Flagler County Candidates to Debate during Online “Town Hall”

Voters Will Have Unprecedented Access To Discuss Issues With Candidates.

Palm Coast, Florida – July 18, 2008 – The Internet meets politics in Palm Coast, Florida. As in the past, local candidates trek to various groups and organizations to present their platforms. Such forums are useful but limited by time, group size, and location. For the first time in Palm Coast history, candidates are offered the opportunity to answer voters’ questions and debate each other in an on-line forum. The forum has the support of local several service clubs and organizations. 
FlaglerChat.com, in order to facilitate the democratic process, will host five Flagler County, candidate election online debates between July 28 and August 20, 2008. All candidates for the following offices will be invited to participate:  
  • Clerk of Court
  • School Board
  • Sheriff
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • Board of County Commissioners
These debates, which represent the largest voter-interactive debates in Flagler County history, will allow the citizens of Flagler County to interact directly with candidates to discuss issues of concern, in a question and answer format. This is an opportunity for citizens to become very well versed on their candidate’s positions on the issues of the day, positioning voters to make more enlightened choices at the ballot box. This is desired in a time where issues of what do to about violence, gangs, drugs in the school, separation of church and state, more equitable real estate taxes, government purchase of lands for preservation during tough economic times and big budget deficits are on the minds of voters.
Peggy Rae Border, Supervisor of Elections for Flagler County, Florida had this to say about the upcoming debates; “We welcome the opportunity to bring the citizens of Flagler County together with the candidates in this exciting online “Town Hall” format. This is a first for the citizens of our county and a dynamic platform within which to discuss the needs of our county going forward.”
FlaglerChat.com is a very popular local internet forum with over 10,000 registered members. Many of these members have enjoyed spirited political debates amongst themselves over the years and as such, will certainly be asking the tough questions. All members are invited to participate in this democratic process. These debates will be moderated by an oversight committee composed of members of the supporting service clubs/organizations including The Flagler Home Builders Association, The Rotary Club of Flagler County, The Rotary Club of Flagler Beach, The African American Cultural Society, League of Women Voters, The Palm Coast Civic Association and several citizen volunteers. Therefore these online debates will be overseen by a group that is, politically, across the spectrum. As space allows, media representatives are invited to attend and also serve as watchdogs for the entire process.
The public at large is invited to join the forum now in order to submit their questions for the upcoming debate. There is no cost to join. All that is required to participate is to simply login to www.FlaglerChat.com and follow the instructions for registering.
Let’s hope that voters as well as candidates take advantage of this unique opportunity. Our elected officials impact the development and growth of our area as well as our quality of life.
For Further Information Contact me (Toby) at 386-931-7124
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  1. Iease
    Iease says:


    I would be very careful about posting on Flagler Chat. There are many issues with members bashing other members.

    Be cautious with your remarks and postings candidates and be cautious members who wish to ask questions or comment during this debate.

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