Flagler Second in Florida Unemployment Stats for September

16.2% unemployment rate for Flagler County shouts out for economic development.

Palm Coast, FL – October 16, 2009 – The future health of Palm Coast and Flagler County’s housing market is tied to economic development and job creation. The State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation’s employment report is out. It shows Flagler County with the second highest unemployment rate among all Florida’s counties – 16.2%. Hendry County came in first at 16.8%. Volusia County’s unemployment rate stands at 11.7%. The national unemployment rate is 9.5%.
Too much of Flagler County’s property tax base is residential. A comprehensive study of dozens of areas throughout the country looked at the cost of community services. It concluded the median residential property unit uses $1.18 in local governmental services for each $1.00 paid in local taxes. Industrial and commercial property, on the other hand, require only 44 cents for each dollar paid.
Editorial comment: Employment growth in the early years of this decade was primarily construction based, fueled by an unsustainable growth in residential new construction. Flagler needs new companies to locate here. It needs to help its existing companies prosper and grow as well. Residents and property owners do not want increased taxes or reduced services, but without economic development, that is exactly what they will get. There is no alternative.

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Boom Town

    Welcome to the ‘Boom Town’
    We continue now at a relaxing pace through the middle of a Boom Town. One sure sign of a solid future is the arrival of new businesses today. And sign of thes progressive times are everywhere; Wal Mart, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Lil’ Champ stores, all coming soon; Shell Food Mart and Sun Bank, now open; proposed expansion at the library, post office and animal shelter; professional and medical services; a new shopping center, west of I 95, now under construction ; new companies at Three industrial parks. With all this activity comes jobs, a more diverse and balanced economy, more services close to home, a strong foundation for future growth, and perhaps nicest of all…the advantages of a boom town minus the headaches, Namely, long lines of traffic; huge trucks on neighborhood streets, split session schools. You won’t find these in Palm Coast. As the community grows, gaining momentum with each passing year, the wisdom and foresight of long range planning become apparent. Local residents and business leaders are committed to wise growth management and high community standards. The future holds promise instead of problems. Not ever boomtown can say that.
    New Industry:
    Di-Bar Electronic Products, Inc. Manufacture of cellular phones
    Climatrol , Inc. Manufacture/installation of pool/patio enclosures
    Lightning Performance Products, Inc. design manufacture of high performance racing boat engines
    Tranformation Electronic Corp manufacture of calculator components
    CEAG Electric Corp manufacture of power supply equipment.
    From the desk of Avery Nye
    Dear Property Owner.
    Never have economic opportunities in Palm Coast been greater, both industrial and commercial. On this page you’ll see highlights of a few. New professional , medical and commercial space, as well as excellent industrial locations at three industrial parks, offering rail, interstate and Waterway access.
    If you are experienced and interested in running your own business in Palm Coast please call for more details, toll free, 1-800-874-2101 and ask for ITT land corporation.
