Flagler Property Appraiser Website Introduces Links to MLS

When parcel maps are displayed, parcels listed for sale in MLS are color coded purple. An MLS link is provided on the drop down at right. Works on aerial views too. And there is a search page.

Palm Coast, FL – May 24, 2014 – There’s a new way to search for properties listed for sale in the Flagler Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The Flagler County Property Appraiser has introduced new features to its website; an MLS Search and a link to MLS listings. When parcel maps are displayed, parcels listed for sale in MLS are color coded purple. A link to the MLS data is provided on the drop down to the right.

Here’s how it works. Go to the Property Appraisers website at https://flaglerpa.com/. Then click Search Records and Accept. You have two ways to search. “MLS Search” is pretty much what you may be used to using with search categories such as Subdivision, Year Built, Price, Bedrooms, Baths and Square Feet. Each line of the displayed Search Result represents a property that meets your search criteria and is MLS listed. Click on MLS in the far right column to access the MLS record or on the Parcel Number to locate the individual property record.

The second (and I think most useful) option is to search from the Parcel Map. There are two ways to get to the parcel map. From any Property Record, click Show Parcel Maps. Or, from the initial Web Access to Property Records page, click Search by Map (rather than MLS Search). Within Parcel Maps, you can Zoom In or Zoom Out and pan around.  The MLS listed parcels are color coded Purple. Click on any parcel in which you are interested. Once outlined in Red (after you click on it), the selected Parcel Information Table is displayed on the right hand side of your screen. It contains an MLS Link. Click on it to get the MLS data or on the Property Number to locate the Property Record. The color coded parcels are also visible in the aerial mode.

Unfortunately, the map doesn't work well with most condonimiums.

Flagler Property Appraiser MLS links - GoToby.com

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