Flagler Co. and Palm Coast Commercial Construction Update

Population growth. An impressive amount of new commercial construction is either planned or already underway in Flagler County.

PALM COAST, FL – July 10, 2016 – Flagler County’s population growth rate, estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to have been 2.76% between July 2014 and July 2015, creates a demand for roughly 1,200 additional residential units in the county annually. Commercial construction follows rooftops. That fact is driven home by the evidence of increased commercial construction activity locally.

Island Walk

Island Walk, the redevelopment of Palm Harbor Shopping Center, is a very strong indication of confidence in the continued growth of our area. This confidence if apparently well placed as Island Walk already has more than 80% of its space under lease while traditional shopping mall development is waning. Many existing malls are reportedly facing financial crisis as internet shopping is replacing bricks and mortar retailers.

Hobby Lobby will be opening its 46,301 square foot store in Island Walk in early August. Work on a 12,500 square foot Petco and 13,879 square foot Tuesday Morning are well underway. Metro Diner and Moe’s Southwest Grill have recently had successful openings. Construction of a stand-alone Chase bank building has begun. A standalone International House of Pancakes (IHOP) has been added to the developer’s list of future tenants.

Island Walk Updated Site Plan

Island Walk site plan

Shoppes at Palm Coast

Construction of an 189,000 square foot Tractor Store Co. is underway at Shoppes at Palm Coast on the southeast corner of Belle Terre and SR 100 (Moody Blvd.). An ALDI grocery store and a convenience store/gas station are also planned for the Shoppes at Palm Coast. The site plan includes additional outparcels suitable for banks or restaurants.

Tractor Supply Co. (Typical Construction)

Typical Tractor Supply Co.


A long-expected Florida National Guard facility will be built at the new Belle Terre entrance to the Flagler County Airport. Construction bids for the 80,000+ square foot building are expected within the next few weeks. Construction will take an estimated 12 to 18 months.

Florida National Guard building (rendering)

Florida National Guard rendering

Florida Power & Light will build a 25,463 square foot service building to replace two existing structures on the company’s property at the northeast corner of Town Center Blvd and SR 100.

Work has begun on the Palm Coast Art Foundation’s covered performance stage in Town Center.

The Development Order for Starling Assisted Living Facility (ALF) has been approved. The 65,497 square foot, two-story, 74-unit, 84 bed Assisted Living Facility will be built on Cypress Point Pkwy.

Almost next door to the Starling facility on Cypress Point Pkwy, construction has begun on a Super Wash car wash. The contractor stated value for the site development and structure is $1,450,000.

Construction on another ALF on Palm Harbor Pkwy is planned to begin August 1st. The 65,000 square foot facility, developed by Protea Senior Living Palm Coast, will be called Sabal Palms.

Sabal Palm (rendition)

Sabal Palms rendering

A third Assisted Living Facility project is being moved forward by Jim Cullis. Tuscan Gardens of Palm Coast is planned to include about 250 units of combined independent living, assisted living and memory care. The project will be build on the west side of Colbert Lane, north of the Wild Oaks section of Grand Haven.

Remax Select real estate is constructing a 5,640 square foot office building at 5070 N Ocean Shore Blvd. The stated value of the construction is $400,000.

Florida Hospital Flagler is undertaking two construction projects. A Development Order has been issued for a 1,975 square foot addition for a Linear Accelerator. A 32-bed hospital expansion is already underway.

A 7-Eleven convenience store/gas station is planned for Beach Village on SR 100.

Flagler County Mosquito Control is constructing a new hanger, office building and storage facility at the county airport. The declared construction value is $1,738,899. The main building will be 5,640 square feet.

Aspen Dental is building a 3,826 dental office at 4873 Belle Terre next door to Mc Donald’s near Kohls.

Site development and building permits have been issued for a 5,928 square foot Racetrac convenience store/gas station at the southwest corner of Seminole Woods Blvd and SR 100. The developer paid over $119,000 in permitting and impact fees. A $110,072 transportation impact fee dominated the fee list.

