Flagler Planning and Development Board Lives Down to Expectations with Vote Against New Lodge

Technical understanding was shallow but emotions were not. Such might be expected from residents on either side of the HB lodge issue, but not from P&D board members themselves.

Palm Coast, FL – December 10, 2014 – COMMENTARY:  The Flagler County Planning & Development Board last night, ignoring county staff’s strong support of the project, voted 3 to 2 against recommending approval of Salamander’s plan to replace the ageing Hammock Beach Resort lodge with a198-room lodge/hotel. The vote is a setback for the project, but the P&D board’s decision is not final. The issue will go before the Board of County Commissioners on January 12, 2015 for a final decision.

The vote was not unexpected. The P&D board’s lack of thoughtful deliberation on issues with environmental overtones was once again on exhibit. The board is decidedly "developer unfriendly."

Board members Michael Boyd and Pam Richardson voted in favor of the plan. Board members Thad Crowe, Michael Duggins and Russell Reinke were opposed. Board member Robert Dickinson was not present. Board member Laureen Kornel attended but left the meeting prior to the vote.

There were two issues on the agenda, both associated with the Salamander application.

  1. Approve or Deny reclassification (rezoning) of four parcels to allow the construction of the proposed 198-rooom lodge/hotel, including restaurant, conference, clubhouse, ballrooms, and associated golf and retail facilities.
  2. Approve, Deny or Approve with Comments the site development plan for the lodge and conference facilities.

My opinion on the Hammock Beach project is well documented in past GoToby.com articles (see ‘related stories’ above), but in summary, this is a “no brainer.” (I resist the temptation to infer a linkage between my characterization of the issue and certain members of the P&D board.) Apparently, Adam Mengel was the only county-associated individual in the room with a complete grasp of the technical issues. He laid out a compelling technical argument from a planning/land use perspective.

Michael Chiumento and some members of the audience argued that the current proposal was simply a warmed over version of the one that was shot down in 2011. That is simply not true. That argument sounds a lot like the anti-City Hall folks who are still saying, “We voted it down once (a decade ago). What is it about the word ‘NO’ that you don’t understand?”

Chiumento implied that he represented the Hammock Beach Condominium Association. In fact, there are four separate condominium associations and a homeowners association within the private community. It turns out that Chiumento represents only one of the four condo associations. I’m told that the association’s board bent its own rules to engage Chiumento. The majority of the members voting were against bringing him in, but the board chose to interpret the non-voters as “YES’ votes. (And why was Chiumento allowed to talk for 15 to 20 minutes when other public speakers were limited to three minutes?)

The difference between this proposal and the 2011 rendition is as pronounced as the different between Salamander, representing Lubert Adler now, and Front Door, Lubert Adler’s 2011 front man.

The P&D board ignored county staff’s recommendation. They ignored the fact that a majority of club members and residents favor Salamander’s proposal. They also ignored the positive economic impact on the surrounding area, most of which is within Flagler County. There was no thoughtful deliberation.

Their vote was not about the county. It was about how they felt individually about developers and about development in general. To paraphrase one board member who lives in the Hammock, “When I look north and I see the Surf Club Towers. When I look south, I see the Hammock Beach towers. I don’t want to look at any more towers.” That is not a thoughtful deliberative comment. Nor is it germane.

There was a strong sense among attendees with whom I’ve spoken that the three ‘NO’ votes were locked in prior to the onset of the hearing.

The P&D board failed on two levels. On the first level, they didn’t approve an eminently approvable project; one that would have a greater impact on the much sought-after goal of economic development than this county has seen in some time.

It’s not over yet. The BOCC has its chance to make up its own mind, which leads to the second level of the P&D board’s failure. There were two opportunities for the P&D board to vote. They voted against reclassification but elected to not vote on the site development plan.

If the BOCC approves the reclassification, they will not have the benefit of any P&D board input when they tackle the site development plan. The P&D board should have anticipated this. But a vote on the site development plan would suggest thoughtful deliberation by the board prior to a vote, a process that was unlikely to happen. Plus it was getting late. One of six board members had already left, skipping out before the vote.

