Flagler Beach Votes Tonight on Ordinance Raising New Home Cost by $2,100

Commissioners hope to better the city’s flood insurance rating, saving residents about $24/year in flood insurance premiums, but the reduction is not guaranteed and new homes will cost $2,100 more.

Palm Coast, FL – February 26, 2015 – Flagler Beach Commissioners vote at 5:30 tonight on the second and final reading of an ordinance changing construction requirements of new homes built in the city. If enacted, the new ordinance will require the finished floor elevation of any new home to be one foot higher than presently required. The goal is noble, but the unintended consequences are not.

The city hopes that by making the proposed change, a reevaluation of its flood insurance rating will result in a decrease in flood insurance premiums for Flagler Beach property owners. But there are two problems with their logic. First, there is no guarantee, only an unknown possibility that the premium reduction would result from a FEMA reevaluating after the change. Second, the ordinance will cause the cost of a two thousand square foot (ground footprint) home to increase an estimated $2,100.  The cost increase is due to the increase in the number of blocks, the amount of cement and the amount of fill that will be required. It will be even more if it causes the construction to change from monolithic slab to stem wall. That will be evaluated for each project.

  • New home owners will have to climb an additional two steps to enter their homes.
  • The ordinance does not change the flood-worthiness of existing homes or structures or improve storm water management.
  • The average home flood insurance premium reduction is estimated to be only $24 per year. But the reduction is NOT guaranteed. It is only speculation.
  • Flagler Beach homeowners who have flood insurance already receive a 20% discount on their FEMA regulated flood insurance premiums.

There is absolutely no reason to cause future homeowners the added expense and inconvenience to build in Flagler Beach, especially when there is no assurance that adding this new requirement will be beneficial to anyone.

Call to Action!

Please: Contact the board members and tell them you oppose an increase to the minimum floor elevation:

Mayor Linda Provencher                                        386-439-8815

Commission Chairman Kim Carney                        386-846-5493

Commissioner Joy McGrew                                   386-439-3106

Commissioner Jane Mealy                                      386-439-4811

Commissioner Steve Settle                                     386-439-6896

Commissioner Marshall Shupe                               386-439-5705

If you are able to attend: The meeting will be held at the Flagler Beach City Hall starting at 5:30pm.

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