The map below shows clearly how commercial construction is concentrated along the Palm Coast Pkwy and SR 100 corridors. In the future, look for commercial development along US1 and near the new Interstate 95 interchange at Matanzas Woods Pkwy.

On the map below, pan and zoom to a pin, then click on the pin to see the project name.

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  1. Knoeidia Hill
    Knoeidia Hill says:

    Great news can we get a gas station off us1

    I am so happy to see businesses coming to our city, and jobs. It would be great to have a gas station off of US 1 and Matanzas . It would also be great to have a Chili’s as another family style restaurant. A YMCA, a recreation certain that offer classes and activities for families.

  2. David M Taylor
    David M Taylor says:

    All Retail

    Unfortunately the vast majority of this commercial construction is for retail and/or assisted living. Continues to reflect the existing perception of this area as a “retirement community”!! Actually we are not and until we bring in new companies and entreprenurial businesses with their appropriate real estate development we will not move into a real balanced and growth community!! Economic development is so much more than just adding retailers !!

  3. Karen
    Karen says:


    This is all great news we definitely need all these new shoppes. But Palm coast needs a nice mall. I’ve been down here now 14 years and I’ve seen great drastic changes. Let’s get a mall. We need it badly and I think it will do fantastic. Thankyou. Karen.

  4. Todd
    Todd says:


    A little shocked that the Island Walk development agreed to an IHOP considering it will be in direct competition with Metro Diner. Similar to Anthony’s, I don’t believe another pizza place is allowed in the complex due to competition and non-compete lease agreements. I wish that a Longhorn, Bonefish, Stonewood, or other consistent dinner spot took the last large stand alone plot of space available in Island Walk.

  5. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Knoeidia

    There will be a convenience store and gas station on the southwest corner of Belle Terre and Matanzas Woods Pkwy. (Not far enough along in the process to suggest a time frame.)

  6. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Coast Project Y and Tradition

    @ Knoeidia Hill and David M. Taylor:

    For decades all last Century ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ had wonderful, marvelous and spectacular things. From Observations Tower, large *waterfalls*, gardens, two award winning Sheratons’, etc.
    Yes, Levitt was the largest Homebuilder in the United States. ‘ The Palm Coast Project ‘ was Levitts’ only future planned City for 750,000 people. All elements for Levitts’ future City was planned for – Industrial Sites, Recreations Amenities, Conservation Acreage, Preservation Acreage, etc. You can read more about it in the 1972 Publication by the Father of Palm Coast – Dr. J. Norman Young – ‘…an Approach to a New City: Palm Coast…’.
    The LEVITT reputation attracted us…a slow but steady stream of people ..for their only future Planned City.
    Alas, so many of the things we/ I paid for now only exist in my memories.
    RE: ‘ The Palm Coast Projects ‘ Y :


    For the Palm Coast YMCA, there aren’t enough days in the month, nor hours in the day to provide time for all its activities. The YMCA has a variety of programs for the area residents from oil painting to weight lifting.
    A typical Monday morning at the YMCA begins at nine when the three and four year olds arrive for preschool classes. In another section of the YMCA building Jarly Jackson, a 70 year old former acrobat, is teaching exercise class. After a lunch break, it is “children’s fun time.” During this time there are also weight lifting classes in the next room taught by Tim Shanahan.
    From 4-5 p.m. there is after school play hour for the school age children.
    After dinner activities begin again with square dancing at 6:30. The evening ends with a youth rap session from 7:30 until 9 for the teenagers, and German lessons taught in the next room by Anne Russell.
    All day people are in and out of the YMCA building, coming also to watch television, play billiards or ping pong. Also, many organizations hold their meetings in the large multi-purpose room of the Y. In other words, the YMCA has been going non-stop since its doors opened on December 11th.
    The YMCA has various special events planned for the furure. One event will be a disco dance for teenagers. Plans are also underway for a spring softball team.
    There are currently 352 YMCA members and the number is growing. Family memberships are $50. a year, husband and wife memberships $40 a year, single adult memberships are $25. yearly, and youth memberships are $10. Membership at the Y entitles the member the use of the facilities as well as free participation in the many classes and activities held there. Non-member must pay a fee.
    This marks the first time in the Y::MCA’s more than 130 years of operation that it has opened a Y:MCA in a developing community. According to Dr. Robert Harlan, Executive Director of the National Board of the YMCA, it is customary to open a Y in an already developed community of about 50,000 but “so far the experiment appears to be a big success.”
    The beautiful YMCA building and the grounds on Palm Coast Parkway were donated by the ITT Community Development Corporation, which is also underwriting the expenses of the Y: for the next several years.
    So if you’re loking for something to do, stop by the YMCA and discover the many interesting programs it has to offer. You can see for yourself why it’s a big success.