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  1. R. Berntsen
    R. Berntsen says:


    Who is benefitting from all this mess? I’ve lived in other areas where issues were important to the homeowners , were not considered at all. Guess what they found out in the long run? Somebody 1)didn’t care and 2)had their own personal motives instead of looking out for us the homeowners! I can’t believe this whole strain on our area would even be considered. Water, to say nothing of traffic and safety with even more strangers in the area. I am very disappointed in the people that I elected to look out for my living conditions that I worked so hard for.

  2. Jeff Southmayd
    Jeff Southmayd says:

    You Miised the Main Point

    The golf course land was platted in 2001 following a land exchange between the county and the developer. The plat limited the use of the golf course property to a golf course, a club house, open space and other recreational uses. It prohibited any commercial or residential use of the property. The plat restriction was to run “in perpetuity” meaning it can never be modified. When Lubert Adler purchased the property in 2006, the plat restrictions were contained in their deed. LA knew when it purchased the property it could never develop it and it could never be used for anything but a golf course, club house, open space and other recreational uses. The Planning Board merely required LA to abide by the terms of the plat and deed for the property. Whether the project is a good idea, whether Salamander is a reputable company, whether it will help the county, etc are all irrelevant facts. Good ideas and people don’t trump legal plat and deed restrictions. Pretty simple.

  3. Doug Hager
    Doug Hager says:

    Another opinion

    Toby, you don’t convey the total picture….you want jobs and development, yet many want conservation and commitment to previous agreements. This area was not intended to be a big development with a 198 room hotel.
    This is a little slice of Florida that most of us would like to keep that way. This proposed development will eventually fail because there is no airline support or local restaurants. What meeting planner is going to bring 200 corporate execs/managers here for a weekend….come on, its ridiculous. This is all about a “greater fool theory”….sell it to the next group of investors and let them take the loss”. Time to stand back and examine this objectively. Remember the Sheritan hotel? Just not enough volume……and you think another 198 room hotel is going to change our Palm Coast reputation? I doubt it.

  4. C. Kerr
    C. Kerr says:

    Did anyone expect differently?

    Having been to a P&D Board meeting, I expected nothing different. They don’t have a clue as to what should or shouldn’t be approved in this County. I was less than impressed with the Board’s grasp of reality when looking at issues before them. As for one of the comments above, every time a counter is raised to their many and varied end of the world arguments, they move on to another without acknowledging the counterpoint. It’s like chasing your tail

    Another comment questioned water availability. That commentor should check with the utility (DCDD) actually supplying the water before asking their question. Not an issue. Also, a traffic study was performed years ago and the activity associated new Lodge project will not exceed the capacity as determined by the study. It’s a mute point.

    I live in the Hammock Beach Resort community and I am a member of the Hammock Beach Club. I recognize the benefits of the project to the Club and the County. With open eyes, I fully support the Lodge project. No one can say that Salamander hasn’t been extremely transparent in their presentation of the project. I take my comment back. They can say it, but it doesn’t make it true.

    When it comes to being self serving motives, maybe we should look somewhere other than Salamander.

  5. C. Kerr
    C. Kerr says:

    Did anyone expect differently?

    Having been to a P&D Board meeting, I expected nothing different. They don’t have a clue as to what should or shouldn’t be approved in this County. I was less than impressed with the Board’s grasp of reality when looking at issues before them. As for one of the comments above, every time a counter is raised to their many and varied end of the world arguments, they move on to another without acknowledging the counterpoint. It’s like chasing your tail

    Another comment questioned water availability. That commentor should check with the utility (DCDD) actually supplying the water before asking their question. Not an issue. Also, a traffic study was performed years ago and the activity associated new Lodge project will not exceed the capacity as determined by the study. It’s a mute point.

    I live in the Hammock Beach Resort community and I am a member of the Hammock Beach Club. I recognize the benefits of the project to the Club and the County. With open eyes, I fully support the Lodge project. No one can say that Salamander hasn’t been extremely transparent in their presentation of the project. I take my comment back. They can say it, but it doesn’t make it true.

    When it comes to being self serving motives, maybe we should look somewhere other than Salamander.

  6. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Federally ORDERED Recreation Acreage / Areas

    The Official Records of the Federal Trade Commission and also the Official Records of the Department of Justice of the United States Enforcement Division – Atlanta Regional Offices – for the Federal Trade Commission
    indicate that area as the SunSport Recreation Beach Club and Beach Access.
    It is listed as EXHIBITS – F.T.C. Docket C-2854 and Federally Ordered 15 Year Compliance Report.
    By law there must be Integrity of Official Records; now what since they are disparate ?
    Look in earlier POSTS – it is listed as a ‘ Community Milestone ‘.
    My / our Money helped built it.