    If you know of local companies in your area-perhaps even your own looking into a Florida relocation, please pass along the same toll free number and have them ask for the Industrial Development Department. Our representatives can provide details on improving their bottom line.
    If you are interested in employment here, there are several avenue to pursue listed to the left.
    Palm Coast is among the fastest growing communities in a state whre an estimate six million new residents still arrive brfore the year 2000. Business opportunity in this thriving community has arrived.
    Both the present and future look bright.
    Please give us a call.
    Avery Nye President ITT Land Corporation.
    New Stores and Restaurants Palm Harbor Shopping Center:
    China Palace Restaurant
    Nora’s Vanity
    Discount Liquor Emporium
    Slic Chic Senior
    Flagler Office Supply
    Aimee’s Hallmark
    Ferrara’s Pizza Parlor
    Ceramic Tile and Imports
    Walmart ( 1988 with shoppping center)
    Kentucky Fried Chicken ( summer 1987)
    Sun Bank
    Flagler Automotive Repair Center
    Shell Food Mart
    Lil’ Champ stores ( spring 19887)
    St. Joe Plaza
    Opening summer, 1987
    Palm Coast Construction Pools and Spas
    Palm Coast Lumber and Supply
    Venus Interiors
    FJ’s Auto Parts, NAPA
    Joseph’s Italian Cuisine
    Seafood Emporium
    Corky’s Bath, Housewares and Gifts
    Seaside Designs
    Bikes and Trikes.
    Employment in Palm Coast
    ITT Community Development Corporation’s Job Referral Service can put your name and job qualification into the hands of new Palm Coast companies. We do not do the hiring; we only seek to bring employees and employers together.
    Pleast send a brief letter and resume to:
    Job Referral Service
    Employee Relations Department
    ITT Community Development Corporation
    Palm Coast Fl 32015
    Coastal Communities Hospital, in nearby Bunnell, has openings for Nurses, medical technicians and clerical positions at various times.
    For information on omployment opportunites elsewhere in Flagler County and in the Daytona beach area, call the Florida Job Service, a state governemnt agency in Bunnell, Monday to Wednesday or in Daytona Beach Weekdays.
    The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort
    If we have used the word beautiful too many times, forgive us. But with regards to the new Sheraton Palm Coast Resort – 154 rooms overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, its forested shore and the Palm Coast marina we have little choice but to use it again. Here is a hotel that reflects the high standards of the community around it. Nature played an integral role in its design; virtually all trees on the site were preserved; the lobby literally was built around oaks and palms rising through the roof inside a glass enclosed courtyard. The waterfront views seen from every room ar the kind for which you stand several minutes and admire. The service is pure Sheraton, the atmosphere vintage Palm Coast. We walk inside through a decor of early Florida elegance, and see meeting and banquet rooms for up to 4000 people, visiting conferences or local clubs, the perfect setting for either. We make plans to meet after our tour, for local seafood, steaks, or fowl at Flagler’s Restaurant, for a bit of relaxation later in Hernry’s Good Spirits. The pool out back looks inviting, the scenery, both beside the pool and beyond it, makes us wish we had packed our swimsuits. All the while we are treated like royalty, just another word for guest in the Sheraton Tradition of hospitality. Of course the tradition continues off the hotel grounds…at Palm Coast Golf Courses, the Players Club, other amenities in and around town. In fact, between the scenery and the friendly atmosphere, a few days at the new Sheraton Palm Coast Resort might be described as….hmmmm….yes….the perfect work…..Beautiful.
    The Palm Coaster Spring 1987, pages 7-8, 10-11.