    Excerpt from: ‘The Palm Coaster’, published by the Corporate Communications Department of ITT Community Development Corporation for Palm Coast property owners, purchasers and homeowners, as well as their families and friends. Vol 7, Number 2, Summer 1978, p. 8.
    ( regarding the above…we all tried very hard to maintain the Y but there wasn’t enough population to do it. That I.T.T. building became the Palm Coast Community Center for public use by us. – Relatedly, Levitt & I.T.T. built our Emergency Services Building / Fire Station, our cherished and beloved little Firehouse. For me I am a firm believer that our Fireman and Policemen need *tradition* – they deserve *tradition*. Because of that I asked the City council to please maintain the Integrity of that Building so that it could be eligible for an Official Historic MARKER…thereby enhancing that Mid Century Modern Building. Maybe when the County compensates us for the building / and firetruck…that perhaps the monies can be used to seek the Original Firetruck or another model like the Original…that would be GREAT *tradition* – I am Steward of much documentation which would be required for this should anyone want to help us and start the formal Application for a Historic MARKER – I would be happy to share this).
    If anyone wants to pursue this to give ‘Thanks’ and *tradition* to our Firefighters and Policemen…PLEASE let me know , via Toby, and I will freely and happily share this – ‘ Thank You ‘ very much.

  7. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Lorraine

    I don’t believe the prospective brand operator has been chosen. I do know that WAWA passed on the location. They have a neighborhood model that requires more nearby rooftops than the L Section has at this time.

  8. sue jones
    sue jones says:

    Manufacturing Jobs

    Manufacturing and Industrial Jobs would be a great asset to this community. It would provide a decent salary with benefits. This is a family community and we need jobs to support families.

  9. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Coast Industry and Manufacturing 1984

    Last Centurys’ Industrial Sites and Manufacturing Jobs: ( 1984 )
    @ Sue Jones:

    Palm Coast Industrial Sites:

    Pine Lakes Industrial Park: a 70 acre prestige park bordered by U.S. Highway 1, Berke Parkway and St. Joe Road. Current Tenants: The Wittemann Company, Inc. ( 61,000 sq ft. headquarters and plant); Cardiac Control Systems, Ind., ( 30,000 sq foot facility) and Racal Decca marine ( 33,000 sq foot facility) Still available are sites ranging from 3,65 acres to 5 acres or combinations thereof.

    Palm Coast Industrial Park: A 90 acre park bordering U.S. 1 and served by the main line of the Florida East Coast Railroad. Current tenants: Classic Lighting Corporation, Culbertson Plastics, Inc. ( opening summer, 1984), Mike Morello, Inc. Tradex Electronics, Inc. Still available are sites ranging from under an acre to 50 acres, or combinations thereof. Also industrial space in a multi-tenant building.

    Both Industrial parks are two miles from I-95 which is served by nine major motor carrier lines.

    Lehigh Industrial Site: ( a.k.a. Palm Coasts’ Intracoastal Industrial Park ) A prime location on State Highway 100 offering existing space for administrative, manufacturing and warehouse distribution needs. Current tenants: Semor, Inc. and Bear Paw Mining, Inc. Offers shipping access to the Intracoastal Waterway. ITT-CDC will work with the company on renovation of existing facilities. Site is approximately four miles from Interstate 95/S.R. 1000 interchange.