  7. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Sunsport Recreation Beach Club Recreational Area

    Perhaps someone may want to talk with Jay Gardner, Property Appraiser; or talk with his Dad, James Gardner, third I.T.T. Community Development Corporation President.
    Suggested Questions to ask:
    1. Where is the SunSport Recreation Beach Club?
    2. What are the features of SunSport Recreation Beach Club ?
    3. How many acres comprise this ‘Recreational’ Area?
    4. Are these all Exhibits with F.T.C. Consent Agreement C-2854 15 year Compliance Report, prepared by Attorney Braunstein and listed clearly and succinctly as EXHIBITS?
    5. Is this recorded with H.U.D. and part of their I.L.S. Official Records?
    6. Were Distances / Map(s) a requirement within this Federal Order showing Amenities / Features / Acreage?
    7. Did the Federal Trade Commission O R D E R ‘ significant areas of Conservation, Preservation, and Recreation ?

  8. John Crimmins
    John Crimmins says:

    Lodge proposal

    I am strongly in support of the project. Doing nothing will surely increase our dues, diminish our resort experience and devalue our properties. Not to mention the tremendous impact on revenues to the county and local business. Plus the security of the present jobs and the new jobs created if approved. The resort is virtually empty for at least 6 months of the year especially midweek from Sept. thru May. This group business will be mostly midweek and not in the summer time. When I planned my company’s convention, it was always in the spring or fall. You can’t get the attendance needed with a nationwide group during the summer months. As a rule they will arrive Tuesday and leave Friday or Sat. Many will not have cars.
    Who will come here with no nearby major airport? Lots of groups who want a self contained resort on the ocean. It’s 39 miles and a 45 minute drive from Savannah Airport to Hilton Head Sea Pines PLantation. It’s 27 miles and a 35 minute drive from Jacksonville Airport to Amelia Island Plantation. It’s 20 miles and 32 minutes from Charleston S.C. airport to The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. It’s 33 miles and 36 minutes from Daytona Airport to Hammock Beach Resort. None of these are major airports and those resorts do really well with convention business. Self contained, great facilities, great golf courses and an ocean. Lets get real and look at the many benefits. It’s a no brainer.

  9. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Federal Documents EXHIBITS Reference

    December 1, 1989

    Federal Trade Commission
    Atlanta Regional Office
    Room 1000
    1718 Peachtree St., N.W.
    Atlanta , GA

    RE: Federal Trade Commission Decision and Order issued December 10, 1976 ( Decision and Order ) – In the Matter of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation , ITT Community Development Corporation and Palm Coast, Inc.

    Dear Sir

    The follow is in response to the reporting requirement set forth in the unnumbered paragraph on Page 16 of the Decision and Order.

    From an historical perspective, in 1069, ITT Community Development Corporation ( CDC) began a master plan of a community now known as Palm Coast. As a significant step in that prosess, in 1974, CDC entered into an Agreement with Florida’s Deivision of State Planning for the purpose of developing a Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP ) as a logical and effective process to guide and control the orderly development of Palm Coast. The CLUP is a five volume, 14000 page guide for residential, commercial, industrial and public service growth for 42,000 acres. The development plans entend to the 21st Century for a community which is capable of supporting 224,000 people.

    In accordance with the CLUP and consistent with the Decision and Order, of the 48,000 available acreage, the 42,000 acres mentioned above are planned for community development, including + 46,000 registered homesites + 43,000 of which have been sold), 4 industrial parks, shopping centers and various amenities.

    Since 1980 , all homesite infrastructure improvements, I.E. roads ( 533 miles), drainage, central water ( 529 miles) and central sewer ( 508 miles) have been completed by CDC. In addition, CDC has constructed an extensive water management system designed to replenish the area’s water table that includes 46 miles of freshwater canals and another 23 miles of saltwater canals bordering many homes and homesites leading to the Intracoastal Waterway. Water and wastewater plants operated by Palm Coast Utility Corporation have consistently won numerous state awards for operating excellence.