    Below: The Palm Coaster, Spring 1984, pp. 14-17.

  2. JOHN
    JOHN says:

    Champagne dreams beer pockets

    I am a P.C./Grand Haven home owner/taxpayer and what I thought would be my future life. Toby your editorial comment is true. You cannot grow a community on residental construction. I have been saying this for years. However new industry will not settle in P.C.. Commercial property is way over priced. P.C. is a want to be city with delusional land owers who have inflated the true value of commercial property. I am a long time New York resident and just find it laughable.

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1984 Continued…

    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1984 pp. 14-17
    Doing Business in …
    Palm Coast
    100 percent financing for land and building at favorable rates to qualified companies.
    Excellent transportation at a variety of industrial sites, offering rail service, shipping access to the Intracoastal Waterway and a deepwater port in Jacksonville, nine motor carrier lines traveling I-95 and U.S.1
    Relocation assitance and discounts on house/lot packages for employees.
    Recruitment assistance and an immediately available labor force of 85,000.
    Lower labor costs than the national average, attractive land prices and low utility costs. In short, one of the lowest life cycle costs in the nation.
    Property taxes among the lowest in Florida
    The resources of ITT Community Development Corporation, including industrial construction and renovation of existing facilities to suit new tenants’ needs.
    The Palm Coast Lifestyle, which few communities can match.
    Other costs are lower in Palm Coast. In fact, studies show Palm Coast industries enjoy one of the lowest idustrial life cycle costs in the nation. Property taxes in Flagler County are among the lowest in Florida. Electric rates are 50 percent lower than New York’s Con Ed. Attractive land prices and 100 percent financing are offered by ITT CDC. Also available are relocation assistance and discounts on house/lot packages for employees. Excellent transportation – rail, motor carrier, shipping, air – is readily available.
    Bottom line advantages aren’t exclusively statistical and factual. The well being of employees plays a critical role, and Palm Coast lifestyle, by improving life off the job, can improve productivity on the job.
    It’s common for employees to live no more than five miles from the job and the golf courses, tennis clubs, marina and other amenities. Still, homes are available at prices ranging from about $ 50,000. to over $ 150,000. bordering fairways, on salf water canals and on wooded homesites. Says Simon Fuger, executive vice president, secretary and treasurer of Cardiac Control Systems, a manufacturer of pacemakers and ancillary mechanisms in Pine Lakes Industrial Park, " A rewarding lifestyle was one of he most important consideration in where we located . That’s why we’re in Palm Coast today."
    Each of the companies here — with total employment of more than 1,000 had different priorites that were met in Palm Coast : rail service, 100 percent financing , expansion potential, deepwater port access, a reqarding lifestyle and dozens more.
    They ignored the slogans and looked closely at what Palm Coast had to offer. What they found was the needle in the haystack.
    *Alexander Grand and Company’s fourth study of General Manufacturing Business Climates.
    Picture: Lehigh Industrial Site, offering Intracoastal Waterway access.
    Pine Lakes Industrial Park: a 70 acre prestige park bordered by U.S. Highway 1, Berke parkway and St. Joe Road . Current tenants: The Wittemann Company, inc. ( 61,000 square foot headquarters and plant); Cardiac Control Systems, Inc. ( 30,000 square foot facility) Still available are sites ranging from 3,65 acres to 5 acres, or combinations thereof.
    Palm Coast Industrial Park: a 90 acre park bordering U.S. 1 and served by the main line of the Florida East Coast Railroda. Current tenants: Classic Lighting Corporation; Culbertson Plastics, Inc. ( opening summer, 1984) Mike Morello, Inc.: Tradex Electronics, Inc. Still available are sites ranging from under an acre to 50 acres, or combinations thereof. Also industrial space in a multi tenant building.
    Both industrial parks are two miles from I 95, which is served by nine major motor carrier lines.

    Lehigh Industrial Site:
    A prime location off State Highway 100 offering existing space for administrative, manufacturing and warehouse/distrubution needs. Current tenants: Sermor, Inc. and Bear Paw Mining, Inc. Offers shipping access to the Intracoastal Waterway. ITT CDC will work with company on renovation of existing facilities. Site is approximately four miles from Interstate 95/S.R. 100 interchange.
    Flagler County Airport Site: Located on State Highway 100 adjacent to the Flagler County Airport, a non commercial facility with 5,000 foot runwayand company plance storage facilities. No tenants. Ideal for aviation related industry. Site is approximately 3 miles from Interstate 95.
    What Others Say:
    "Business is growing; so are our markets. Palm Coast is central to Florida’ marker and the (rail) freight service is good. We’re looking forward to doing business in Palm Coast. We’ll have room to grow." Culbertson Plactics, Inc.
    Palm Coast Industrial Park
    (Summer, 1984 opening)
    "I realized there are definate business advantages in Palm Coast. You don’t get bogged down by the kinds of problems that come with city living. ( ICDC) showed me how I could lower operating costs by relocating in Palm Coast . Quality of life is important, too". Classic Lighting Corp., Palm Coast Industrial Park
    "Our first full year in Palm Coast was the most profitable in our 109 year history." The Wittemann Company, Inc. Pine Lakes Industrial Park.
    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1984, pp. 14-17.

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