    Flagler County Airport Site: Located on State Highway 100 adjacent to the Flagler County Airport, a non-commercial facility with a 5,000 foot runway and company place storage facilities. No tenants, ideal for aviation-related industry. Site is approximately 3 miles from Interstate 95.

    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1984, p. 17.

    Other costs are lower in Palm Coast. In fact, studies show Palm Coast industries enjoy one of the lowest industrial life-=style costs in the nation. Property taxes in Flagler County are among the lowest in Florida. Electric rates are 50 percent lower than New York’s Con Ed. Attractive land prices and 100 percent financing are offered by ITT-CDC. Also available are relocation assistance and discounts on house/lot packages for employees. Excellent transportation – rail, motor carries, shipping, air – is readily available.
    Common line advantages aren’t exclusively statistical and factual. The well-being of employees plays a critical role, and the Palm Coast lifestyle, by improving life off the job, can improve productivity on the job.
    It’s common for employees to live no more than five miles fro the job and the golf courses, tennis clubs, marina and other amenities. Still, homes are available at prices ranging from about $ 50,000. to over $ 150,000., bordering fairways, on salt water canals and on wooded homesites. Says Simon Fuger, executive vice-president, secretary and treasurer of Cardiac Control Systems, a manufactures of pacemakers and ancillary mechanisms in Pine Lakes Industrial Park, ” A rewarding lifestyle was the most important consideration in where we located. That’s why we’re in Palm Coast today.”
    Each of the companies here, with total employment of more than 1,000 – had different priorities that were met in Palm Coast: rail service, 100 percent financing, expansion potential, deepwater port access, a rewarding lifestyle and dozens more.
    They ignored the slogans and looked closely at what Palm Coast had to offer. What they found was the needle in the haystack.
    * Alexander Grand and Company’s fourth study of General Manufacturing Business Climates.

    Rail service is a prime advantage of Palm Coast industrial parks. Culbertson Plastics 57,000 square foot plant site is in the background.


    Palm Coast
    100 percent financing for land and building at favorable rates to qualified companies.
    Excellent transportation at a variety of industrial sites, offering rail service, shipping access to the Intracoastal Waterway , and a deepwater port in Jacksonville, nine motor carrier lines traveling I-95 and U.S. 1.
    Relocation assistance and discounts on house/lot packages for employees.
    Recruitment assistance and an immediately available labor force of 85,000.
    Lower labor costs than the national average, attractive land prices and low utility costs. In short, one of the lowest life cycle costs in the nation.
    Property taxes among the lowest in Florida.
    The resources if ITT Community Development Corporation, including industrial construction and renovation of existing facilities to suit new tenants’ needs.
    The Palm Coast lifestyle, which few communities can match.


    Number one business climate in the U.S., according to Alexander Grant and Company’s most recent study.
    A Right-to Work state.
    Called “the next Silicon Valley” by many experts, Florida’s high tech firms have increased in number 27 percent in five years.
    No personal income, inheritance, or franchise tax.
    Industrial revenue bonds and numerous state and local government assistance incentive programs.
    A state government attuned to business needs.
    A rapidly expanding market within the state and across the Southeast.
    Excellent transportation facilities for intrastate, interstate and international commerce.

    To Find our more, call 1.800.874.2101

  10. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Deborah

    There is no construction planned at that location. The property was cleared to remove potential for fire. The property was once a turpentine stand.

  11. Laura
    Laura says:

    Sams Club

    We have needed a Sam’s club for years, I have lived here 30 years and and tired of the lack of big commercial business. There are lots of ways to save money and survive in today’s world, and buying in large quantities and cooking for the freezer and not eating meals out, when so many are on a budget.

    Sam’s offers so many items at reasonable prices and we all need to get the most out of the monies that we work so hard for!