    The 4 Industrial parks mentioned above, currently homes to approximately 35 companies, have been developed to balance the economic development of the community and provide employment. Some facilities are in the construction stage and negotiations continue with more than 30 additional industrial prospects. Exhibit A attached to this letter provides a complete listing of present industrial operations in Palm Coast.

    In the commercial area, in 1979, the Palm Harbor Shopping Center became a reality. The shopping center consists of 26 merchants and is anchored by a 36, 464 square foot Publix Supermatket and Eckerds Drug Store. In 1987, CDC opened St. Joe Plaza, a new CDC shopping center which currently has 21 merchants. A new full service Wal-Mart Discount Department Store opened in 1988 in yet another shopping Plaza as a major store in a group of 19 stores and restaurants ( total of 85,000 square feet). More recently, in the southern end of the community, another 85,000 square foot shopping center opened this year containing 20 merchants and is anchored by Winn Dixie Supermarket and Rite-Aid Drugstore. See Exhibit A for an extensive reference to the commercial enterprises in Palm Coast.

    On the governmental level , a 7.5 million Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facility opened in Palm Caost in 1987. The 133,000 square foot complex of dormitories, classrooms and support facilities train some 3,300 FAA managers yearly having a multi-million dollar impact to the regional economy over 20 years. In addition, the U.S. Postal Service has opened a new 21,000 square foot facility in Palm Coast. Within the last 18 months the county government has expanded in excess of $ 900,000 .00 for the construction of a new main fire station and a recreation complex focused on an olympic sized pool.

    Recreation has always been an important ingredient of Palm Coast Lifestyle. CDC has constructed three 18 hole Championship Golf Courses
    and a fourth Championship golf course is currently under construction. The Palm Coast Players Club, opened in 1986, with hard court, clay and grass tennis playing surfaces. The club earned the distinction of “197 Court of the Year” from TENNIS INDUSTRY magazine and the American Society of Landscape Architects.l The Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club is a complete fitness facility with a 25 meter heated pool, four tennis courts and comprehensive Nautilus Room. The Palm Coast Marina, recognizes as one of the finest harbors between Hilton Head and Fort Lauderdal, opened in 1979 and serves boaters with 80 slips and comprehensive services, including a ship’s store for supplies and gifts. The Marina is now part of a Resort Setting on the Intracoastal Waterway that includes CDC’s 154 room waterfront Sheraton and the Harbor Club Vacation Resort.————> Exhibit B attached to this letter provides a more indepth description of r e c r e a t i o n a l facilities in Palm Coast. <--------- From an education perspective, in 1983, Daytona Beach Community College opened a branch campus with an open air Performing Arts Pavilion. Currently, the County government is constructing a new $6 million elementary School and is expending over $13 million in renovations/ expansion at the Flagler/Palm Coast High School. "Florida Trend" magazine predicted Flagler County would, on a percentage basis, have the state's fastest growth rate over the next five years. This is corroborated by U.S. Census Bureau figures which, based on a percentage basis, identifies Flagler County as the third fastest growing county in the nation during the 1080-1987 period with an 89% growth rate. Palm Coast, with its 7,552 dwelling units ( 6,784 single family and 786 multifamily) and its population of approximately 15,000 ( 60% of Flagler County's total population is the major catalyst behing this explosive growth rate. Very Truly Yours, Richard Braunstein

  10. John Tupper
    John Tupper says:

    Planning Commission?

    Interesting set of small town politics. Board member, Robert Dickinson didn’t bother to attend and, Laureen Kornel decided to leave before the vote. Remember these two lackluster “leaders” at election time. Pre-determined mind sets voted…remember this at election time. Kind of like another fool on another board looking at plans upside down only to exclaim, “These plans don’t make sense to me.” Be aware, St. Augustine now has a destination airport, as does Daytona Beach. This makes corporate meetings easily accessible to the rest of America. Let’s not be naïve in thinking Hammock Beach doesn’t need in infusion of cash.

  11. Tim Hale
    Tim Hale says:

    Why Flagler county has 2nd worst unemployment in F

    The process Salamander Hospitality has gone through seeking approval of the Lodge redevelopment plan has demonstrated a key reason why our county sits with the 2nd worst unemployment rate in the state.

