, 2010. The only problem was this couple wasn’t like the millions who had fallen behind on payments and defaulted on their mortgage loans.
Instead, they had paid for their $165,000 home in cash in 2009–no mortgage attached. Yet, the bank, along with the David J. Stern law firm, were convinced the couple not only had taken out a mortgage loan, but were behind on payments.
Purposefully creating a scene at a strip mall in Naples, the couple hoped to acquire money owed to them after the banking giant wrongfully attempted to foreclose on their home.
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