  12. CLS
    CLS says:

    Big Lots and Costco

    Would love to have those two here. Especially since Costco pays their employees decently compared to Sams. We also need another gas station on 100 that sells gasoline for boats (no ethanol), since a lot of boaters use the Hershel King park boat ramps. The only place in the whole Flagler region that sells gas for boats is the Mobile in Island Walk.
    We also need some industry – possibly along 100 and US1 in Flagler. I noticed that property taxes are going up again, though.

  13. Christina
    Christina says:

    More Indoor places!!

    Honestly what we need here are more indoor places to take children too, because it is honestly way too hot to do anything with them in the summer time and going to the beach everyday isn’t an option. Some place cool to beat the heat would be incredible!

  14. Cassie Burns
    Cassie Burns says:

    We need a better mix of growth!

    I have 3 thoughts;people do NOT enjoy going in & out for shopping when it’s pouring buckets or 90+ degrees. A little common sense would tell builders that people would stay longer & in turn spend more IF we had an enclosed true mall that included a food court. Second,I also think we need higher paying industry opportunities. Minimum wage retail Jobs do not help our economy or young people be able to become independent. No one can live on those positios. I would love to see some technical, higher paying options. THAT’S where we truly can grow. Lastly, public transportation would be amazing too.

  15. Deb Sisak
    Deb Sisak says:


    I have been to 2 different Splitsvilles. One at Fredericksburg, VA where I moved from; the othe in Downtown Disney. They are amazing, fun, and a perfect venue for a date, family fun, or a party. Private, huge booths in restaurant and at each bowling lane. Giant, vintage looking bar in upstairs adults only billiard room, which has theater seating for “grownups” with food trays and drinks allowed to be brought in from bar. Kids love this place, and all adult ages, too. Palm Coasts only bowling alley is run down and sad. We don’t just want a splitsville
    …we NEED one and it would do extremely well here. Perfect, also, on a hot or inclimate weather day.

  16. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Employment Opportunities

    Try enticing more housing and business opportunities that are environmentally friendly. Many the comments here are are suggesting businesses that do not support the environment. I am ashamed we as educated people have limited vision and imagination for creating a community. Mass transportation is desperately needed or ‘scooter’ lanes on major roads. Instead of crying we need a WaWa (which sounds like a baby cry) What about supporting electric stations for quick powering up electric vehicles? Designing communities that support business in walking distance. Palm Coast is rated poorly for walk ability. Look to other countries on how they have created electricity. Yes I know the FPL must have somebody by a sensitive part of the body to ensure legally ‘we’ must be hooked up to their system. It seems to me Palm Coast is more of the same that has contributed to the economic, social,political, and environmental problems.

  17. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Employment Opportunities

    Try enticing more housing and business opportunities that are environmentally friendly. Many the comments here are are suggesting businesses that do not support the environment. I am ashamed we as educated people have limited vision and imagination for creating a community. Mass transportation is desperately needed or ‘scooter’ lanes on major roads. Instead of crying we need a WaWa (which sounds like a baby cry) What about supporting electric stations for quick powering up electric vehicles? Designing communities that support business in walking distance. Palm Coast is rated poorly for walk ability. Look to other countries on how they have created electricity. Yes I know the FPL must have somebody by a sensitive part of the body to ensure legally ‘we’ must be hooked up to their system. It seems to me Palm Coast is more of the same that has contributed to the economic, social,political, and environmental problems.

  18. Ron Limuti
    Ron Limuti says:

    Better Dinning Offerings

    We only have lived here going on four years now and happy to see some new businesses and new quick food establishments coming, but we really could use some higher end restaurants on this side of town (off SR-100). if not for Olive Garden and Hilton Garden Inn, there isn’t much left to choose from local to us. Everything seems to be built off of Palm Coast Pkwy, where congestion already exists and property limited. We could use a Long Horn or a Sea Food Restaurant of some type. Maybe Palm Coast is not trying hard enough to allow these establishments into the area.

  19. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Jeanette

    The era of large shopping malls has passed, never to return. Buying habits are changing rapidly because of online shopping and Uber.

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