    After 3 levels of reviews – Scenic A1A Pride, Hammock Conservation Coalition and Flagler Planning & Development Board – not a single one of them explained how the economic impact aspects factored in on their recommendation.

    How can this be? Where is the balance in the decision making that results in the ‘responsible development’ that (i thought) Flagler county aspires to achieve? Do none of these groups care about the economic livelihood of working Flagler county families?

    This single decision will impact nearly 1000 jobs in our county (nearly 3% of the total 36,000 jobs) between:
    – 450 current Hammock Beach jobs (already down 20% from peak)
    – 150 NEW jobs at the new Lodge hotel
    – 300 construction jobs.
    – +++ unknown impact of the ‘in-direct’ jobs that benefit from Hammock Beach Resort at: European Village, Publix, restaurants & banks in the hammock, Flagler beach businesses, Palm Coast businesses, Marineland, etc.

    The Hammock Business Association (consists of all small business owners in the Hammock) voted near unanimous support for Salamander’s Lodge plan and the Flagler Chamber voiced overwhelming support – but none of the groups above even acknowledged it, let alone to what degree it mattered in their recommendation.

    The lack of consideration for the economic impact of nearly 1000 jobs in our county is stunning (and depressing).

    The lack of consideration also sounds a powerful message to other enterprises that are considering moving to Flagler county or expanding here. It sends a message of hostility, regardless of environmentally sensitive plans.

    I say environmentally sensitive based on the facts of Salamander’s latest proposal presented to the Flagler Planning & Develop Board:
    1) Salamander has now ELIMINATED the new parking lot that would require cutting down trees
    2) the new lodge would be SHORTER than the existing Lodge (thus no ‘towers’, less shadows on the beach, and other benefits of less height)
    3) the new Lodge would be FURTHER FROM THE DUNE LINE than the existing Lodge (thus greater dune preservation & marinelife protection)

    But despite all of these environmentally sensitive improvements… the opponents still simply say ‘NO’. Based upon their inaccurate comments of ‘towers on the beack’ and ‘cutting down ‘ancient oaks’, I am not sure they are even taking the time to listen to the latest project plans (which, as Salamander as done throughout, continue to evolve & improve based upon community feedback & suggestions).

    Meanwhile, those of us who work in Flagler county (or seek to find work) will trudge along with no significant capital investment (thus no new job source) in sight.

    If anyone else knows of someone who wants to spend $72M in our county in the next few years – please let us know.

    I hope the opponents of this plan are ready to celebrate when Flagler county drops from #2 to #1 worst unemployment in Florida.

    But it looks like they just don’t care about that.

  12. Garry Lubi
    Garry Lubi says:

    Opportunity for County Commission to Get it Right!

    Tim Hale (along with several others) does a great job of capturing the facts about the proposed improvements to the Club at Hammock Beach Resort below. Fortunately, the last say in this matter will not rest in the hands of the Planning and Development Board, but rather in the hands and votes of the counnty commission.

    Almost four years ago, community leaders came together to vette through our county’s vision for economic development, identify key pillars for success, and ultimately it led to the formation of our Department of Economic Opportunity and the Economic Opportunity Advisory Council under our county government. What drove us to come together was a commitment by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and other business and civic leaders who wanted to not only reduce our unemployment rate (which at its peak exceeded 17%), but also diversify our economy in such a way that created more quality / living wage jobs in Flagler County. Further, we saw the impact of our lack of job and tax base diversification on our community as a whole. This included a percentage of our students who are supported by free or reduced lunch cost programs that still exceeds 60% today; and the need for these same children for clothing and shoes. My point in sharing this with you is we have made considerable strides in economic development over the last 3 years (including the great work by our Department of Economic Opportunity), and this is an opportunity to keep that progress moving forward. Not regressing.

    These proposed improvements will expose our community to multiple professional organizations who will hold conferences at Hammock Beach while learning more about the qualities of Flagler County. In some instances these visitors will choose to return as vacationers, second home owners, primary residents, and perhaps as business owners who will become new job creators. As Tim Hale points out below, how many times do we have someone seeking to invest $72 Million Dollars in our community, and the multiplier of that number is considerably larger with long term benefits to all members of our community.

    Salamander’s leadership team has gone through extensive research, listening to not only its direct customers, but also others who have an interest in what is planned from throughout our community. To compare this property to the plans from 2011 by Lubert Adler is like comparing apples to asparagus. These plans complement the community even greater than the Lodge structure today, and once completed it will not surprise me if many of the naysayers today will be going by the property years from now saying what a great improvement this was to our community.

    Further more, the county ‘s staff has done an outstanding job of working with all aspects to this development plan, ensuring it not only meets the legal requirements under our land development code, but also meets state statutes. How the three members of the Planning and Development Board could vote no after listening to Adam Mengel’s presentation is still baffling. Kudo’s to Pam Richardson and Michael Boyd for being the voices and votes of common sense and fact based reasoning.

    County Commisioners, it is now in your hands to correct the ill advised pre-conceived thoughts of a few Planning and Development Board Members. This is your opportunity to get it right for the long term benefit of our community!

  13. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    FR: Salamander Resorts

    This just came in from Salamder Resorts to us:
    Anyone have and other idea(s) , suggestion(s)to propose to Salamder?

    Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2014 2:50 PM
    Subject: RE: Palm Coast , Flagler County , Florida U.S.

    Mr. Chuddy,

    I will certainly pass this along.


  14. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Possible Suggestion(s)

    Anyone have other ideas/suggestions to help relieve tentions and improve our Community and still comply with the Federal Encumberances, etc.?
    Below is a suggestion just sent to Salamander:
    Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2014 1:41 AM
    Subject: RE: Palm Coast , Flagler County , Florida U.S.

    Dear Mr. Owen:
    Good Morning to you !
    Can you please share this with Mr. Prem Devadas.
    I write about the areas in Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida U.S. Therein is the ‘ Palm Coast Resort’ property presently a lawn of dirt.
    Perhaps Salamander can acquire this property and establish a part of a Resort there. – maybe a HUB for your Resort. The I.T.T. Community Development Corporation ‘Braintrust’ used this concept, that is, having Water Taxis and Jitney Trolleys to promote their area and lands. The location I reference in on the Intracoastal and perhaps it can be acquired quite reasonable since it is also encumbered by F.T.C. C-2854. This area would also expand and hopefully enhance the ‘ Resort ‘ concept you are seeking and minimize any future competition.
    There exists a Video of how the I.T.T. Community Development Corporation accomplished this. This Video can perhaps be acquired at:
    Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 10:02 AM
    Subject: Re: Can you please help idenify our Trolley?


    This trolley is definitely one which we built. I think it was purchased
    by Palm Coast Realty to sell real estate. I would need the vin # to
    confirm this. If it is I have video of it when it was new and being used
    in Palm Coast.

    Dick Adelizzi, pres
    Cable Car Concepts

    Additionally, the State of Florida is encouraging Historic MARKERS for areas. If you pursue this it would further enhance your RESORT and provide even more Savoir Faire to this location.
    Additionally, perhaps Salamander can inquire into the possibility of Grant Funding to restore the original Resort.

    I suggest this for your review and consideration because to us the Creek Golf Course has seemed somewhat removed and detached. Additionally some of the required FEATURES , i.e. Boat to Golf Dock, etc. still exist. To us, using this approach, the larger RESORT picture would connect all the dots.

    Perhaps the City of Palm Coast can be approached and request of them to involve the ‘ Boat to Golf ‘ Dock that exists at the Palm Coast Golf Course now known as Palm Harbor Golf Course. This would make available even more Golf Courses and features within your Resort.

    Related and also a personal request from us, the Stewards of Levitt I.T.T. houses in their ‘ Showcase Golf Course Neighborhood’, the first Neighborhood of The Palm Coast Project. Would you help us acquire Heritage and Historic MARKERS for the Slave Quarters / Outbuildings, etc., of Brigadeer General Jose Martin Hernandez’s Third Plantation Site- his ‘ St. Josephs Planation ‘; ‘ FL # 0005’ – the Bon Terre Ancient Archaeological and Paleontological Site; ‘ notable Shell Middens ‘; ‘ Old Salt Park ‘, etc.? If these are acquired the Historic MARKERS would give a ‘sense of place’ for your Patrons of your Resort and enhance and maximize your Resort Experience – it would further enhance Historic Scenic A1A and show you are Developers who care.

    I suggest this for your review and consideration because perhaps doing something like this would be a WIN for everyone. I hope so.

    Thank you very much for listening.

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